And you are ready to do sexting?

And you are ready to do sexting?.

, And you are ready to do sexting?

Spontaneous sexy SMS improves intimate life and refresh relations. But there is a relationship, such bursts perfectly affect not only libido, but also on performance, well -being, mood and self -confidence. It is not surprising that for especially temperamental persons, any messenger automatically becomes an instrument of obtaining erotic impressions. But how to write erotic messages correctly, so as not to look stupid?

What to write in erotic messages?

  • Start with memories – «And remember how we…». Just describe in detail how you are captured in your memory bright moments. As an alternative, you can start with «I can now imagine how we are together…»
  • Try to describe in details, for example, the color of the linen in which are dressed or vanilla smell of candles. If you are embarrassed or just start the practice of sexting, use the words-replacements. So even more piquant.
  • Inappropriateness. Write at the most inopportune moment when he is on the road or at a meeting. Surprise – The best catalyst.
  • Guess yourself. Give the interlocutor the opportunity to conceive your suggestions, end them with a threefold. Let the imagination of a partner work on you. The same applies to photographs that quickly lose apparent innocence, you just have to add a couple of capacious ships.

, And you are ready to do sexting?

Playboy’s popular erotic magazine is also for the lack of failure – a year ago, the publication with a 60-year history changed the concept. Now there will be no naked women in it, the photo will be more likely erotic subtext. In the first updated issue, photos were released where a dressed girl seemed to make sexy selfies, however, very high quality. Naturalness and sexuality, not vulgarity, will attract a younger audience of readers. The experience is really successful, because the playboy website, which has introduced this concept since 2014, has increased the number of views in just a month.

Less words – better?

Yes it is. You can fit a lot of meaning in one ambiguous provocative word. When this succeeds, the man after a couple of short SMS all day only thinks about the sender.

«I have prepared dinner for you. You already know what we will have for dessert?» – Almost 70% of men are happy to receive such SMS. What is sexy in these words? Key moment – A thin line between the really preparation of dinner for two and what awaits a man after him. The partner will assume sexual fantasies all day and scroll through all kinds of scenarios. For a man an indirect team «There will be a dessert» means that sex will be one way or another, because for a woman this man – Object of desires.

, And you are ready to do sexting?

What about naked photos?

It all depends on the interlocutor and his perception. But it’s better not to rush, a man might think that you will send such photos to everyone who asks. Your restraint will help the interlocutor feel special. Do not send outright nudes – Photos in linen, covered with a hand or just a link to a piquant photo or video on the Internet, excite much more. Undercomership expands the horizons of fantasy and brings magic to flirting.

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