Diversity in sex – like a couple not to get bored

5 tips that diversify your intimate life.

Modern people are more aware of sex and its features than the older generation. However, the excessive amount of information regarding this piquant case may confuse the layman in the world of carnal pleasures. Sometimes we are too wise and miss the little things that can improve the quality of our sexual life.

, Diversity in sex – like a couple not to get bored


How to improve sex couples

In this article we will describe the five forgotten moments that could bring your intimate relationships to a new level and make a variety in sex.  In reading such articles, the main thing is to be prepared for various things and do not immediately go into skepticism. After all, sometimes the most harmless trifle can radically affect your sex life both in a plus and minus.


It would seem that the candles are trite and the destiny of “snotty” films, however, this is exactly what the woman sometimes lacks. Here a man may be surprised what a lot about them, but the secret is that candles create the necessary mood. Women enjoy sex not like men, the atmosphere and various little things are important to them, which can plunge them into a different, sensual world. Light from candles, and even in combination with a pleasant aroma will immediately relax, even especially nervous ladies and become a simple answer to how to diversify sex pair.


Following the candles in creating an atmosphere for sex, a relaxing massage will also help. Those men who prefer the instant beginning of sex will now be furious, because alone with a loved one wants another, not tedious massage. However, take a note that massage is one of the components of the prelude, the girl can relax and prepare for subsequent actions thanks to him. At the same time, a man himself can feel how much this prelude will improve the quality of further sex. But if you have never done like that before, then it is better to watch a training video on the Internet. After all, if the massage is rude and without affection, then the night can end … quickly and without pleasure. Take such a variety in sex with great enthusiasm, and grab aromatic oil.


Now it is not about to shut it up and do your job, and certainly not about getting drunk yourself and disconnecting. A small amount of wine will relax you two. If it is expensive and tasty wine, combined with candles and fruits, then this will liberate your partner and set the right direction of your night of love. This choice will become especially successful if you have only met and these are your first joint steps in intimate terms.

, Diversity in sex – like a couple not to get bored

Beautiful underwear for a partner

Of course, many men think that beautiful and erotic underwear acquire a woman only for their partners. This is true by 50%, because this will certainly delight the eyes of a young man and arouse a desire in him, but at 50% it will be useful for a woman. It is in such beautiful, lace underwear that women will feel sexy and desirable, it will become more liberated and will allow her to release her libido. And, of course, it will be able to improve sex, if her beloved gives such a delicate thing to the girl – she will be doubly more pleasant, because it will mean that he appreciates her efforts and desires.

Joint View Porn

Every guy probably thought about joint watching erotic films, but few decided to realize her into reality. Do not think that the girl will consider you perverts, because this is a quite ordinary thing and many girls themselves thought about it, they just shy about asking for it aloud in the same way.  Of course, you should not immediately cut hard porn with whips and gags, as well as with perverted actions (unless, of course, you yourself do not do it). You can start with easy eroticism, with a movie with sexual scenes and an adequate plot. And the more often you watch such films, the tougher and wider your home sex library can become, which will also affect the variety in sex.

It was a list of five little things that we so often miss in our lives and make our sex with fresh and less passionate. Do not neglect such simple details as diversify an intimate life. Try to be open to many things, and, most importantly, always listen to your partner, because if he is good, then you will be a hundred times more pleasant.

Boring sex – how to fix

Details are very important for the mood and create an atmosphere for sex. But the main thing is to relate to this intimate process with desire, anticipation, interest, and not to take to the level of duty, albeit marital. If your sexual life in long -term relationships has become “calmer”, then there is nothing wrong with that, because everything can be returned, it is enough to listen to some tips and put them into practice.

, Diversity in sex – like a couple not to get bored

  • Do not take it to the level of everyday worries

This is perhaps the most common couples of steam that have been in a relationship for a long time.  Sexual life from something passionate and desired flows into a routine. Sex becomes rare on schedule, or worse, just in order to calm down the partner. This must be categorically avoided. To do this, try to diversify and bring something new to your intimate life. You need to throw off the clamping, constraint and boring sex aside. If you trust your partner in everyday life, then do it the same in bed.

  • Talk about sex

Sex is not just physical satisfaction, it is a way to achieve emotional unity.  You must really enjoy, and be sure that your partner is experiencing the same emotions. To do this, agree that there should not be secrets in this matter, if something does not suit someone, then be sure to discuss everything here, believe me, all pairs exist such problems, you just need to learn how to find ways to solve them. Communicate on this topic, go out of the comfort zone. To do this, we advise you to visit a piquant toy store together, or for starters at least just scroll through a magazine or a site with such products.

  • Off the Orgasm race

Sex is not just minute “fluctuations” for the final chord. It is necessary to enjoy the whole process, how you touch each other, kiss, contemplate how your partner with pleasure looks at you … rejoice at every minute that you find the very person who gives you so much pleasure and you forget what boring sex is.

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