Auxiliary objects for sex

Auxiliary objects for sex.

Inanimate objects often evoke vague sexual associations. If you believe in household metaphors, the descending wheel, for example, causes a condition in the driver comparable to sexual saturation. But such sex does not bring joy, one vanity and a hassle. Sex should not be engaged in pierced wheels and jammed locks, but with women. But to give them maximum pleasure, it is not a sin to use suitable items. Fortunately, there are enough of them around us. For sex, surprisingly little is needed. Only two naked people, well, a condom to strengthen mutual trust. The rest of the equipment was provided by nature. At the same time, she awarded us more than other creatures. IN THE BEDROOM. Suppose for the first time today you have passed with a bang. Now you only want to smile at the ceiling and good -naturedly stroke the girl on the ass, without changing the frequency and direction of movements. But it can bother her faster than you. To diversify the repertoire, just rummage with your hand over the bed and bedside table: be sure to find something useful and curious. Peryshko. It is in pillows and sometimes crawls out from there. We take a feather and methodically process the female body. Recommended sequence: neck, shoulders, legs, back, hips, stomach and further (if you start with the most interesting without cooking, it will simply be tickled, that is, funny). Having reached the groin, we slowly move from the crotch up to the clitoris. In this way, it is quite possible to literally tickle the girl to orgasm. Pomade. Sometimes found on girlish nightstands and is used by women for self -painting. To take part in the multiplication of female beauty – your right and obligation. Take lipstick and study body art. Touching lipstick to the skin is very similar to touching the tongue, only better. The hint is clear? Hair dryer. Put the temperature control on the cold. If you blow a naked woman with cool air, the smallest hairs on her body will stand on end. Now you can hit her imagination with contactless massage: to stroke the young lady with a hand or again with a feather, without touching the body. Sensitive hairs will give her all the sensations in a much more sophisticated and refined form. Special attention to the nipples: from slight cooling, their sensitivity increases. IN THE KITCHEN. Girls need to be fed before, on time and after sex. And not because they are constantly hungry: the ancient animal instinct tells them just like that, just in case, to check the promising male for prey. Therefore, it is not a fact that a girlfriend rumbling to attach to you brought to bed, a cream-brown with a piece of banana. That is, there is a problem where to attach this uninterrupted cream. In fact, there can be no problem. Food can be used inventively. Bananas, cucumbers, eggplant. And other oblong objects. Everything that looks like a penis can, in principle, replace it. Or at least excite a girlish fantasy. You even have to restrain this imagination. Therefore, keep in mind: both the vagina and it is scary to say the rectum in natural form. The elastic penis, entering them, repeats all the bends. But a hard cucumber or carrot – do not repeat. Therefore, carefully please, otherwise it will hurt. A banana without a peel looks extremely erotic. But if it is ripe, it is likely in the process of sexual games that it will break. And then extract in parts. In order to avoid embarrassment, choose only unripe bananas and use only outside. Ice cream and frozen vegetables. Perfectly suitable for external use (in girls, pleasant goosebumps arise from this). But inside the vagina, these things can be placed for only a few seconds, otherwise a frosty burn can happen. Sugar-containing products should not be introduced into the vagina at all, because sugar feeds bacteria, and because of this, inflammation may occur. A pineapple. Under the absolute prohibition. Both the pulp itself, and the scales contained in it can cause irritation. Cream. To cover a girlfriend, and then lick her. Generally smelling from head to toe – this is very sexy. Dry wine or soda. The transfer of drinks from the mouth in the mouth with a kiss is the ancient fun of the indigenous peoples of the East. Contrast of temperature and taste, creates extraordinary sensations. Girls are squeamish than us, so it’s good if the initiative belongs to a friend. Kitchenware. In medieval Europe, the reputation of the most depraved women was among the millstones: it was believed that they love to delight themselves, sitting down on the vibrating details of the fluid structure. Instead of the mill, a mixer and a coffee grinder will go. For the most stupid, let’s explain that the mixer is used only as a source of vibration, but the rotating, whipping and especially the chinkle nozzles should not be thrust anywhere. IN THE BATHROOM. In a sense, it is even better for sex than the bedroom: you are both naked, but no one can fall asleep. And around, a lot of interesting. Shower on a flexible hose. You both sit in the bath, in warm water. Direct the cold stream of water to the underwater part of the girl’s body. Gradually and rhythmically move towards the genitals. When it comes to the clitoris, give her the reins of the board: she herself will better choose the rhythm and intensity of the hydromassage, and you use the freed hands. Soap. Having read this achievement of civilization, some eastern peoples appreciated it primarily as an erotic accessory. Touching the soaped body causes an unprecedented intensity of emotions. Toothbrush. Best – electric. Plus mint toothpaste. Used for soft massage of the chest and nipples, while menthol causes a pleasant tingling. Electric power plant. It is used as a source of vibration, while, as in the case of a mixer, to avoid contact of a girl’s body with the working parts of the razor. In a sex shop. Apparently, it is better to start with home remedies, but the sequential experimenter will still sooner or later get into a specialized store. The unprepared buyer has eyes scattered in these stores. Seeing the expression of your face, the saleswomen are embarrassed and giggled. But after home preparation, we will not be surprised at anything. Because it is sold there, in essence, the same thing that surrounds us every day. Only a little better adapted for our tasks. Dildos (dildos) When inspecting the assortment, keep in memory the figure of 14.7 cm – the average penis size European men. Otherwise you can fall into depression. It is painful there a wide selection (length up to 30s, diameter up to 5cm). Our emotions in this case are based on a misunderstanding. Dildos are used by women not quite as we use their natural prototype. The girl does not need our favorite piston movement too much: the delicate and rhythmic stimulation of the clitoris is much more effective (you will do it yourself) plus a feeling of fullness (for this, a rubber thing will come in handy). So after introducing inside, leave dildos alone and deal, for example, oral sex. When choosing a device, it is worth preferring silicone products – they quickly use body temperature. Rubber and latex are worse, although before use they can be heated in warm water. Just not in the microwave. It heats the volume of rubber unevenly. American sexologist Sari Locher warns that unpleasant burns come from this. Not all dildos have the shape of a penis – there are specially curved gizmos to stimulate point G. And even playful little things in the form of dolphins and animals unknown to science with eyes. Vibrators. A product most commonly recommended by women sexopathologists. Because with its help any girl can reach orgasm in a matter of minutes, or even a second. If personal experience gives you a reason for doubt, try and ashamed. Although, of course, your fault is not here. The operating frequency of vibrators is about 80 vibrations per second, this is clearly not available to us. And you don’t always need to complete the whole thing in a couple of minutes. Therefore, the vibrator must be used with fantasy. It is rarely introduced inside the vagina. It is much more promising to use a vibrator for massage of the pubis, perineum, points on the right and left of the clitoris. As well as chest, back, abdomen and anus. After the first acquaintance, you can trust the vibrator for the girl, and she will arrange a pleasant tonic massage with funny ambiguous things. If a naturalistic vibrator causes you a bad jealousy, you can choose nothing to be similar to technoabstration, in addition to glowing in the dark. For sex with a partner is a good vibrator-butterfly. It is small, attached outside the pubis and stimulates the clitoris, without preventing you from doing your part. Keep in mind that in some women, after using the vibrator, the sensitivity of the genitals decreases (or completely disappears). After a couple of days, everything is restored, but if the girl is alarmed, then this toy is not for you. Nozzles and bridle. They probably should start acquaintance with the assortment. They make sense only in combination with your natural tools. Therefore, they will not cause you jealousy, but the girl’s reproaches that you intend to evade sex with high technology. These gizmos were invented then to make the penis better. There are only two options. Nozzles on the head. They make the tool longer and more interesting in terms of relief, while some also replace the condom (although they often jump out). The girl is good, but the owner of the device risks not to feel anything at all (if the nozzle is made of latex). Silicone convey some sensations to the skin, but still you can recommend them only to those who are prone to quick ejaculation. Nozzles in the form of lizards, fish and Winnie Pukhov give sex an additional intrigue. Nozzles on the base of the penis (bridle). Improve an erection, preventing the outflow of blood. In addition, they enhance the pleasant sensations, pressing on the scrotum. Some models provide all kinds of antennae and balls to stimulate the clitoris. Influence on an erection is undoubted, but such a thing cannot be used for inflammation. It is not recommended for citizens with low blood coagulation, diabetes, as well as after taking aspirin. If numbness and loss of sensitivity are felt, the bridle must be removed immediately. And one more thing: a bridle is not a means of impotence, and at the slightest failure you need to stop using it and consult a doctor. Lubrication and lubricants. At first glance, they are very similar – all hypoallergenic and water -based. When choosing, you need to take into account the following. There are lubricants with analgesic effect (they add, for example, lidocaine). This is not bad for anal sex and for those who are prone to premature ejaculation, but under normal conditions to reduce sensitivity to anything. Luburbicants with taste additives are necessary for oral sex, because the natural taste of most lubricants is bitter. Source: http: //

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