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History Gvibe

Parents of the creator of Gvibe Jack Romanesque were the owners of their own small sex shop. Young Jack from the age of 15 helped them in doing business. Every day after school, he handed out leaflets on the streets, congenital charisma allowed him to lure a huge number of buyers. By the end of school, the part -time job has grown into a hobby, Jack was increasingly plunged into the world of the adult industry.

Having matured, Jack received two higher education in the field of engineering. He wanted to apply accumulated knowledge in the construction of intimate goods. The market at that time did not differ in a huge variety: most often on the shelves there were monotonous phalloimitators on batteries with a noisy motor.

Jack caught fire to create an ideal anatomical device that will turn over the idea of intimate toys. The main consultant in matters of female orgasm was Jack’s wife herself. It was she who told her husband that she and other women would be happy to see in an ideal vibrator.

The image of the device arose in Jack’s head completely suddenly during dinner with his wife. He made the first sketch on a regular paper napkin: a toy with a curved handle and two flexible ends. According to Jack’s idea, they should diverge to the sides while introducing into the vagina, affecting the most sensitive zones. The feeling of fullness should create additional pleasure, but at the same time the peculiarity of the design is that the toy does not allow excessive expansion of the entrance.

Due to the lack of experience in creating adult devices, Jack introduced his developments to Lelo. Having not received a response, he decided to start his own business: this is how Fun Toys appeared. The first prototype G-Vibe Original was created in 8 months, and a few months later the toy gained its recognizable appearance, which later won crowds of fans around the world.

Gvibe Mania

Dizzying success was inevitable. Women swept Gvibe from store shelves, sales were comparable to sales of the cult Hitachi Magic Wand. The toy liked not only girls, but also men: flexible ears were perfect for stimulating the penis and scrotum.

Gvibe mania quickly spread around the world. Now it is almost impossible to find a store in which brand goods will not be presented. Vaginal balls, vibrators, anal traffic jams-each toy was created with the participation of leading gynecologists and male health specialists.

The recognition of customers was not Jack’s only victory. The brand was awarded many awards for revolutionary decisions and stylish design. Brave innovative technologies will become the hallmark of the brand, this trend can be traced in later developments.

Later, the brand was renamed Gvibe: in honor of the device that Jack and his team was famous.

New and bold Gvibe experiments

In 2014 (2 years after the creation of G Vibe Original) Gvibe 2 was created. The new model received the third additional motor for deeper stimulation. In 2018, Gvibe 3 entered the market – an even more ergonomic and powerful device.

The company regularly engaged in the embodiment of new bold ideas, relying on customer reviews from around the world. After numerous requests, Gvibe Mini was created – a miniature version of the classic Gvibe. A small vibrator is ideal for travel and suitable for miniature girls with high sensitivity.

Geisha Balls is another toy that women around the world desperately needed. Vaginal balls of different weights are easy to combine, achieving incredible results. Kegel exercises increase the tone of the vagina, enhancing orgasms and allowing to improve female intimate health. The Geisha Balls Magnetic later came out – a miniature version with magnets for the convenience of clutch. Also, the obvious hit of the brand is GBalls, a personal trainer for girls who supports the connection to the smartphone. Smart balls are able to analyze training and adjust them, they allow you to achieve the best result compared to analogues.

Universal anal stimulants GPLUG and GPOP are suitable for both girls and men. Reshaquent traffic jams are ideal for wearing and preparing for anal sex. In the future, a special Gring ring was released, which is not only an independent toy to stimulate erogenous zones, but also the control panel for the anal plugs of the brand.

For lovers of more classic forms, a smooth vibrator Gjay and his relief brother Gjack were created. For double stimulation fans, the brand released two stunning rabbits. Grabbit with two ears creates a directed clitoris stimulation on both sides. Gccandy delicate and embossed will delight those who want to experience a feeling of fullness.

In the wake of popularity of microphones vibrators, the brand creates its reduced copy: GBulb. A charming pink bulb won a huge number of fans thanks to its interesting design, simple management and surprisingly powerful vibration. A wide stimulation zone allows you to caress the most delicate erogenous zones, such as clitoris or nipples.

For lovers of realistic dildo, the company released a dildo on the Greal suction cup with control at a distance (using the Gring ring). Detailed trunk and innovative material Bioskin make this toy almost indistinguishable from a real penis.

The latest GVIBE development is the TPE premium futuristic masturbators from the premium. The textured edges create directed stimulation of the head and barrel, the toy is ideal for both solo and paired use.

Why do people love Gvibe?

Gvibe is a brand that always listens to its customers and is not afraid to experiment. New fresh solutions are what distinguishes the company from many competitors.

The rejection of the classical phallic form was a risky step, but now more and more brands are imitating Gvibe Original, because customers are increasingly giving their preference to this type of toy.

It is also worth mentioning patented material that the brand uses when creating its vibrators. Bioskin (Revolution Bioskin ™) is an environmentally friendly hypoallergenic silicone premium. High thermal conductivity and delicate texture make the material as close as possible to human skin.

The brand is confident as manufactured products, a 3 -year warranty has been installed on any toy. Due to high quality standards and constant improvement of the production process, the percentage of marriage strives for 0. This allows the buyer to be sure that the new toy (for example, bought as a gift) will not let you down at the most crucial moment.

The brand regularly collects reviews about its products and actively maintains communication not only with shops, but also directly with customers. Gvibe listens and embodies the most daring fantasies.

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