It’s just space: unusual sex toys | The best sex toys

It’s just space: unusual sex toys.

, It’s just space: unusual sex toys | The best sex toys
Among many manufacturers, sex devices are familiar stereotype that the toy should copy the primary sexual characteristics of a person as much as possible. Well, many consumers who did not particularly delve into the topic of the sexual industry, even do not know that there are generally any other toys, except for realistic.

I think you have heard jokes about “Pocket vagina” or “rubber member“. No matter how trite and went, but Previously, the entire assortment consisted of realistic adult shops. The developers There were not enough resources or fantasies. After all The topic of sex was one of the main taboos humanity is very many years. Toys made from Silicone of low quality, Yes, or even from Rubber, So about their A terrible appearance And Specific smell We will not even say.

But progress Not standing still! Now the manufacturers of realistic They make every effort, And even probably put the soul, to make their products as close as possible a copy of the human genitals. And they do it, and it’s fine.

And yet, the 21st century in the industry sex devices gave producers not only unlimited resources, but also a huge Luggage of fantasy. Toys began to be done with emphasis on functional. Bright stylish designs, unusual cosmic forms, Yes The filling is worse, than your new smartphones.

In general, today we will talk about the very toys that you look at – and it is not very clear whether it is some kind of ship from star wars, or all the same, an alien rod from the start.

Glass phalloimitators

The most primitive, But perhaps, most beautiful toys from our list. Humanity has been working with glass for several thousand years, creating different objects, bizarre forms, colors and bends. It touched on toys sex.

Glass devices – One of the most interesting. They are excellent Keep the temperature, are susceptible to the cold and to heat. Just imagine how A hot glass phallus moves along a cool body, or vice versa, by Heated back – cold massager.

Extraordinary, bright appearance of these devices will be delighted with absolutely everyone, A The exciting effect of touch will be remembered for a long time. Unique bubbles, spiral additions, bright shades, double heads And many other features are capable of Awle passion And Fantasy, inspire stunning sexy impulses.

Here, for example, a cosmic double -sided handsome Pleasure dots from company Erotic Fantasy. On both sides – two heads of different shapes, also In different ways, painted. Bright blue bubbles along the entire length – This is specifically to stimulation was even more sensual. The length of the total rod is 20 centimeters, Great size for both beginners and experienced guys.

Or a bright yellow lollipop on a stick Sexus Glass. Well, isn’t he beautiful? I think that You fall in love with it, As soon as he falls into his hands. The whole body of the toy (and this is the whole 18 centimeters) Covered by pimples, What makes her even more Unusual and pleasant in use.

By the way, all these massagers are suitable for anal and vaginal sex. U Blue phalloimitator from Sexus Two sensual heads: one with a narrowed tip – Great for anal caresses, A The second round – Suitable for massage of erogenous areas, Well vaginal sex, Certainly. He is very Bright and brilliant, CO spiral relief. Not a member, but a candy.


This toy takes not only its bright and unusual appearance, But also Innovative functionality, curved head, ribbed body – Yes to everyone! From devices Fun Factory you can finish only taking them in your hands. And I’m not joking!
All in all Stronic Drei – very cool Vibrator-Pulsator. Of course, he, like all Pulsators, imitates organic movements of a member, Thanks to his own low -frequency shocks. And this not just frictions – you will feel something new and unusual, Like a man inside you rotates a pelvis.
A The shape of the toy is designed to stimulate each point of the intimate area: Ribbed The surface will be Massage the walls of the vagina, head will Caress the point g, A A protrusion at the base In general, it is Cliter massager.
In length it is 23.9 centimeters and pulsates on the whole 10 modes (All Switching buttons).
Drei It happens 4 colors: pale pink and bright pink, turquoise and black.
And also, thanks to the protrusions that serve as an excellent limiter, it can Use anally.

REVEL BODY SOL Magnetic-Levitation Pulsator

, It’s just space: unusual sex toys | The best sex toys
This Little “Star of Death” In fact, one of The latest innovations In the field of sex toys!
Its peculiarity is that he Not just pulsates-vibrates, A does this at a certain frequency. The creators say that The vibrator works at the energy frequency of OM. Yes, the same. Such vibration able to relieve stress and fatigue, Awaken sexy energy, do Intimate sensations are brighter, free your head and body from unnecessary thoughts and anxieties.
Body Sol waterproof and is able to create a vacuum effect under water. You just you turn it on and lean against you in the back side – and voila, Contactly stimulation of the clitoris right in your bathroom.
The toy has The widest range of vibration frequencies, no sex device of the world can boast! Powerful and accurate vibration, unique pulsation and pleasant appearance. Breaks stereotypes About typical representatives of the sexual industry.

Masturbators Tenga Flip

Well, first of all, these Originally from Japan. And there progress is clearly moving faster than our. All Flip series It looks like she was sent either from the future or from some other universe.
Thanks to your own plastic case All toys Open, What makes them very convenient to care And in the future drying. This is the first Masturbator in a world that can be opened and completely washed from the inside!
Secondly, all Relief inside the toy – This is something unreal. Everyone, I repeat, each centimeter is created specifically for Member stimulation, And you can be sure that The device will cope perfectly With this task.
On the case of each toy there is Three buttons, which regulate The degree of pressure inside the masturbator. Upper button is responsible for Stimulation of the head of the penis, Average behind Vacuum pressure, A Lower behind Massage of the base of the penis.
Changing Vacuum pressure and condition, Maybe create the effect of oral sex. Well, you saw this somewhere?
Eat Two separate directions V Flip line: Flip Hole And Flip Zero, which differ from each other appearance, and of course internal relief.

Unearthly phallimitators

Zooerotic – This Not only animals, Sorry. This invented images of the genitals of various mythical creatures: from unicorns to dragons. TOSinning color, pleasant texture and amazing forms make it possible to experience something amazing and unique.
As for production, all toys made of high -quality materials. They very flexible, but at the same time solid.
Each such member has its unique form. Huge And Small, With wide foundation or with narrow tip, With pimples, With ribs, With ledges, Yes, even with tentacles.
All this, getting inside the body creates an unearthly atmosphere.
Fallomitator MustangThe largest toy From the whole collection. He has everything: and testicles, and a pronounced relief, and a large head. Hmm, well, he himself is very long – 42 centimeters! It doesn’t seem enough for sure.
Made of silicone (this is a manual job), So it will be bends perfectly, What will deliver Even more pleasure.
Small Phallos Dragon’s languageSilicone prototype of your favorite legend, film or computer game. Toy for those who are definitely Not enough exotic. It has bent triangular shape, pimples and roughness along the entire length, And very comfortable wide base. You can even try it in anal games, The sensations will be unrealistic.
Well, my beloved, AlligatorCurved, embossed (all in pimples) Member pastel flowers on a large and convenient base. Just unrealistically beautiful! And what he is gentle in hand! Great size – 22.5 centimeters. This is not just to put on the shelf, I just want to show it directly to everyone.

Anal traffic jams Diogol

Very unusual and cool Anal toys. Each has unique form, It is immediately clear that the creators approached the development of devices with taste.
Traffic jams are made of metal, What, to be honest, just fascinates. Shiny chrome coating gives a certain toys unearthly charm. And they end this thought of their forms: Each cork is similar to some kind of intergalactic device.
All toys are equipped Vibropuls With several vibration modes. Some are suitable beginners, and some are better to use already Experienced lovers of anal., It’s just space: unusual sex toys | The best sex toys

Masturbator Imtoy Manta Ray

Speaking about masturbator, comes to mind right away either a vagina or a plastic tube with delicate contents. Masterutabator Manta Ray fully is different From his counterparts, that and he and Unique.
He is very Reminds a slope. Yes, Skat. Just not underwater, but some robotic. His fins are slow Sow And rise, Grasping the penis. And the power of these embrace You regulate you!
Inside the silicone body – smooth from below and wave -like from above – a powerful and at the same time quiet motor is hidden. His task is Sensual vibration along the entire length of the toy. Sliding inside the embossed pipe, thrill walls, sensual massage – the toy is able to literally give unearthly pleasure.
And also Manta Ray very smart. And you can manage it from your smartphone. Enough download Free mobile application IMTOY-ZOO in AppStore or GooglePlay, to synchronize the masturbator with your Bluetooth smartphone. Thanks to the application, you will be available 16 vibration modes, the function of creating your own mode, vibration to the beat of the voice, music or video, and even vibration from the movements of the smartphone itself.

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