Hot or cold? How to play with temperature and what sex toys can be used | Questions about sexual practices

Hot or cold? How to play with temperature and which sex toys can be used.

, Hot or cold? How to play with temperature and what sex toys can be used | Questions about sexual practices
You someday had a fantasy about how the wax from the candle spreads over your skin? Maybe you liked the scene from the film “9.5 weeks”, where Mickey Rourke melts the ice cube on the body of Kim Basinger? Whether it’s heat or cold, but temperature games are one of the most common sexy fetishes that many men and women are fond of.

But what is a temperature game and how to do it safely? Let’s find out!

What are the temperature games?

Temperature game – This is the use of heat and cold to ensure or enhance sexual stimulation. It can be a really exciting way to revive your intimacy. Attracting completely new feelings, you will open other erogenous zones from a partner and on your body, learn new ways of excitement. And it is really interesting to investigate!

Important: The temperature should be exciting, but safe for the body, you don’t want to provide in the hospital.

You can use something hotter or cold to play with temperature. It can be real warm or cold objects, for example, sex toys. Hot or cold drinks. Or maybe lubricant with cooling or warming effect. There is even condoms, to which the corresponding lubricant has already been applied, just put on it – and go!

Although it is not necessary to use any special items for experiments with temperature. Ice and candles – The most common items for home games that cause a tingling or heat to the skin.

Perhaps you don’t think so, but sex exposure with temperature is a form of game with sensations, one of the “elements” BDSM. It is often used with a bondage and closing the eye with a mask.

Safety precautions

The water should be hot, but not burning, about 36-40 degrees Celsius. How to check? Attach the toy that was in the water, to the wrist from the inside. If you feel strong discomfort, it is better to give a device a little to cool.

The temperature game can be very exciting, but the burns will spoil the whole impression.

Ice can be safely played on the surface of the skin, but It is not recommended to place them inward urethers, vagina or anus, ice phalloimitators are also not the best idea.

As in the case of any fetish, when playing with temperature, it is important Choose a stop-word. If one of the partners says it, the action of the action should immediately stop!

Temperature game options

How to play ice?

  • The easiest way is to take the ice cube with your fingers and keep it over the body of the partner, let the water drip on the skin where you decide.
  • Put an ice cube in your mouth or take a sip of cold water, hold it a little in your mouth, on the tongue. And then cover the partner’s neck with kisses, tap the earlobes, dousy the nipples.

, Hot or cold? How to play with temperature and what sex toys can be used | Questions about sexual practices
Then it all depends on your imagination – caress those places you want. Spend in the cold language in the most sensitive points on the body of a loved one, give him a completely new experience when it comes to oral sex.

How to make a hot kiss?

Just warm your mouth with a hot drink. It can be tea, but without additives from sugar, honey or milk, as they can contribute to the development of yeast infection.

Repeat the ways of playing from ice games, only now you will have hot (but not burning) breathing. In turn, compare – what erogenous areas you coincide and where they differ. Does all your sensitive places react to heat and cold, or are there such that they respond to one?

Games with wax

You can also use wax And Massage oils for temperature games, but at the same time it is necessary to be careful. Ordinary candles burn at a fairly high temperature, so for playing with wax it is necessary use only special candles for massage. Their melting temperature is 40-45 degrees Celsius, which allows you to warm, but not burn the skin.

Attention: The molten wax of the candles is intended only for external use On the skin. Do not apply wax on your face (getting into your eyes is the right way to get to the hospital) and hair – it is very difficult to remove from them without pain.

You can change the wax temperature With a height. If you raise the candle above, it will fall longer and cool down a little by the time it enters the skin. If you want to get hoter – just bring the jar closer to the body. It is important that all movements are smooth and careful.Removing wax from the body is also excellent entertainment. This can be done with nails or a non -resistant object. Or use a piece of ice so that the wax is easier to remove.

You can act slowly and gently or be a little tougher, depending on what excites you more, as well as on agreements with a partner. Upon completion of the game, use a wet washcloth or paper towel to remove all excess.

After you finish, it is recommended to slightly massage the areas that are contacting with hot wax and apply a little moisturizer. This will help the skin quickly return to normal and will be a great way for subsequent care.

Hot and cold sex toys

If you want to feel cold or heat inside the vagina or anus, it is better to take special sex toys that can be safely used for temperature games.

  • Sex devices from stainless steel Adapt to heat well, so you can heat them very quickly or cool, but they also quickly take body temperature.
  • Glass items take the desired temperature for a long time, but it persists for a long time. Therefore, accessories remain cold or hot inside the body longer.
  • Sex toys with automatic heating and cooling are specially designed objects that regulate the temperature electronically. But you need to be careful and carefully read the instructions before starting the game.

A big advantage of metal and glass toys is that they are relatively inexpensive. They also look good, do not absorb the smell and are easy to clean.Therefore, we will consider separately in what ways you can heat and cool metal or glass sex accessories., Hot or cold? How to play with temperature and what sex toys can be used | Questions about sexual practices

Heating and cooling toys made of metal

There are different ways to change the temperature metal sex toys, But the safest option is Use water.


If you want to heat the toy, place it in a bowl with hot, but not boiling, water for 2 minutes so that it can adapt to temperature. As soon as it heats up, carefully take it out of the bowl and start the game. Do not forget to use the lubricant for smooth administration.


In the same way, if you want to cool the toy made of metal, place its bowl with cold water for 2 minutes. You can try to use ice cubes. Remember – the accessory will begin to heat up as soon as it turns out inside you, so this method is best used for a quick game with temperature.

Attention: For such games, you need to use sex toys made of high -quality stainless steel.

How to heat and cool glass sex toys

The safest way to heat or cool glass toys is to use a container with water.


Place the toy in a bowl of warm water (not too hot) for 5 minutes so that heat is transmitted to the object. As soon as it heats up, get ready for the game! Glass toys take more time to gain temperature, but they retain heat more efficiently, so they remain warmer longer than metal.


Put a sex toy in a container with cold water for 5 minutes. If you want it to be really cold, try adding a few ice cubes. When everything is ready, make sure that the temperature is suitable for administration, and then start the game! Glass will take the temperature of your body in a few minutes.

Attention. When it comes to glass devices, you must be sure that they are made of high -quality borosilicate glass, which withstands sharp temperature drops and destruction. But toys from such material may have their own weaknesses due to the poor annealing process. Therefore, be careful!Temperature games add new exciting sensations to your sex life, especially when they are combined with submission and sensory deprivation. Do not forget to communicate throughout the action, as well as after completion. Pay a lot of attention to your feelings and feelings of a partner to make sure that everything is good for both of you.

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