Sex toys care. 18+ Encyclopedia of sex

Care for sex toys. What you need to know?.

, Sex toys care. 18+ Encyclopedia of sex

Those who have thought about the opportunity to become infected with various infectious diseases, including SPPP, through sex toys, do not treat this issue frivolously. This is quite possible if they use them together with a partner or not to follow their purity. The main rule – This treats a sex toy in the same way as you treat any part of your body. Proper care, the use of a condom will help to avoid the spread of bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses.

One of the main causes of the spread of infection – improper toy care.

Basic care rules:

  • Wash toys in warm (not hot) water with soft soap.
  • Never immerse in the water the part where the batteries are located.
  • Never immerse toys in the water for this.
  • Nylon belts can be washed with ordinary underwear.
  • Silicone and glass toys can be boiled for 3-5 minutes, cleaned with disinfectants or washed in a dishwasher if there are no electric parts in them.
  • Never use oils with latex sex toys or condoms, only water -based lubricants are suitable for them.
  • Plastic toys can be wiped with medical alcohol.

, Sex toys care. 18+ Encyclopedia of sex

Silicone sex toys

Silicon – One of the most popular materials for sex toys, as it is incorrect, and it is easy to care for it. Sometimes toys are made from silicone mixtures, which can negatively affect the lubricants used. The best way out – At the slightest doubt to use water -based lubricants. Silicon – very smooth material, and 100% silicone is absolutely hypoallergenic. Silicone toys are more expensive than milestones, but they last a long time. Therefore, with appropriate care, they will not have to be often replaced. Such toys for sterilization can be boiled for 3-5 minutes. If there are no mechanical parts, then you can wash in the dishwasher. If the composition is not 100 % of silicone, then you should use special cleaning products for sex toys so as not to damage them.

Cyberry toys

Cybercro – This is a widely known thermoplastic. It feels like such toys resemble real skin, so they are popular. The material is very porous, it can easily break, so you need to handle it very carefully. In addition, due to porosity, toys can turn into a native of infection. They require a special powder to remain dry and clean until they use toys. The best way – Use a special cleansing spray for sex toys. To do this, spray with a spray on the toy, wait a few minutes while it is absorbed and rinse well. Dry the toy in the air, avoiding the slightest remaining moisture, otherwise the risk of reproduction of mold, fungi and bacteria increases. After complete drying, it is necessary to shit with a special powder for cyber cubes, instead of which you can use corn starch. In no case is it allowed to use talc or children’s sprinkles.
It is not recommended to use soap, as it falls into the pores and is poorly washed out, but it can interact with the lubricant during sex. If you had to use soap, then choose soft views so as not to damage the toy.

Gel toys

There are many different gel Sex toys, But they all are flexible, although not as smooth as silicone. They usually release the most unimaginable bright colors. Since they are very porous, they need to carefully care for them. For this, soft soap is suitable, warm water or a special tool for sex toys.

Metal toys

Metal – incorrect material, so it is very easy to care for it. Such toys can be washed in a 10% solution of disinfectants, with water and soap, boil. It is not recommended to use a dishwasher, since chemicals for rinsing can harm some types of metal. Also, do not wipe metal toys with means of cleaning jewelry. Be sure to completely dry the toys so that they do not rust.

Glass toys

Pyrek glass – A special species that is much stronger than ordinary glass, and therefore is safer in the form of sex toys. It is incorrect, it is easy to care for it. The easiest way – Use the dishwasher. Can be used with a 10% solution of disinfectants, soap and water. Rinse the field of any type of cleaning thoroughly. The main rule – do not use any abrasive cleaning agents, so as not to damage the surface.

If there is no complete confidence in the title of the material from which sex toys are made, it is best to get by just soap and warm water. In this case, they will last a long and right, bringing a lot of pleasure to their owners

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