Lovense lush – sex toy for virtual sex | Lovense-pink sex toy

Lovense Lush-Best Sex toy for Virtual Sex.

, Lovense lush – sex toy for virtual sex | Lovense-pink sex toy
Lovense Lush Bullet vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys in 2017. It combines a lot of functions, suitable for different types of games and has a powerful motor. Buy Lovense Lush is not only for masturbation or bright prelude, but also for experiments at a distance – you can turn it on to a partner even in another country. And the vibrator is ideal for wearing and virtual sex.

For whom do you need a vibrator Lovense Lush

Pink vibrator Lovense Lush today buy very often. It is ideal for the following people:

  • For webcam models. Lovense lush connects to chats and begins to vibrate when replenishing the girl’s account. The user sees her response, which makes the virtual much more fascinating. This is an opportunity to touch the model you like even at a distance, give it a little pleasure.
  • For lovers of virtual sex. Virt can be not only in special chats, it can be arranged through other instant messengers. And using the application on the phone, you can turn on a sex toy, change the modes, giving the woman the maximum amount of pleasure.
  • For couples that often part. If there is not enough sex, and the partner is far away, Lovence Lush can be used to compensate for a lack. Skype is turned on, smartphone applications, and sex game begins. And with such a sex toy it seems that your beloved is not so far.
  • For lovers of experiments together. Lovense lush can be worn in the body and included not only at home. Experiments are possible in a cafe, gym, cinema or on a walk. A partner can manage the pleasure of his lady, which is very exciting.
  • For women who want to have fun anywhere. The woman herself can also turn on the vibrator. At a boring meeting, in a gym or even on a walk with a child, you can experience an orgasm. And no one around will notice that something vibrates in the body, because the device works silently.
  • For girls who want to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. With Lush Bullet you can not only get sexual pleasure, but also exercise. It is suitable for pelvic floor muscles. And this is an excellent prevention of dozens of female diseases.
  • For women who want to experience a multiple or jet orgasm. A special form of sex toys when immersed in the body acts on point G. It is she who is responsible for many orgasms. It is very simple to activate it with Lush Bullet, and as a result, orgasms will be more often and more intense.
  • For ladies who love clitoris stimulation. Vibrator from pink lovense is not necessary to immerse inward. They can simply touch the clitoris, and this will cause bright sexual pleasure. You can do this during masturbation, preludes, or even during sex with a partner. A small vibro -yard will not interfere with movements, and the sensations will increase.
  • To enhance the pleasure of a man. Buy Lush Bullet is worth even for men’s affection. During a blowjob, you can attach this small device to its scrotum or crotch. Powerful vibrations will strengthen experiences, make experiences many times more interesting.

Lovense Lush Bullet is a universal vibrator for different types of caresses. It will not be superfluous with any pair. And it can also be a great gift. Sex toy is packed in a stylish box that looks very beautiful. You can present it on any holiday for both a woman and a couple.

Features of the vibro -yard Lovense Lush Bullet

Why Lush Bullet is considered the best vibrator of 2017? Because of their unique characteristics:

  • Material. Lush is covered with delicate silicone. This is a hypoallergenic material that is pleasant to the touch. It has no smell or taste. It is safe for use. It is permissible in the body without a break to keep a sex toy for up to 6 hours in a row. But in order to maintain the surface of the ideal for a long time, it is recommended to use only with a water -based lubricant.
  • Water resistance. Pink vibrator is not afraid of moisture. It can even be immersed under water, and it will work excellently there. The case is absolutely waterproof, which allows you to very easily clean the device.
  • Anatomical form. Egg in length about 10 centimeters, tail 12 cm. There is a special tubercle on the submersible part, it is created to stimulate the point g. When placed in the body, he must touch the front wall of the vagina. Vibroyaito in a diameter of 3 cm, it completely fills the female bosom, does not slip out and does not interfere with movements.
  • Management of different ways. Turn on Lush Bullet and change the speed with a button on the case, using an application on a smartphone or even an Apple Watch. The button allows you to choose only one of 5 vibration options, but in the program you can independently adjust the modes and intensity.
  • Powerful vibration. Inside Lovense Lush Vibrator is a very powerful motor. It surpasses many full -size vibrators. And can vibrate each time in a new way. The application will be able to change the rhythm, the strength of the movements. And the creation of templates is also available: if you really liked some kind of invented drawing, it can be remembered and applied in the future.
  • Vibration in the beat of melodies. Lovense Lush Bullet can move to the beat of your favorite melody. Never before the music sounded inside the body. And this is really very pleasant and exciting.
  • Vibration to the beat of the surrounding sounds. There is in the Wearables Appendix the ability to get a sex toy forbid the sounds around. And the louder the music, the stronger the movements. Or in sex: the louder the moans, the more intense the effect.
  • Rehazing sex toy. Lush has a built -in battery. It is charged using a wire that connects to any USB port. After complete charging, he can work without a break to 2 hours. No additional batteries for work are required.
  • Guarantee. Lush from Lovence has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. If suddenly a sex toy fails, it will be replaced with a new. But these are quite strong models that work excellent and much longer.

, Lovense lush – sex toy for virtual sex | Lovense-pink sex toy

How Lovense Lush Vibrator is controlled

There are several ways to manage a pink sex toy from Lovense.

  • Buttons. There is only one button on the case. First you need to click on it and hold 1-3 seconds to activate the device. And then 5 modes switch with it. The first 3 is vibration with varying degrees of intensity, the last 2 is the alternation of quick and slow vibration with different rhythm.
  • Using the application. Management is possible using a smartphone and a WearaBles application. It is downloaded for free, and without difficulties it is reproduced on the iPhone 4s and above, iPad 3/4/Air and later models, iPad mini 1/2 and Android 4.3 and above. The connection occurs through Bluetooth, it is important to check that it is activated on the phone. Connection of the device takes no more than 30 seconds. And the possibilities are immediately expanding: the number of vibration modes becomes limitless, you can simply manage the screen to control the toy. You can create vibration templates if you really liked any drawing. And it will turn out to include vibration in the beat of music or surrounding sounds.
  • C Apple Watch. Lovense lush is connected and with smart clock. The principle is similar to management from a smartphone: you need an application that opens thousands of opportunities.

You can also turn on the lovense lush from the remote device. Virtual games to configure is also not difficult.

How to configure remote control lure lush?

In order to control the sex toy someone who is not nearby, two smartphones and a stable Internet will be required. One smartphone with an installed application should be in the immediate vicinity of the intimate device. It works at a distance of up to 3-5 m. Connects via Bluetooth.

The second smartphone can be anywhere in the world. You also need to put the application on it. And then with it you can find a sex toy. Usually, during the first installation of LUSH, a kind of name is given to the toy. It is he who needs to be informed by the remote user so that he finds him.

From a remote smartphone, you can switch speeds, change the intensity. But at any moment a person who owns a device can stop the game. The configuration of such a connection is very simple, and such communication can be combined with conversation on other instant messengers., Lovense lush – sex toy for virtual sex | Lovense-pink sex toy

How to use lovense lush webcam models?

According to reviews, Lovense Lush can be used in the following virtual sex chats:

  • Chaturbate;
  • NAKED;
  • Myfreecams;
  • Europe;
  • Bongacams;
  • CAM4;
  • MyFetishlive;
  • Flirt4free;
  • Camsoda.

These systems provide work with sex toys, and Lovense Lush is included in the list of the most popular intimate goods. For such use, you will have to connect a sex toy to the chat. To do this, you need to register on the official website of Lovense, indicate that you are a model, not an ordinary user. And then you will also need to download a special plugin on a computer for installation. With it, you can set the price of each movement, configure the connection.

And so that everything works without failures, then you will need to download a special application to the phone – Body Chat. It enters information on registration on the Lovense website. And it is the plugin and the application that together allow us to earn a lot more with the help of a vibrator.

What depends on the price of Lovense Lush

Lovense is a company that has existed since 2010. She creates only sex toys with remote control. And Lovense Lush was created in 2016 as a set of the latest developments in the sex industry. But the import of the device to Russia is carried out by different companies. And that is why in of the lowest price for this sex toy in the world.

The store offers to buy Lovense Lush inexpensively, even cheaper than on the official website. In this case, there is a guarantee from fakes, a guarantee for a breakdown for 1 year is valid. And delivery is carried out in any corner of Russia anonymously and in the shortest possible time.

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