Erogenous zones in men – about sex and not only

Erogenous zones in men.

, Erogenous zones in men – about sex and not only

It is no secret that for high -quality sex, the right prelude is very important. Many girls mistakenly believe that men do not need this part of sex, since they are almost immediately excited. However, it is not.

Everyone wants to feel pleasure, attention and tenderness from a partner, respectively, men are not an exception to this rule.
To properly conduct a prelude, the girl needs to know the erogenous zones of a man.

After all, not only intimate zones are suitable for caresses. So, for example, men also love when girls kissing them in their neck, as well as bitterly bit by the ear. This gives a surge of blood, and also excites many nerve endings.

If men do not have a breast in comparison with women, this does not mean that there are no sensitive zones. Nipples are one of them. Of course, they are less sensitive than female, but they can also play and pay attention to them and pay attention to them. They can be licked, bite or massaged with your hands.

The lower abdomen, starting from the navel to the pubis, is also a very sensitive zone. There are a lot of nerve endings, so caresses in that place give a large amount of pleasure for any man.

Do not forget about the hips and buttocks in men. Here you can use strength, spank or compress them. It is better to iron hips more tenderly, and also not to deprive them with kisses. All this will be very excited by a man, and he will be insanely grateful for such attention from the girl.

Back is another continuous erogenous zone. It can simply be stroked, or you can arrange an erotic massage session. Depending on the desire of the girl, he will be as frank as possible. Men are able to feel even the easiest touch with their backs, which excites them insanely strong.

The feet are another erogenous zone. It is important not to forget about them. It is especially good to massage them after a hard day, since it is these places that are most tired. At the request of the girl, they can be bestowed with kisses or light bites. It is important to warn a man about them, as some of them are very sensitive and this can lead to injury and spoiled mood.

All these points will arouse a man, even if you do not touch the most intimate places. For such actions, the man will be insanely grateful and give the girl the time of passion and love. In addition, this will show him love, affection and tenderness from his beautiful girl.

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