We study the news of sex toys!

We study the news of sex toys!.

It happens that I want to please myself or my soulmate with something unusual, but erotic. It’s no secret that having a vibrator or any other sex toy in the nightstand is already everyday life. Leading manufacturers of an adult toys industry do not stand still and try to surprise their sophisticated scraps as often as possible. Of the last fashionable new products, you can pay attention to "Smart vibrators" In the form of vibro -controlled control from a smartphone. What is the charm of this toy? Imagine that you go with your soul mate for a date and at some romantic moment…Turn on a toy in a public place. How many intrigues and desires will be used to get into a secluded corner after such dinner or walk?

Especially for men, more and more often manufacturers produce masturbators "on every day". This is a type of toys that have a relief texture, comfortably lie in the hand, but have a neutral design. They are easy to store in a public place, even if someone else lives in your apartment and has access to your personal things.

We talked about toys, and now about cosmetics! You heard something about hybrid lubricants? Hybrid lubricants are a find for those who need water -based lubrication, but the perfect sliding is necessary. As a rule, these lubricants are designed on water -based, but have a small amount of silicone in their composition, which does not negatively affect the material of toys.

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