Classic male techniques for extension of sex

Classic male techniques for extension of sex.

Most men regularly use various methods of prolonging sexual intercourse to extend pleasure and help a partner achieve orgasm. We have collected a selection of the most common and often used methods to delay the orgasm. Perhaps you will find among them something that will come in handy!

1. Preliminary masturbation

If a man knows that he is planning sex today, then in order for the main action to last longer, he can self -satisfied in advance. The complexity of this method is only to choose for yourself (and everyone has it individually) the optimal time of the break between masturbation and sex.

2. Forced stop

A classic technique, consisting in interrupting a briefly sexual intercourse, at least to change positions, for example. Having stopped, a man can reduce the degree of intensity, but this method helps to get out not so much time. However, if you take a more significant break, then this may work. The best way to spend time – Continuing to caress the partner, in this way you can increase the chances of a simultaneous orgasm.

3. Recall something sad or unbearable

Old as the world, a method beaten in many films. But still, it is much better, trying to concentrate on something abstract, thinking not about disgusting things, but to try to solve some mathematical problem in the mind. This is much more effective, and will not be able to get the whole mood.

4. Using a dense condom

In order to dull sensations from sex, you can put on a denser condom.

5. Change the position to uncomfortable

If you choose a position for sex in which a man has to monitor balance of balance, or when the action occurs at an inconvenient angle for him, or when it is impossible to actively move, this can help win the time. The main thing is not to forget that you also need to receive pleasure, and not just experience inconvenience.

6. Do at a minimum speed

Not all men love this method, and in vain, because it can turn sex into a real sensual adventure. Having had slow sex, partners can feel how they literally lose their sense of time and dissolve in each other, and at the end they will receive a very powerful orgasm as a reward for patience.

7. Using special tools

Among the aids, the most popular are erection rings and lubricants with a prolonging effect. The erective rings have an additional advantage that they not only extend sexual intercourse, but also make an erection more stable.

8. Accelerate partner orgasm

When a man understands that he is no longer able to restrain himself and that no cunning is able to stop the upcoming orgasm, he can focus on the partner to reach orgasm faster (for example, stimulating the clitoris). Even if she still does not have time, nothing prevents her from continuing to give her pleasure with the help of hands, mouth or toys, in the end, when she reaches orgasm, it will no longer matter whether this happened in the process of sexual intercourse or after.

, Classic male techniques for extension of sex

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