How to choose a female vacuum pump? | Questions about sex toys

How to choose a female vacuum pump?.

, How to choose a female vacuum pump? | Questions about sex toys
Vacuum pumps for the chest or vulva are accessories that help strengthen excitement, get more pleasure in sex. But how to figure out dozens of models? Simple tips for choosing the right option, recommendations for the use of female pumps, answers to questions about stimulants for nipples and clitoris. The collected information will help to understand which thing you need to buy so that it gives only joy.

What is a vacuum pump for women

Vacuum pump – This is a device to regulate pressure. It is used for various parts of the body. Female devices are suitable for breasts, perineum or clitoris. With their help, an active blood flow to the body is caused, this activates the sensitivity of all nerve endings, and this already leads to excitement.

Vacuum pump helps during the prelude. She allows a woman to be more excited, and this increases the chance to get orgasm. After applying the pump, all the touch seem more intense, which is pleasant.

The pump consists of several parts: body flask, pear or pump for air pumping, valve for adjusting pressure. Individual models vibrate to enhance sensations.

Types of female vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps for women are used for different parts of the body. There are 3 main categories:

  • Pag for the clitoris. Installed precisely on the outer part of the clitoris. Diameter is rarely more than 5 cm. The impact is point, the labia is not used little. It is important to correctly install in order to create tightness.
  • Pag for the perineum. Medium or large size. All vulva is stimulated, more sensations after use not only with clitoris caresses, but also when entering the vagina.
  • Vacuum pag for the chest. Created either to enhance the sensitivity of the nipples or to grow a bust.

Separation is still in size. For example, breast options are small, suitable for stimulating only a nipple. But they are large, cover a significant area, suitable to increase the volume of the bust.

, How to choose a female vacuum pump? | Questions about sex toys

What is a pump for?

The reasons for using the pump is very simple. There are several of them:

  • Increase in excitement. To keep up with a partner, a woman tries different things, and the pump is effective and safe.
  • New experiences. With pomp, everything is felt different. The intensity of experiences is changing, and people who love experiments are striving for this.
  • Strengthening libido. Ladies who rarely experience pleasure or do not get it in sex at all can discover sensuality in this way. This is a method of involving nerve endings that really works.
  • Nice torture. With the help of a pump, it is easy to implement BDSM experiments. This is an attribute that is suitable for a session, it is appropriate to use orgasm torture.
  • To enlarge the breast. Some pumps are designed to grow a bust, and their use gives an increase in floor size.

You can buy women’s pumps for masturbation to better study your body and reactions to different influences. This will help to find simple ways to maximum sensations. But most often it acquires it in order to look together the shortest ways to the brightest orgasms.

How to use vacuum pomp for the chest

Most often, vacuum pumps for nipples are purchased in a sex shop. They are compact, easy to use. In the process there is a constant stimulation of this zone, which enhances sexual desire.

The pump is installed on the halo of the nipple and air is pumped out of it. It seems to be “sucked” to the body, does not subside, does not move. The strength of the fastening can be easily adjusted.

Popular models are also equipped with vibration. When the pumps are installed, fluctuations are turned on to cause an even greater response. Just after 1-2 minutes the pressure ceases to be felt, but the vibration is difficult to ignore.

The maximum sensations do not occur during exposure, but after. When the pump is removed, the nipple has maximum sensitivity. And then it is worth caressing the body in different ways, getting a very strong response.

Does the pump help increase the size of the chest?

Large pumps are attached not on the nipple, but for the whole chest. As a result, the blood rushes to the tissues, this enhances their growth. In this way, you can slightly change the shape of the chest, raise it, remove part of the stretch marks, they become less noticeable.

Counting on great growth is not worth it. +2 sizes give only surgery. You can get 0.5 sizes and only with regular use of a vacuum pump. Yes, the form is becoming better, but a miracle will not happen, the growth will not be very significant.

, How to choose a female vacuum pump? | Questions about sex toys

How to use a vacuum pump for a clitoris

Cliter pump has a small diameter. Install it in two ways.

  • First. Open the “hood” from the leather covering the clitoris. The folds need to be extended by exposing the clitoris head. And it is on it that a pump is installed. The most delicate point is inside the flask. This method is not suitable if the clitoris is too sensitive, sensations are very intense, and sometimes painful.
  • The second method. The skin does not extend. The pump stimulates both the clitoris and the connection of the labia. It turns out that the clitoris is not stimulated directly, but along with the fabrics protecting it. It is difficult to adapt to create a vacuum so that there is no gap between the flask and the body. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the hair. This fastening form is optimal for options with vibration.

When the flask is installed, the air begins to pump. It is worth doing it smoothly, observing the reaction. There should not be pain. There is a feeling of heat and bursting.

When the necessary pressure is set, you can leave the pump on the body for 3-10 minutes. This time is dedicated to other parts of the body. And then they remove the pump.

The woman feels maximum sensations after removing the device. The skin seems to be “swelling”, it arises Temporary edema. Touch causes a strong response. And manual or oral caresses seem magical. Sex toys are permissible, but you need to carefully choose the speed, everything seems stronger, so only weak fluctuations are suitable.

It is not recommended to keep the pump on the body for more than 15 minutes, so as not to disrupt blood circulation. And you do not need to pump too much air so as not to damage delicate skin.

How to use a vacuum pump for perineum

Vacuum pump for the perineum is applied to the entire vulva. Labia, clitoris, vaginal entrance are stimulated. The result is an increase in the external genitalia, it looks very impressive. Swelling passes after 30-60 minutes, it is not dangerous.

The pump is installed in the perineum, tightly pressed to the body. You can place it slightly higher or lower, the place must be found individually.

The impact on such a large zone is very pleasant. But 2-4 minutes after pumping the air, the sensations are reduced. First, intense experiences when installing, then sensations from pumping air, and then addiction. Therefore, it is worth taking yourself some other exciting manipulations. And when the pump is removed, to fully enjoy the sensations.

After applying the device, vaginal sex seems very pleasant. Swelling seems to narrow the entrance to the bosom, and this increases emotions for a man. Penetration becomes completely different, descriptions of experience can be difficult. But this is an interesting experience that is definitely worth a try.

, How to choose a female vacuum pump? | Questions about sex toys

Contraindications for the use of vacuum pumps

Pomp is an exciting device. But you can not use it everyone. There is a number of cases when it is worth refusing to refuse use.

  • Injuries on the skin. Cracks, rashes and other problems at the scene of exposure are a signal to rejection of experiments. Only on a healthy body can you use.
  • Diabetes. If there is a diagnosis, you need to abandon such experiments.
  • Diseases of the urine system. The presence of STD or sand in the kidneys is an occasion to postpone the use of a female pump. Before use, you need a consultation with the attending physician.
  • Hematomas from past experiments. If the last time a lot of air was refounded, a bruise at the use of. While it is not completely disappeared, it is forbidden to repeat the experiments.

Pain is a signal to stop use. If in the process it appeared, then something happens wrong. Need to stop, understand mistakes.

The benefits and harms of female pumps

There are benefits from vacuum pumps: they improve the blood supply to the pelvis organs. This prevents stagnant phenomena. But the prevention can be considered these only if the practice of application is used at least 1 time per week.

Such sex toys improve excitability, activate nerve endings. As a result, a woman feels more desire, receives maximum pleasure from sex. They help the body, but only if there are no psychological blocks.

The pump does not carry harm if they use them correctly.

What to look for when choosing a pump

When buying a pump, you need to carefully study its functionality. There are convenient functions, the presence of which is very convenient.

  • Water resistance. Such pumps can be easily washed even under running water. If the water pump is afraid, then when cleaning you need to be more accurate so that the water does not fall into the compartments with batteries or engine.
  • The presence of vibration. This is a way of additional stimulation. This is a significant plus. But the perfect pump with an engine placed on the body, and not on the flask. If the vibrating element during installation touches the body, this is good. If it does not concern, then the vibration will be transmitted through the thin edge of the flask leaning to the body, and this is not too bright sensations.
  • Removable pear. This is especially true for the nipples. You can pump out air and remove the pump to the side so that it does not interfere. The mechanism is convenient, but faster fails.
  • Different flasks in the kit. This is a set that can really be used for different parts of the body. After all, vacuum is used even in medicine, for example, “banks” with a cold. And if the flasks change, they can be installed on any part of the body.
  • Charging method. If there is vibration, then there are power sources. Most often these are batteries or battery. If batteries, then they should be the form that is easy to find in stores.

Buying sex toys is worth in proven places, choose models of famous brands. Intimshop offersThe best female pumps at an excellent price. They are always in stock, delivery to any region of Russia is quickly and anonymous.

How to care for a sex device

A pump is an individual thing. It is not customary to transfer it to another person.

After each use, it is washed. Soft soap or special wedger eliminate all traces of biological discharge.

It is better to store in room temperature without direct sunlight. He can negatively affect the pear or other “delicate” parts of the sex toy., How to choose a female vacuum pump? | Questions about sex toys

Questions about female vacuum pumps

Yes, sometimes it happens. If the air pumps out too fast, the integrity of the skin is disturbed, bruises may appear. This is a signal that the use was not smooth, and the pressure was changed too much. With repeated experiments, you need to act more accurately, then there will be no such effect. Bruises are not dangerous, they do not need to be treated, they pass themselves.There may be several reasons. It is important to remove the hair, they prevent a dense application to the body. It is worth changing the angle of the application, slightly shift the device up or down. In very rare cases, physiological features do not allow the use of a pump, this is extremely rare. You just need to manifest a little more patience, find the necessary areas. Only at the beginning can this cause difficulty, after the first successful experience it will be possible to repeat everything correctly again and again.Yes, this is possible, but it is rare. Modern models have a convenient shape that suits many. Just the first time you need to adapt. And air pumping allows you to attach a thing even more tightly to the body. Therefore, first the device is installed, then air pumping is going on. It may affect that it “sits” is not tight, but when pumping, the connection will become perfect.There may be 2 reasons. The first – air is too much pumped out. The impact is very intense, and this is the cause of pain. The second is the hypersensitivity of the nipples. If ordinary touches seem very intense, then an experiment with vacuum stimulation can be unpleasant. Such a game is suitable for people who have the average and low reaction of this area.Yes maybe. The structure of the nipples does not differ, and this is an erogenous zone. Therefore, clamps or pumps can be used by both women and men.This feeling often accompanies the use of such a sex toy. That is why flasks often make sides of soft material on the edges, they reduce pain. It is difficult to avoid this discomfort. Pressure adjustment allows you to reduce sensations, do not remove too much air and keep the pump for a very long time.

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