Come on, girls: 6 cool toys for beginners

Come on, girls: 6 cool toys for beginners.

There are so many in total, and everything is so different, oh, but this little thing is where? Wow, and such big ones are? But this one, black, is bought too?..

We break the opinion that vibrators are toys for harmful lonely men of menopause with this delicate girlish selection. For those who have never tried, but passion as they want.
Remember the sets “Little Fairy”? Ours are better.;)

In the life of every girl, the first mother of lipstick occurs, the first heels (also, of course, mother), the first kiss and the first vibrator (which is better to have your own). If you are at that marvelous age when he is still “gentle”, but “already possible”, and you want to get one, or even a couple of adult little things, this selection will help you navigate in a huge and diverse world of sex toys and not be scared.

Satifsyer Pro Penguin

, Come on, girls: 6 cool toys for beginners

A magic toy capable of bringing any (no, seriously, absolutely any) living woman to orgasm in a matter of seconds. Even in completely inexperienced hands, this velvety penguin will work as it should.

The principle of operation of all Satiffyer is a contactless vacuum stimulation. It is contactless, it is not at all necessary to press the toy to the clitoris, just bring it closer and enjoy the gentle suction 🙂 Satispyer Pro Penguin makes a cute girlish design and simple intuitive control even more attractive. By the way, this model was released specifically for the youth audience.

Nice bonus – “Penguin” is not afraid of immersion under water. It can be safely used in the bathroom, behind reliably closed doors, not afraid to be caught. In addition, the sensations from the water seething around the clitoris are simply shocked!

Linnzi vibrator

We, employees of a sex shop, like no other know how they can scare and discourage huge realistic penis. “And something is not so natural … and smaller?” – a phrase that most often sounds from the lips of young women in intimate stores. Can! – We answer. And we lead to designer futuristic vibrators 🙂 linnzi – really cool. No, not like that: unrealistically cool. It is soft, it is gentle, it is not at all scary 🙂 The sizes of the toy are medium – 15 cm in length and 3.2 cm in diameter. A compact option that will help to understand whether the penetration is fundamentally for your orgasm. If not, Linnzi will cope with clitoral stimulation for five plus.

Experienced users are strongly recommended to put in a purse with you


Roymitator. Or oral sex simulator, in other words. If even easier – cunnilingus guru. Loudly and in chorus – “No man can!

SQWEEL 2 is very similar to some beauty table, such as an epilator or massager for a face. It looks very cute and somehow … high-tech 🙂 Although the principle of work is simple: a wheel with tender silicone “tongues” rotates in various ways in three speeds. What does this give: that not a single living human language will give. For sooner or later it will get tired. This toy will never get tired if you change batteries in time. It looks cool, comfortably lies in the hand, easily controlled and washes without a free. Wrap!

Fairy Mini Wand Massager vibrator

Remember the picture with the little star of the reality show Hani Bu (who does not want to have a boyfriend, because she does not need a dram) singing at Hitachi Magic Wand? Fairy Mini Wand Massager no worse as a microphone, and as a sex toy, maybe even better: firstly, it is battery (unlike the original, which works exclusively from the network), and you can not adapt to the location of the sockets,which is sometimes horrified by what uncomfortable. Secondly, it is smaller, prettier, and in general it looks not so frightening. Power, however, is still the same, dentisting 🙂

Why is it necessary? One hundred percent orgasm. Super-intensity vibration will leave no chance to anyone. And also – the really massages the muscles perfectly, after a long sitting at the computer, just salvation for the neck. In addition, “microphone” is a real legend in the world of adult toys, with such a thing in your hand you can imagine yourself a star of erotic films.

And no more sangings in the comb.

Probably, all modern girls, without exception, are confused not only by appearance, but also by the internal state of the body. Fashion for healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and training firmly entered into everyday life, and this is fine. And we, in turn, suggest you a little to train those muscles that you do not pump up in the gym.

Emotions Foxy balls – charm itself. They are with ears! And with a comfortable silicone lace, which allows you to easily introduce, to build a toy. Two medium diameter balls on a hard hitch are ideal for “pumping” the muscles of the pelvis, which also need attention, and even what. Strong muscles “there” – cool sex, bright orgasm, more effective birth (and recovery after them), prevention of female diseases. Perhaps someone will decide that so far it is “early” – but it is better to overdo it than to not be missed 🙂 And this is damn nice, by the way, by the way.

And on the sweet (well, how to stay here?) just a mast-HEV for all students and IT-schools, but what is there, in general for everyone,

Vibrator-flash drive Qvibry Mini Vibe Memo 4GB

We were not sealed, but it didn’t seem to you. This is a flash drive that vibrates. Or vibrator on which you can store content. No one will solve your little secret, even if you bring it with a scientific project to the department, because Qvibry is a master of disguise;) the vibrator is completely compact – 12×1.5 cm, but it works shock – up to 5 hours continuously. Charges from the USB port of your laptop. Remembers the last used mode. It looks like a geek dream 🙂

And this is a vibrator-flash drive. Now you can feel that we live in the future.

Stereotype that sex toys is for “old and lonely” gradually goes into oblivion. And we are in a hurry to remind you that this is just a stereotype.:) Of course, this is far from all that we can offer you – the assortment is so huge that it will not fit in any text document in the world. But these sketches will indicate at least the approximate direction of movement. Immersion after three, two, one ..

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