After how many days can you have sex after pregnancy and childbirth

After how many days can you have sex after pregnancy and childbirth.

, After how many days can you have sex after pregnancy and childbirth

All married couples are waiting for the birth of the baby with an indescribable sense of happiness. In addition, his birth testifies to another moment: the end of pregnancy, which in some cases categorically prohibits spouses with sex in the way both would like the one.

As soon as the baby is born, you should not rush with intimacy. Only 6-8 weeks after childbirth and pregnancy can you have sex again.New Moms will be able to please the dedicated and starving dads after their body will completely recover.

But if there are contraindications for sexual activity, the long -awaited intimate will have to be postponed again. Sometimes the period of delay reaches several months, which puts in the complete ignorance of partners who do not practice oral or anal sex.

, After how many days can you have sex after pregnancy and childbirth

What do men think about sex with a woman after pregnancy and childbirth

By the way, with pregnancy and childbirth, as always, many speculations are connected. Men often torment themselves with questions whether you can have sex with a young mother, and what? In fact, everything is not as scary as it might seem, so right now we will dispel the few of the most common myths:

  1. “After childbirth, a woman cannot have sex, but over time she will want to less and less.”. This version can really have the right to exist, but the matter here is by no means in the absence of the passionate desires of the spouses, but rather in the radical change of lifestyle, a sense of constant fatigue due to the baby and lack of sleep.
  2. “You can have sex after childbirth without protecting yourself, because the pregnancy will still not come until a woman breast -feeds”. Breastfeeding does not imply a parallel lack of ovulation. In addition, at any moment, the mother’s body can restore the cycle.

And one more point that one cannot but pay attention is fear of pain and discomfort during sex after pregnancy and childbirth. It cannot be called a myth, and in some cases the fear of pain can become a serious obstacle in the intimate life of young parents. A woman should become psychologically ready to make love after difficult labor, injury to the perineum and birth canal, since fear of unpleasant sensations will lead to insufficient excitement, weak production of vaginal lubrication and reduction of libido. In most cases, the problem is solved with the help of lubricants, the tenderness of the spouse and a leisurely prelude.

In any case, men should not forget that intimacy for a woman who has suffered the flour of the birth process can be extremely painful. In order to return to the previous sexual activity, the woman in labor must obtain permission of her local gynecologist. The specialist will say exactly when she can have sex after childbirth.

When you can have sex after childbirth, after how many months

As a rule, the restoration of the sexual attraction of a woman who has become a mother for the first time goes through several stages:

  1. During the first 6 months, the intimate life of her husband and wife is gradually being established. Sometimes lactation is reflected in the quality of the process, but over time, the spouses cease to pay attention to the involuntary allocation of breast milk. The physical condition of a woman is largely restored by this time, and the couple first has a great opportunity to give free rein to many fantasies after pregnancy and childbirth. And yet, why you can’t have sex, starting in all difficult ones, it is probably not worth talking about.
  2. With 7 months after childbirth, the most difficult stage for marital relations begins. The child is growing rapidly, mother gets tired, the desire of sex disappears, as a result of which the head of the family remains unsatisfied and deprived of the wife of the spouse. On this basis, conflicts often occur in families.

How much can you have sex after abortive intervention

With the normal course of pregnancy, as already mentioned, the restoration of the female genital area occurs in about 1.5 months. Restrictions for women to return to intimate life are also present in the case when the bearing of the fetus did not end in childbirth. After drug termination of pregnancy, as after childbirth, you can also not have sex immediately.

Abortion, regardless of the method of execution – drug or surgically, is a serious injury for the female body. Any actions aimed at removing the embryo from the uterine cavity contribute to its defeat. The uterus becomes a huge wound, which takes time for complete healing.

, After how many days can you have sex after pregnancy and childbirth

Do not miss the moment that the cervix was injured. Throughout the restoration period, it remains open, which in itself is abnormal. Thus, bacterial and viral infections can easily penetrate the uterine cavity, which will certainly lead to serious complications, and in the absence of timely treatment – to death. Typically, for the rehabilitation of the reproductive system in women who have undergone abortion, it takes about a month.

Answer the question of when you can have sex after an ectopic pregnancy, it will be possible in a similar way. As after childbirth, the female body is restored for 1.5-2 months after surgery. Normalization of the hormonal background and the absence of pain – the main condition for obtaining medical approval for return to sexual activity.

How much to refrain from sex after miscarriage

A frozen pregnancy is an indication for interruption. Often the deceased embryo is eliminated from the maternal bosom by medical curettage. In fact, this procedure resembles an abortion. Artificial disclosure of the cervix, damage to the uterine cavity also needs to be restored, so after a frozen pregnancy you can’t immediately have sex. How soon a woman can return to sexual intimacy depends on her body. Typically, the doctor allows the patients not to refrain from intimacy if he completely makes sure that the cervix is closed, inflammation and bacterial damage to the internal genital organs are absent.

Vaginal sexual communications after miscarriage should be refused for at least a couple of weeks. With a normal speed of restoration of the body, the next pregnancy may occur a month after the curettage procedure.

About how much you can not have sex after pregnancy, doctors unanimously not be able to say. As a rule, everything is determined by the individual characteristics of the woman’s body, dictating the pace of recovery processes. For example, there can be no talk of any proximity if:

  1. For several months, discomfort and pain do not disappear by the row;
  2. For more than a month, vaginal bleeding lasts;
  3. there is improper scarring of gaps;
  4. For several days, high body temperature does not subside;
  5. discharge with an unpleasant purulent smell.

, After how many days can you have sex after pregnancy and childbirth

If there are at least one of the points, you should consult your doctor without fail. Often the above problems become the reason for repeated surgical interventions.

In any case, when it will be possible to return to sexual intimacy, it does not matter, and after how many weeks the doctors allow sex after pregnancy and childbirth, caution should be observed. The first act after bearing the fetus should be gradual and limited. A woman should be as relaxed as possible, rested. A huge role in this is assigned to the spouse, who, certainly, should transfer part of his duties and household chores to his shoulders.

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