Drunk sex – pros and cons | Psychology of relations

Drunk sex – pros and cons of.

, Drunk sex – pros and cons | Psychology of relations
Sex is a great opportunity to have a good time, relax and enjoy. Intimate intimacy with alcohol is compatible or not? This is an actual question. Some alcohol helps to relax, and others prevents others from focusing on sex. Alcohol makes sexual intercourse more continued, tiring. And someone without him cannot decide on an intimate relationship. Let’s figure it out – is it worth drinking before intercourse?

Advantages of alcohol before intimacy

Although there is often a negative attitude towards alcohol, it can and is useful. But what exactly?

  • 1. Helps to tune in to the right way. If the partner is clamped and constrained, the hop drink will help to cope with. Easy atmosphere of a romantic evening will give alcohol. It is not necessary to get drunk, just drink a few glasses of wine or cocktails. They will help to liberate, relax.
  • 2. Removes stress. It’s not for anyone that alcohol contributes to a more frank relationship with the opposite sex. Under the influence of alcohol vapor, compliments are made, the partner shares the most daring fantasies that can be realized with the help of bed games.
  • 3. Femalein forgetting about morality. Quite often, girls have some barriers that prevent them from liberating in front of a man. Champagne will help here. After a couple of glasses, the young lady can completely surrender to her desires, unbridled fantasies, she does not think about what is good in sex and what is bad, but simply gives herself ash.
  • 4. Cognac turns the ugly into a princess. Sometimes a man wants to have sex, but the girl’s appearance does not suit him. In order for the partner to seem more attractive, the stack of cognac will help. Alcohol makes it possible to enjoy the intimacy of the most unattractive women, take possession of the guy you like.
  • 5. Do not need a prelude. The young ladies that are a little gloomy, I want sex at once, so it’s unnecessary for a man to waste time on preliminary affection, a prelude. Dinner with alcohol is a great opportunity for a lazy partner to achieve the goal, that is, intimacy. But here it is worth considering one drawback. Sexual intercourse may be long if the guy is too drunk, even if he is a speed shooting, preferring to complete his intercourse as soon as possible.

, Drunk sex – pros and cons | Psychology of relations

Alcohol is a friend of oral sex and other experiments

If the lover is not a fan of oral caresses, alcohol will help to convince him, set up in the right way. Women will forget about natural disgust, receptors located in the oral cavity will lose their sensitivity, thanks to alcohol. The girl will be able to deliver a man a lot of pleasant moments with oral caresses.

Alcohol removes many barriers, helps to cope with prohibitions. Therefore, before the embodiment of fantasies, it is worth consuming a little something not very strong. And if everything goes perfectly, then it will be possible to repeat on a fresh head, already without stimulants.

Disadvantages of alcohol before sex

The advantages of drunken intimacy were listed, now let’s move on to the minuses. They are also.

  • Reduces potency. Therefore, drinking a man, you need to know your norm, so that after a romantic dinner you just do not fall asleep or embarrass the beloved. The more alcohol, the higher the probability of “misfire”.
  • Sometimes hops liberates, but too much. Sex can be so violent that a partner can get dislocations, microtraumas and other unpleasant consequences after rude intercourse.

, Drunk sex – pros and cons | Psychology of relations

  • The possibility of rape. If the woman drank a little, and the guy is too drunk, she can refuse sex. Unfortunately, this does not stop some men and they take the girl by force, even if she resists. Moreover, they can cause beatings.
  • Addiction. If you regularly drink alcohol before proximity, there may be a dependence between alcohol and intimacy. Consequences – Sex without alcohol will not work.
  • Dudging alcohol. This is especially true for women. The young lady worsens the work of the brain, they poorly perceive touch, words and gestures, so it is difficult for them to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse.
  • Disgust at the opposite sex. If you drink not together, then there is a probability that the partner will not be enthusiastic about the smell of alcohol. And the behavior of a person who has a chopped person to the sober often seems inappropriate.
  • Forgetfulness. People often do not care about safety at the time of intoxication. In the results, infection with various diseases and pregnancy are possible.

As you can see, the use of alcohol has its advantages and disadvantages. Drink or not drink – everyone must solve it on his own. The main thing is that this is not a habit, and hops in my head were only from love.

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