Examples of the virta – text virtual correspondence in sex chat

Typical examples of the WIRT – the text of the correspondence in the chat.

Despite the fact that in recent years, Wrth Sex has become a widespread occupation, many have never practiced it yet. This, of course, is not scary, but if you suddenly want to do this, then some difficulties may arise. The fact is that, without experience, one cannot enter the role so easily, what is your first virtual correspondence is unlikely to succeed. Of course, over time, all the subtleties of such classes will be studied, and the classic text of the WIRT will be known by heart, but this is needed for experience. But I don’t want to disgrace before the interlocutor, let it be even a completely stranger. And in order to avoid awkward situations, it is worth reading examples of virtuals that reflect what is happening in an erotic video chat. Naturally, the text of the virtual in each individual case can be different, but, nevertheless, the essence is always one.

Virt Sex Correspondence – Example No. 1

– Kitten: I gently kiss you on the lips
– Alex: I answer your kiss, holding you to me with all my strength
– Kitten: I dissolve in your arms, and my head begins to spin pleasantly
– Alex: I continue to kiss you, and my hands slowly fall to your ass. I’m starting to squeeze her gently
– Kitten: I press tightly to your body, feeling your cock gets up. I begin to kiss your neck, dissecting your shirt, then whole breasts and purposefully sink below and lower
– Alex: I put my hand on your head and start playing with my hair
– Kitten: I take off your belt from your trousers, dissecting the fly and letting my hand under your panties, gently touching the most cherished. I begin to kiss him, seeing how he increases in size. I caress him more and more actively, seeing how you lose control of yourself.
– Alex: I reach the limit, abruptly throw you on the bed and break you a blouse. Now I kiss your chest, simultaneously caressing the other hand.
– Kitten: Outside of myself from excitement, I take off my pants along with panties and arrange my legs. Come on, take me.
– Alex: I slowly introduce a member into you and begin to perform rhythmic frictions. Gradually increasing the pace, I see you wriggle.
– Kitten: I’m so good. I pick up the rhythm and we are moving to the limit of possible. I feel that the orgasm is already close.
– Alex: I’m moving more and more assertive
– Kitten: Yes, don’t stop
– Kitten: mmmmmmmmmm, I finished
– Alex: You put me on the bed, and you crawl out from above and take my cock in your mouth
– Kitten: Yes, I want to feel it inside my mouth
-Kitten: My tongue passes passionately, and the hand quickly moves up and down
– Alex: I put my hand on your back of my head and press it to me so that you swallow it even deeper
– Alex: I’m at the limit. Going crazy with pleasure, I feel my sperm breaks out
– Kitten: Oh yes, she filled my mouth and now I gently kiss your cock
– Alex: I pull you to me, gently kiss on the lips and we fall asleep in delicate arms.

Virt Correspondence – Text No. 2

Of course, in most cases, virtual correspondence looks just like that, although not always. Numerous Wirting examples allow us to conclude that often people set the goal not to enjoy, but just joke in sex video chat. It is easy to identify such enough, because with them the virtual and correspondence as a whole from the very first minutes become not exciting, but a mocking. In such cases, it is most reasonable to immediately get out of the chat and look for another interlocutor for yourself. Anyway, the hope that the text of the Wirt from this user will help to achieve an orgasm or at least be able to excite you, no. Although it also happens that the bummer opens only at the end, and this despite the fact that the process itself seems very realistic and interesting. Examples of WIRT This type are not found too often, but here is one bright option from porn video chat.

– Boss: Hello
– Gaychka: Hello
– Boss: How about virtual sex?
– Gaychka: you can
– Boss: The script is as follows: I am a wealthy man of middle -aged, and you are an expensive sexy call girl who should drive up to a certain address.
– Gaychka: cute. Let’s
-Gaychka: a knock-tick
– Boss: come in, openly
– Gaychka: Hello, handsome (I have a frank leather suit)
– Boss: wow, not bad, like a couple of hundred bucks
– Gaychka: mmmmm, and you are not a clinic
– Boss: Do not rush, first you will work them
– Gaychka: who would doubt
– Gaychka: (I come in at the moment when you drink whiskey while sitting in a chic chair)
– Boss: (I see such a cat with 3 breast size I put whiskey and go to you)
– Gaychka: how to dignify you?
– Boss: Very modest – daddy
– Gaychka: And I am Victoria (I hold out my hand)
– Boss: (took the hand and glanced at the sofa)
– Gadka: (mysteriously smiled and went to the sofa)
– Boss: (admiring your chic figure, I followed)
-Gaychka: there will be some wishes?
– Boss: show what you are capable of
– Gaychka: (grabbing the hand, she took you to the sofa)
– Boss: (with a sharp movement, the dressing gown opened, under which complete nudity was hidden. Closed his eyes in anticipation of a deep blowjob)
– Gadchka: (a wave of dangerous razor, the theft of a nearby wallet nearby and remember under violent screams, as they called :))

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