First sex guy virgin, what to do on the first night, how to behave

First sex guy virgin, what to do on the first night, how to behave.

, First sex guy virgin, what to do on the first night, how to behave

The first sex is a responsible event and an important event not only for girls. Guys also experience exciting moments before imprisonment, sometimes even more intense in their strength than their peers. For a girl, sexual intercourse with a chaste young man also has the character of something unique, because it is this sex that he will remember for life.

There was a stereotype in society that a guy who had not slept with a woman until 18-20 years old, a loser or not from this world. But there are young people who have not parted with innocence up to 30 years old. If you have such a happy ticket (or life test) – to deprive the guy of virginity in life, you will have to work hard so as not to frighten off a friendly comrade. So, he has the first sex, and you are his first woman. What to do with him, If the guy has sex for the first time, how to introduce it into the world of a large and tasty “cupcake” without problems and psychological injuries? Let’s try to understand all the intricacies of the psychology and physiology of innocent young men.

, First sex guy virgin, what to do on the first night, how to behave

How to understand that the guy did not have sex

Girls do not hide their inexperience in sexual life, to be a virgin is still appreciated. But with men everything is different: lack of experience in bed is considered a drawback. The guys themselves are embarrassed, which is why complexes are growing, which every year is increasingly difficult to eliminate – they are overgrown with new stereotypes and fears. Let’s find out how to determine whether the guy had sex or you have to deprive him of innocence.

Virgin Lee guy, signs

Let’s say, physical signs of virginity, like a girl (a virgin pole), men have no men. All symptoms are exclusively secondary in nature. In general, the girl will be able to determine his inexperience only with the help of indirect features, which are usually noticeable in his behavior. The following points will be special markers.

  • The fixation on intimacy. He constantly talks about sex, in every possible way tries to prove himself as a very preoccupied and sexually active man. Vulgar phrases rush everywhere and even where it is inappropriate. It seems that the guy revised porn. A sort of “Bivis and Bathet”. You are tormented by listening to his “victories” and “adventures”. In his fairy tales, he faded all the girls in the district, and they all finished with him 100 times – a sexual giant, not otherwise.
  • Shyness and stiffness. There are, on the contrary, very clamped youths. Of course, he is tormented by thoughts about sex and a desire in the form of strong risers for a day long, but now, how to bring the matter to bed, he does not know. And to tell the girl that he wants her, the language does not turn precisely because of inexperience and fear of screwing up.
  • If you affect the topic of sex, some special caresses and techniques used in the process, preferences, the guy will be embarrassed or will answer out of place. This is very noticeable that the comrade is clearly not in the subject, well, or only theoretically saved.
  • Kisses, light touch to the body during hugs cause a modest embarrassment. As a rule, such caresses are rare and suddenly completed.
  • When it came to the exposure of crotch, you will note that with caresses it behaves ineptly, psychological clamps are felt, expressed in physical awkwardness. This can even pull a condom, turning away.

There are boys who are honest that they have sex for the first time, but there are few of them. With a personal conversation, give such a secret? Equivalent to recognition of their failure as a male individual! As you can see, the main criterion is only behavior. The most shy can run away, especially, with an unsuccessful beginning (a member did not get up, finished quickly, etc.D.For some you can’t determine at all – they are well encrypted.

There are cunning individuals among young men, specially fulfilled by virgins, in order to cause a partner either pity or special attention that clearly excites them. Such a girl says that she has her first.

And yet the guys are very shy and in no hurry to move on to intimacy. Many, on the contrary, are trying to delay this moment. You take the initiative into your own hands, and he rests and does not go to your tricks! You have to work with this, otherwise he will not have the best impression.

Keep in mind that inexperienced youths are not able to control the ejaculation first 20-30 times, so sexual intercourse will not last as long as you would like. If you do not want children, protect yourself. Some are very overexcited and cannot finish, or the erection disappears completely. Be prepared to reassure, tell me what to do. These are them, girls-girls!

Advice for those who really need to know, a virgin guy or not. Tell him that your dream is to be the first of a man not tasted below the belt. You so want to have sex with a young man who has not yet had a single woman, which is straight! Tell us how much the thought of innocence and inexperience excites you. Most likely, with certain feelings for you, the guy will untie the tongue.

Myths and stereotypes about virgins

Dozens of myths about their illiquacy walk about innocent youths. For some reason, it is generally accepted that only unattractive gyders-Botans and Mamenkina Sons are not capable of losing its virginity under 20 years of age. What else do young girls think about men who did not have time to sleep with a woman to this age?

  • They definitely live with mom, sister, grandmother and cats in dumb huts with a bunch of Soviet carpets.
  • One hundred percent they are afraid of girls or generally prefer same -sex relationships.
  • They are stupid, uninteresting for communication, closed and just nerds with greetings.
  • They don’t know about sex, they are not interested in them and do not even want.
  • They wear glasses with thick glasses, have greasy hair, grow a thick belly, then stink and all in acne.
  • Their outskirts include short trousers with arrows a la “goodbye youth” on a shabby strap, a striped T-shirt-Polo with buttons and a collar, carefully tucked into these trousers, socks and sandals over them.

These conclusions prevail in the female head about overripe males-girls. They are psycho, with greetings, defective and just freaks. It is clear that male innocence does not excite every girl, and sex without choppers will not happen immediately, but the chastity of the guy is not always his drawback and a sign of unclaimed! Often, on the contrary, this is nothing more than a result of his male and purely human virtues!

, First sex guy virgin, what to do on the first night, how to behave

What types of virgins exist among guys

Psychologists believe that a guy who has never had sex may belong to one of the submitted types below.

  • Very green. In the first case, we are talking about 15-16-year-old adolescents who experience “pranks” of hormones and are not always able to control their behavior. As a rule, they create an image of a bad man, impregnable “macho”, try to please the girls. A shy guy who is afraid to admit his virginity is hiding behind the mask.
  • The second option is Believers religious young men, The very first sex with which is possible only after the wedding, wedding, etc.D. There are no persuasions of such guys, even if their desire will overshadow the mind. They are in search of the only and unique one who will live with them according to the laws of faith.
  • The next type of young people is a category “Losers”. These are guys with a failed love novel in the past, resentment on the beautiful floor. Such male individuals are more likely to fix in their failures and complexes.
  • Too shy They also risk profting their time. Ideally, the girl herself should roll up to this and promote him to the first sexual experience, but in our society the opinion rules that the man is the first to show the initiative. And these indecisive boys are immediately automatically credited to the list of nun and drochers, because the virginity of them is “glued” forever.
  • An eternally busy guy, who has time for anything except the first sex. Such young people crazy workaholics, travelers, athletes, students, etc.D. They specifically avoid the opportunity to stay in private with a partner, inventing urgent affairs and next problems.
  • Is there some more One type of innocent chicks – Small sexual outsider. A modest guy often has a not very high sexual temperament, and, the exhaust is obtained by a double barrier: a renegade from childhood, who also does not really need to go into his underpants to a pretty young man.
  • Mom’s son. This is such a complex type of virgin that it is better not to take it for it. Favorite mommy from the diapers protected from the predatory claws of the hungry females of her eagle! Not for that she raised it, so that some kind of professional resources would chop such a treasure! This “eagle” has long been inspired that Baba is evil, respectively, sex is even greater chernukha, because they are manipulating them. To be honest, a dead number – to make a real male out of such a “skirt”.

Not every guy who has never had sex with a girl is ready to openly talk about it. But if a young man admits the lack of experience of intimate relationships, it is important that the girl behaves competently. No need to focus on, because it can have a lot of complexes about this. It is necessary to let the young man understand that his partner is unimportant his skills and skills in bed, in any case she will be good with him.

How to deprive the guy of innocence, what girls need to know

If the guy’s sex occurs for the first time with a woman who has a richer intimate experience, she should behave correctly with him.

First of all, remember the golden rule of behavior with a girl-girl-do not show all the charms of sexual life from the first minutes! He will be scared that such a load will not pull. Land his fears about the upcoming possible failures and gradually proceed to sexual emancipation!

Be with him on the same wavelength

No need to play out of the “queen of carnal pleasures”. It is advisable to behave on equal terms with a young man, to provide him with the opportunity to reveal and show initiative. Otherwise, he will get used to the leading role of the lady, and will always wait “from the sea of weather”. First you can conduct an introductory course in female physiology.

Help him liberate

Do not configure the guy too seriously. He was already preparing for his first sex, read books, in search of an answer, what and how to do it correctly. Surely, the young man is worried and worried, so it does not prevent dilute his tension and relieve stiffness in a playful way.

A little alcohol will never harm. Literally a couple of glasses of light champagne or dessert wine will give strength and relax the young man. But there is no need to insist on drinking if it has a categorical attitude to alcohol.

Do not teach or compare with others

Caution with teachings. So that the guy does not feel like a “double” during the first sex, and his partner is “marvan”, there is no need to read out the list of his subsequent actions every second. Over time, the young man will gain experience and he himself will understand what the beloved likes and what is not.

Never compare it with other men – this is strongly wounded by male pride. You would also not like to hear that that Anka’s ass is more elastic, and she waves it more intensively.

Praise for efforts

Do not forget about praise. It is not necessary to crumble with compliments in bed, especially if it is a flattery. But when you enjoy the girl, the partner should focus: “Yes”, “Like”, “Good”, “More”, etc.D. This will help the guy believe in himself during the first sex.

Without laughter and jokes

When the guy has sex for the first time, he is most afraid to do something wrong, seem funny and negligent. You will joke, and the person will think that you are mocking him. Better without jokes and light satire.

Give a little independence

Let the boy undress you yourself, let him meet your body. Then you undress it. Be sure to make compliments, because at this moment the main fear of the virgin is not to like the partner. He feels ridiculous and funny, perhaps he is even ashamed, so you need to strengthen his faith in himself and his sexuality.

For starters – classic

Do not immediately hide the young man under your favorite poses, which you have long worked out with experienced male. Exotic will be later when the kid will realize what’s what in sex. For the first experience, the classic “missionary sandwich” is a simple perfect option.

For young guys who doubt that it will last more than 60 seconds for the first time, we recommend buying a special gel or spray that prolongs sexual intercourse! Apply it shortly before sexual contact and have fun at least 20-30 minutes. With such drugs, premature ejaculation will not spoil the first sex even the most shy virgin!

, First sex guy virgin, what to do on the first night, how to behave

Why are the guys hesitate to have sex for the first time

Often young people are afraid of the first sexual intercourse. Guys are worried for many reasons. On which – it is easy to guess. First of all, the loss of innocence is a very exciting and important event! And against the background of this, doubts grow.

Fear of being impotent in her eyes

Young animals still do not know how to control his erection, moments of approaching ejection. As a rule, an inexperienced man ends much faster than his non -kissed partner. He is tormented by fears that the member will not get up or fall at the wrong moment, that he will end too quickly, and in response he will hear “impotent”. Therefore, the main thing is not to rush and if the orgasm will come soon, stop for a short time or try a new pose.

Fear that his cock looks somehow wrong

Almost all guys worry about the appearance of their penis. They don’t like length, thickness, shape, amount of skin, testicular volume, etc.D. Girls also usually worry about the chest and width of the vagina.

Does not know how to behave

Often, more experienced girls make unforgivable mistakes during the first proximity with a virgin, starting to compare it with the previous lover. Expecting breathtaking results from their man, some even laugh or accuse them of inability. At the first sex, the guy simply does not know how to behave, so he needs to understand and support his lover, and not mockery and mockery. The consequences of such reckless behavior of the girl are fraught with a serious psychological trauma to a young partner.

It turns out that most young people decide on the need to lose innocence not because they want, but because for them it is fundamentally important.

Among the reasons why men part with virginity, it is worth noting:

  • the desire to exalt one’s own status in the society of comrades;
  • the establishment of decent self -esteem;
  • interest and curiosity;
  • satisfaction of the needs of the girl or the simultaneous loss of virginity;
  • ridicule from the male environment about innocence.

Both men and women have certain fears of the first sexual contact. And this is normal.

What to do on the first night if you are a virgin

Do not rely only on the experience of the girl – it may not be. Take at least part of the initiative for yourself. Delicious advice to the guys who are going to part with virginity!


Better tell the girl that you will have sex for the first time. There is nothing shameful in this. He will leave – well, and let him go forest. One tram left, another will come. That’s life. Much worse if she says some muck when you will be naked in front of her. This is a trauma for many years!

Think through the situation

Think about where you will be comfortable to have sex for the first time. You can find an apartment or cottage, look at the place in nature. You should not distract extraneous factors. Thoughts and actions are directed only to sexual contact. If the meeting is at home, you can drink wine, eat fruits and chocolate, and then smoothly go to action.

We train to wear a condom

We are sure you don’t want to hook some venue bjaching! Who knows what is lurking between your partner’s legs, if she had men before you? True, hiking in the CVD we do not need! Train to pull the elastic band before you lay down with a real girl. You can masturbate in the Person to understand what the sensations are. You must be familiar with this product!

No need to turn away from the girl when you pull the rubber friend on the penis – this is funny. The guy who came out of the bathroom in his underpants looks even funnier, and under them a member in a condom. Let everything be natural. Don’t be wise where everything is quite simple.


Pull the “goose by the neck” once or two before meeting with the girl-the question is controversial. Experienced men know what is the reaction after that to a living woman. What will happen after the act of masturbation – we will not say. Perhaps you will hold out on a long run, but most likely you will figure out in the first minutes.

Do not rush

Take your time to have sex with her. Talk, show her an apartment, have a snack, drink, both tune in to the right way. Then Prelude: kisses, touches, affection, lowering panties.

Do not try to surprise her

No need to immediately make her a delicious cooney, put her with cancer, lift her legs above her head and generally depict a sexual giant out of yourself. Experience will come over time, and techniques will also master – you will not get anywhere from this. Do not try to be what you are not actually at the moment.

Don’t pull her head

Many young guys have a stupid habit of lowering the girl’s head with a hint of a blowjob. Some poke a member directly in the nose. Do not do this – most women are unpleasant this approach! If she wants, she will take it in his mouth.

Watch her reaction

She stupidly looks into the wall and switches tracks on the phone? You are doing something wrong. Change tactics, pose, movements. You can ask her what she wants.

Do not wait for the girl to moan and bend like a porn actress. Do not hope that she will finish the first time. Female orgasm is a delicate matter. Many experienced men cannot bring their loved ones to the climax, what can we say about the young man. Do not worry, there will be multiple orgasms – everything is ahead.

A condom in the trash

If you do not want to become a dad after the first sexual experience, throw an elastic band into the trash as deep as possible so that no cunning woman can organize you a surprise. Be sure to wash the penis, because there will be a second call soon, and you do not need kinders yet. Go to your beauty, hug her, kiss and thank for chic sex.

The guy’s virginity is not a sentence. Yes, he can not be able to do something, but literally in a matter of days to learn a lot. Trying with special diligence to deliver the pleasure of a partner, each time his actions will be more confident and more skillful. A lot depends on the girl who should provide psychological support to his lover and make him believe in himself. Well, someone must educate future sex heroes, girls!

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