Sex toys: what is it, what are it, how to choose? | The best sex toys

Sex toys: what is it, what are it, how to choose?.

, Sex toys: what is it, what are it, how to choose? | The best sex toys
Sex toys-what is it? Why thousands of steam begin to use special devices for sex? How these things affect relationships, and to whom they need? What sex toys are, how to choose and use them? Answers to the most interesting questions about products for adults.

What is sex toys?

Sex toys or intimate toys are products that help to have fun during sex. They are used for experiments in pairs, for masturbation. Some products are used during the prelude as a way to strengthen excitement before sex with a partner, while others directly during the proximity to enhance the sensation, bring the moment of orgasm closer.

Today there are hundreds of types of intimate goods. These are sex toys for men and women, steam devices, BDSM products, etc. They can even include intimate cosmetics, as it also helps to make sex brighter and more interesting.

You can buy sex toys in special stores-sex shops. A huge assortment will allow you to find something useful for any person or pair. And some types of goods are sold today in pharmacies, but there the choice is many times less.

Who needs sex toys?

There is an opinion that only single people buy sex toys. This is a huge misconception. Most adult stores are people who have long lives in pairs. With the help of intimate toys, they try to diversify the sex life, make the union stronger, and the relationship is brighter. Who else chooses sex toys?

  • Couples who want diversity. If passion has become fading, adult goods will help to return it. New sensations will make sex more desirable and more interesting. With the help of such goods, a new world will open, which can be comprehended for years.
  • Lovers to get new sensations. The connoisseurs of sex toys have already tried something, but are ready to move on and get even more pleasure. Often they monitor the novelties of the sex industry, try to choose things with new functions.
  • People who are difficult to have sex, but really want. There are a large number of people who, due to health reasons, cannot lead a full -fledged sex life. Sex toys help them in this. The proximity becomes possible with erectile dysfunction, injuries of the spine or joints, excess weight, etc.
  • Lonely people. With the help of sex toys, you can relieve stress, get an orgasm, distract from everyday life. There are goods for men and women who guarantee pleasure without the participation of the second partner.
  • Men who want to increase endurance. Using a vacuum pump or masturbator, you can control the duration of sex, the force of excitation. Experiments with sex products allow you to learn how to be an ideal lover, and then apply all knowledge in relationships.
  • Women who want to reveal their sensitivity. You do not need to pretend with a sex toy, you can explore the body for a long time and carefully. Understanding their erogenous zones and the right ways of influence allows you to find interesting ways to orgasm. These discoveries also be able to share with a loved one.
  • People who monitor the health of the urine system. Sex toy can also be a simulator of the pelvic bottom muscles. For women, such charging helps to prevent urinary incontinence and lowering the pelvic organs, men help men in the prevention of prostatitis and hemorrhoids. The simulator can supplement the exercises and give pleasure.

Sex toys are bought by men and women of different ages. They are popular with both young people and adults. But only a person who has reached the age of majority can buy products., Sex toys: what is it, what are it, how to choose? | The best sex toys

By what criteria to choose sex toys

To buy the best sex toy, you need to understand for what purposes it is necessary. Distinguish between adults in terms of functions, methods of application. But these are not the only criteria. The types of sex toys will be discussed later. And what else needs to be paid attention to when choosing?

  • Materials. Intimate toys are in contact with the most delicate parts of the body. That is why it is important to carefully approach the choice of coating. Special compounds do not cause allergies, irritation. They go through a complex testing system. That is why it is recommended to buy products from trusted manufacturers who are responsible for quality. The most common materials: silicone, PVC, TPR or TPE, glass, metal, living skin. Sex toys uses special dyes, which are also absolutely neutral and safe.
  • Purpose. Each sex toy performs its functions. For example, vibrators create for different points. There are clitoral models, anal, vaginal. Vaginal balls can serve to strengthen muscles or for masturbation. Vacuum pumps help increase the penis, but also cause an erection if necessary. Understanding what you expect from the purchase, you can significantly narrow the choice. It is worth determining in advance to the goals of use, so as not to be disappointed as a result. And it is important to understand that there are things to stimulate different zones, for example, massagers, they are more suitable for those who do not know what he wants.
  • Manufacturer. Create products for sex hundreds of companies. Russian, European, American, Chinese, etc. Famous firms are very carefully monitored by the quality of products, pay a lot of attention to details. Choosing things of famous brands, you get really high-quality sex toys, but the price can be slightly overstated. Little -known companies offer cheaper options, but they do not always have a guarantee.
  • Price. Focus on the cost when buying a sex toy is not worth it. This indicator is not the most important. It is better to pay attention to functions, control methods, power methods. The more complicated the design, the more expensive it will be. But sometimes it’s easier to overpay for a battery device than then regularly buy replaceable batteries. Sex toys are sold at different prices, a decent thing can be chosen for a modest amount or buy a premium product with a significant price.

, Sex toys: what is it, what are it, how to choose? | The best sex toys

Types of sex toys

All modern sex products can be conditionally divided into 3 large categories: sex toys for men, for women and for steam. Sometimes this division is conditional, since people can apply both together and alone. What are the goods in each category? What is the difference?

Sex toys for women

Intimate goods for women help to strengthen excitement, bring the moment of orgasm or cause enchanting pleasure. In addition, there are things that help strengthen health, make the muscles more elastic.


The best-selling sex toys are vibrators. Modern models can have a phallic shape or ultra -modern. They are large and small, stimulate different zones. All of them are united by one opportunity – pleasant fluctuations with different intensity. The more modes and speeds, the more fascinating use.

  • Cliter stimulants affect the most delicate part of the body. They massage the clitoris, helping to make sex bright. Can be used even in pairs.
  • Vaginal sex toys Enter into the bosom, while some models are not only vibrated, but still pulsed, rotate. Individual even make progressive movements without the help of hands.
  • Anal vibrators equipped with special limiters so that the device is not lost in the depths of the body.
  • Vibrators rabbits simultaneously massage the vagina from the inside and touch the clitoris. Double effect is ideal for masturbation.

The vibrator is the most universal toy, because you can touch it on different sections. And the device for women will help to make and the pleasure of a man is stronger if during some caresses to move them along the skin of delicate places.


The imitation of the penis is the phalluses of different sizes. On sale there are sex toys of various shapes. Such things are chosen to stimulate the vagina and anus, large dildo are suitable for fisting. At the same time, there are flexible and tough models, realistic and unusual.

  • Fallomitators of realism. Very similar to a real body. Visually look like a man’s penis, they can have different inclination and relief. At the same time, they are distinguished by special materials that are flexible, but elastic. Warm to the touch. When creating, a lot of attention is paid to the little things, so the similarity is magnificent. Suitable for stimulating different zones, come with a scrotum and without. The shape of the barrel, heads, testicles differs, everyone can find something perfect for themselves.
  • Large phalloimitators. Giants allow you to feel the expansion and stretching inside. These are fisting models. There are sex toys long, there are only wide. But more often there are models that are large in all parameters. Can be realistic, can be unusual in shape. It is recommended to use with a large amount of lubricant.
  • Fallomitators with a suction. The presence of suction cups is a big plus for the phalloimitator. With its help, it can be fixed on any flat surface, used without the help of palms. It can be planted on such a thing, which is very convenient in most sexual games. Suction cup also serves as an anal caresser limiter.
  • Dildo of an unusual shape. The phallus may look different. For example, zooerotic is fantasies on the theme of the genitals of fairy -tale animals: avatars, dragons, dinosaurs, etc. There are bright dildo, there are relief.
  • Nozzles for strapons. The phallus can be attached to special panties, it is the presence of fastening that turns it into a nozzle. Can be used separately, can be included for fixing on the body. Both a woman and a man can use nozzles.

Vaginal balls

Silents for strengthening the vaginal muscles are Kegel simulators and vaginal balls. They are used to prevent many female diseases, to restore after childbirth, to teach sexual skills. The ability to control the muscles of the vagina helps to easily achieve orgasm, to experience multiple pleasure.

Vaginal balls today can be simple or complex. There are models controlled from a smartphone. A special application controls the performance of exercises, gives advice on their implementation. More sex products can vibrate, which means that masturbation is possible with them.

Vaginal balls differ in diameter, weight, material. The best sold – round models on a hitch with a displaced center of gravity. It is convenient to wear such simulators inside, and you can do with them even at work without attracting attention.

Women’s vacuum pumps

Using a vacuum, you can cause a rush of blood to the desired areas. Acting with vacuum pump on erogenous zones, you can strengthen the experiences. Today pomp for the perineum, for the chest are created. There are small models only for the clitoris.

Women’s vacuum pumps are often equipped with vibration so that the process seems more interesting. But it is important to understand that the pump is needed precisely for the prelude, it will be finished in the future with other caresses with a partner or using other sex toys.

Sex toys for men

Male sex toys are products for pleasure and to strengthen health. There are still things for body correction. Most intimate goods for men are not suitable for paired use, they are created for masturbation. Modern models have unique forms, interesting technical solutions and pleasant materials. What sex toys for men exist?


, Sex toys: what is it, what are it, how to choose? | The best sex toys
High -quality masturbators allow you to relieve sexual stress. They are discharged accessible at any time. This is relevant for single men, for those who often part with their loved ones, for steam with different temperaments. You can use the masturbator during paired sex to help him finish. There are several models of masturbators that are most popular.

  • Realistic masturbators. Very similar to real bodies. There are ass, vaginas and mouth. Imitate immersion in similar holes. Create from materials that are similar to human skin. Can be small or quite voluminous. Small devices are convenient to hold in your hands while using, it is easy to transport. Large are installed on a flat surface, you can fall on them or even lie down. Realistic masturbators include sex toys copying porn stars. With them you can realize the possibility of sex with your favorite actress.
  • Ultra -tract masturbators. Sensations from use are not like ordinary sex. A special relief, the presence of interesting functions give more emotions than an ordinary person. Vibration, heating, various rotations help to diversify masturbation, make it fascinating and interesting. Form, methods of influence, sizes and materials are very diverse.
  • Full -size masturbators. Such devices include large sex toys for men, for example, sex vaccinals. There are realistic, very similar to a person, there are inflatable. You can buy separately legs or ass. Each thing has several holes for penetration. The main thing is that these are voluminous things, and you definitely don’t have to get bored with them.

Prostate massagers

A male massager is a unique thing. Most often it is bought for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis. And with him at home you can massage, which doctors often prescribe. But besides this device, they also allow you to enjoy. One has only to get used to the purchased model, and it will be a great addition to masturbation or sexual intercourse with a woman.

Prostate massagers are with vibration and without. The former are controlled from a remote remote control or buttons on the case. The second must be moved with your hands or squeezes of the crotch. A special form will allow you to properly affect the desired area. But it should be understood that these massagers enter anus.

Most massages for the prostate gland have a small diameter, do not injure the body, do not stretch a narrow hole. With proper use, there are no unpleasant sensations. But you need to not forget about the lubricants.

Vacuum pump

With the help of a male vacuum pump, you can solve several problems at once. For example, quickly cause an erection. This is especially true for men with unstable excitement. It is worth working with a pomp 2-3 minutes, put on an erective ring, and combat readiness is provided.

But most often vacuum pumps are bought to increase the member. In this case, regular workouts are required to stretch the fans of the penis. You can supplement them with special creams and massage. The effect of the use of the pump becomes noticeable after 2-3 months. During the year of class, 1-2 cm is added in length and slightly in width.

Vacuum pump is not a toy, but a medical simulator that can be used at any age. But it is important to carefully read the instructions and not rush with the results so that there are no injuries.

Sex toys for two

Most products in sex shops are sold for steam. These are things that allow diversifying proximity, strengthening excitement, getting more pleasure. Thousands of things are able to improve the life of a couple. What do spouses choose most often?


Vibrating sex toys that are suitable for stimulating different zones. Most often for external influence. They can caress the nipples, stomach, inner thighs, crotch. The perfect solution for affecting the clitoris or scrotum.

Massagers for sex have a different shape. There are small models, there are voluminous. A serious difference is a power method. The most practical options work from a recharged battery, there are also options connected to the network, as well as massagers on batteries.

A special plus of massagers is a form that does not resemble a sex toy. It can be left in a prominent place, no one will guess about the purpose of application. Good solution for a large family, where there are a lot of curious eyes.

Anal sex toys

Most anal sex toys can be used by both men and women. They are suitable for masturbation and paired experiments. Some models help to achieve orgasm, others prepare the body for anal sex. Trucks for decorating the body are very popular. What anal sex toys can be bought in a modern sex shop?

  • Anal stimulants. They have an oblong shape. Created for progressive movements in a delicate area. Smooth and embossed models give various experiences. There is always a limiter so that the device does not get in the body.
  • Anal traffic jams. This is a thing that helps to get used to the sensation of an object in the anus. With their help it is possible to make anal contact more pleasant. Gradually, the introduction, wearing a cork relaxes the sphincter, makes it more convenient for penetration. And pleasant fluctuations in this place and the sensation of expansion gives the strongest excitement.
  • Anal rhinestones, tails. This is a type of anal plugs, but with special values. The tail helps to transform, in a matter of seconds to try on the role of a new character. Anal rhinestones decorate the body. The beautiful crystal looks elegant in the anus. Decoration can be a great gift.
  • Anal Christmas trees, chains. These are devices that are pleasant to introduce and extract from the body. If you choose the right moment, then the sensations become many times more interesting. Consist of links with different diameters, can be on a stiff or soft hitch.

Vibrators for steam

Vibrating sex toys for two are used for prelude and sex. They do not interfere with vaginal penetration, but complement it. In the process, the erogenous zones of both participants in the process are stimulated. For example, a V-shaped toy is placed in a woman’s body. One part of it massages the point G, the other applies to the clitoris. During the sex of the device, a man also feels, the head massage helps and feels more experiences.

Vibrators for steam can affect different areas, for example, use partners anus. Or connect her vagina and his anus. There are many options for such sex toys, and the methods of application too. They differ in terms of exposure points, forms, control methods.

Penis nozzles

Most men’s nozzles are created to increase the member. They add a length of 1 to 8 cm, and also increase the volume. There are models with relief, they give additional stimulation of the partner. Some types of devices are equipped with vibration, a man or girl himself can feel it. The placement of vibropuli is often found so that it touching its clitoris.

Nozzles on a member are open and closed, make them from different materials, they have different density. Some nozzles look like a living body, others, on the contrary, have no similarity to the skin.

Erective rings

The ring for men does not allow to quickly finish. It also serves to maintain an erection. It is put on the body at the time of maximum excitation, allows you to control the duration of sexual intercourse.

Modern erection rings are produced by different diameters. And can be equipped with a vibrating element. He is able to massage a man’s scrotum or clitoris of a woman. Individual models allow both partners to stimulate both. Interesting models are controlled from a smartphone.

The ring can only cover a member of a man, can squeeze a scrotum and a member at the same time. The sensations are completely different. And the rings are equipped with an anal stimulant. With him, every friction is given to the anus to a man, making sex magical.


Falloimitator on belts or panties – this is a strap. It can be attached to the woman’s body, and then she acts as an active partner. There are strapons for men, they are created for double penetration. There are still phalloprostheses – these are hollow strapons for men with a weak erection. With the help of the phalloprotes, you can try a new size, which is also interesting.

Strapons are cast, and then the mount is connected to the phallus, or removable. On some panties you can change the nozzles, and their diversity is amazing. There are models with vibration, with expansion, rotation and even heated. Additionally, there may be processes on the mount that massage the erogenous zones of an active partner.

Silent strapons are sex toys that are also very popular. But only a woman can wear it in herself. One part of it is introduced into its bosom, and so retains, the second is intended for another partner. Use gives pleasure to both.

Sex cacheles, sex furniture

Diversify proximity or facilitate it helps the devices for sex. Special furniture is very convenient for experiments. For example, sex cacheles make it possible to try more than 50 poses that are impossible on the bed. And also give a feeling of flight. At the same time, they reduce the load, you can enjoy longer, but without fatigue.

Sexmebel includes comfortable ottomans, inflatable sofas, pillows. But it also includes sex machines that can worry a man or woman. They are very convenient for installation, take up little space, but at the same time give sensations that cannot be obtained differently.

BDSM goods

Most BDSM products are also attributed to sex toys, but their assortment is very large. The best -selling things are blindfolds, handcuffs. But there are also a huge number of lashes, fixation devices, costumes.

All products for BDSM can be used for hard experiments or light sensations. For example, the whip is really used for flogging, but it is more often bought to intimidate or create a stylish image. It is not difficult to choose a beautiful and practical thing for yourself, it is only important to deal with desires.

Fisting goods

Anal traffic jams, large phalloimitators and huge vibrators are created for fisting. Most often this is pairing practice, when one of the partners carefully stretches the sensitive holes of the other. A feeling of expansion gives many pleasant moments. And to make the process easier, it is recommended to use special sex toys.

Experiments with big sex toys are impossible without lubricant. A lot of lubrication is required for fisting, so it is recommended to buy special gels in large packages.

How to choose the first sex toy for a couple

Buying the first sex toy is a real adventure. You need to understand a huge assortment, and also understand what will really be appropriate in bed and what is not. In order not to make a mistake, you should ask yourself a question – what sensations do you want? The answer to it will significantly reduce the circle of suitable intimate goods.

What other criteria to pay attention to? The list is not so big:

  • Water resistance. It is worth finding out immediately whether it is possible to take the device with you to the bathroom. Sex toys that are not afraid of water is easy to wash, it is convenient to use even in the shower.
  • Charging method. Relayed sex toys are connected to a socket or USB port. The battery inside has been working for many years. But for models on batteries, you will have to constantly buy food elements, but such devices are cheaper.
  • The number of operating modes. When buying vibrating intimate things, it is necessary to clarify – how many modes and speeds are, the more there are, the more fascinating the process of development and application.
  • Guarantee. Famous companies offer a good guarantee for its products. In case of breakdown, the device is replaced with a new.

, Sex toys: what is it, what are it, how to choose? | The best sex toys
You can buy sex toys in an online store, there the assortment is always huge. Or at an offline point, in this case you will have to choose from a limited number of goods, but it will be possible to hold sex toys in your hands, evaluate them in real form. Of course, touching something is interesting, but high-quality video reviews may well replace such an experience.

Sex-toys’ safety rules

In order for the process of interaction with intimate goods is pleasant, it is important to observe several simple rules.

  • 1. Clean sex toys after each use very carefully. Wash immediately after use, so that bacteria do not multiply on the surface. Special cleansing compounds (cliners) or soft soap in this will help.
  • 2. Read the instructions. Carefully study the information before turning on a sex toy. She will tell you how to manage an intimate gadget, how to cleanse it, and also about what you cannot do with it.
  • 3. Apply sex toys with lubricants. Intimate lubrication will slide smoothly and pleasant. The special composition does not affect the delicate skin of a person and does not spoil the surface of the goods for adults. It is forbidden to use children’s cream, petroleum jelly for lubrication.
  • 4. Sex toy is an individual object. It is not recommended to transfer it to a third party. Of course, in pairs, she can concern both, but should not go beyond the scope of the union. So complete sterilization is almost impossible, do not experiment with different people.
  • 5. You can’t use anal sex toe for vaginal sex. If she visited the anus, you must first wash it, and then only immerse it in a vagina. But such difficulties can be avoided if you use a condom. It is removed after anal, and put on a new hole for another hole.
  • 6. If there are cracks on the surface of the sex toy, it is prohibited to use it. If the material began to change its structure, it is necessary to throw out the product. Any deformation, breakdowns – This is an occasion to replace an intimate thing with another.

Sex toys help to make human life more interesting. They relieve sexual tension, help to get positive emotions. And they can be used both alone and paired. Try to buy something for intimacy yourself to discover new facets of pleasure.

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