From England with love. Production of sex toys.

From England with love. Production of sex toys..

Dear friends! Have you noticed that each manufacturer of intimate goods has something of its own? Some special chip, small quirk, design element.

There is a theory that the fantasy of the architect has a direct influence of the place of his residence. Country, city, street and even house and color of the fence.

Let’s look at the sex devices that make in rainy England today.

First brand, Fifty Shades of Grey

Very provocative collection! And the demand for it is good. There are many reasons: relatively inexpensive cost of gizmos, safe materials, well, the sensational popularity of the novel.

“Play bolder, be like Christian Gray!” – and here are enthusiastic girls, and in some cases, boys who decided to try themselves as the upper and lower, went to explore the shelves of sex shops. And here, Opachki, a whole rack with BDSM Axuars developed specifically for such cases. And do not swear among balls and whips to find something similar. Here you have balls, here’s a tie, cuffs, handcuffs, ropes.

If we consider the collection from the point of view of an employee of a sex shop, it is not rude at all and is great for beginners. The vibrators are not too powerful, the fabrics on the cuffs are soft, handcuffs are supple, and even ties for binding do not fix “on dead”.

So perhaps for someone it will be an incentive to live a brighter sex life.

Brand number two, Bathmate

Vibrators and traffic jams do not do. But it is famous for hydro -paples and hydraulic pumps to increase the member. Well, lubricants for these same pumps make comfortable, yes.
Bathmate pumps are not cheap, but stylish, multi -colored, and most importantly – safe. Pavel loops praised these pumps. You know this, yes?All sorts of recommendations for time and frequency of use are included. All materials are modern, do not contain harmful impurities and phthash.

Third -fun Toys

Great Britain! Very decent premium sex toys. Magnificent silicone, a bunch of modes and capabilities, absolutely all vibrators – batteries.

The creators of the brand received quite a few bonuses-for the design of boxes and tubes, for art images, for convenience;for the invented new material imitating human skin;for the approach, taking into account female anatomy. By the way, many brand toys are represented in 2 colors: acid-pink and dark indigo (or black), so that both girls and boys feel comfortable.

Under the number four nexus

Two main slogans: quality and minimalism. These are not bright, plain, smooth sex toys.

The assortment has magnificent anal traffic jams, hygienic pears, original and extremely functional massagers of prostate all shapes and sizes, juicy women’s toys for the clit and dots G, high-tech rabbits. But most of all, of course, prostate masses. Here is their English chip!)

Black, smooth, stylish and unspooped massagers of prostate with all sorts of bells and whistles – for example, with a rotating head.

Durex takes the fifth position, and is also produced in England

Known widely and around the world. For pharmacies, large supermarkets are sold in all their lubricants and condoms.

Did you know that Durex also has sex toys? For example, the Durex Play Inspiration vibrator, which has 5 vibration modes and working from the battery.

Very stylish, made by all standards, design is a little similar to popular Lelo toys.

Or, a vibro -ring with a tiny battery inside, though much less impressionable and at the same time not at all budget.

On this, perhaps, all. Please love and respect. It turns out that many did not even know that England was doing really cool things!)

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