10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys

10 best sex toys for women.

, 10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys
10 best sex toys for women — these are intimate things that give maximum pleasure. With them you can learn to receive orgasms regularly. They not only relieve stress, but also develop sensitivity. Most of the products from the list are also suitable for sex experiments pair.

List of 10 best sex toys for women. It was these objects that ladies chose most often, and it was on them that the most positive reviews were left on them.

1. Vibrator-Roller

A vibrator, simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and point G, is designed specifically for women. Such double exposure leads to orgasm of so many women, and it helps a lot during masturbation. In this case, you can turn on the processes separately or regulate the strength of their movement independently of each other. Of course, it will be possible to use such a thing in pairs, management can be entrusted to the partner. But still it is worth trying it alone too. There are a lot of models today, all well -known manufacturers create a similar shape, since it is really very popular.

Pros of the best sex toy for women — Vibrator-Crolik

  • Double stimulation gives excitement and fullness. This is a quick way to orgasm.
  • The form is most often flexible to adapt to body shape.
  • There are models with batteries or battery, you can choose a convenient option.
  • There are rabbits with rotation, they have even more functions.

2. Vacuum clitoris stimulator

A wave or vacuum effect on the clitoris activates the nerve endings not only from the outside, but also inside the organ. It is impossible to achieve such an effect in other ways. Special air fluctuations gently stimulate the clitoris, and this causes a very powerful orgasm. It is sometimes possible to achieve the final in just 1-2 minutes. It is used during masturbation and in paired sex. Cannot be used for a man. But more and more models are equipped with vibration so that you can combine or alternate different influences, and this is interesting.

, 10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys

Pluses of wave or vacuum stimulants for women

  • Do not cause a decrease in sensitivity. Contact models have minimal contact with the body. Therefore, you can use it very often.
  • When used, you do not need a lubricant, since there is no friction.
  • There are models with different prices: from very cheap to very expensive.

3. Anal plug with vibration

Anus stimulation gives a lot of pleasant experiences. And learning anal orgasm is easier not with large objects, but with a small vibrating plug. It is easy to insert it into the body, it does not hurt. And then you can change the vibration modes and enjoy absolutely new sensations. Combining caresses and clitoral or vaginal effects, it will be possible to experience powerful experiences. There are traffic jams that are appropriate to use only at home, but there are models for wearing. They are turned on from a remote control or from a smartphone, with them you should go for a walk. And no one around will notice what is happening inside.

, 10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys

Pros of the best sex toy for women — anal traffic jam

  • Models with vibration always have several operating modes, you can gradually increase the rhythm, increasing excitation.
  • Having learned to relax with a traffic jam, then it will be much more pleasant to practice anal sex with a partner.
  • The sleeve allows you to find a lot of new sensory points, the stimulation of which leads to orgasm.

4. Mini-vibrator

Mini vibrator — This is a sex toy that you can take with you anywhere. He takes up little space. You can get the device and enjoy at work, in the gym, even in the supermarket, you just need to retire for a few minutes. And, of course, such a thing is convenient to wear with you on a date. Men do not scare small vibrators, are not jealous of them. And these babies look harmless: no more than 12 cm in length, easily placed in the palm of your hand. Sometimes the shape resembles a ring, and they can caress any external erogenous zones. But most pleasant to touch the clitoris. Why «kids» In the list of the best sex toys for women? They are no worse than large in power, but at the same time they are also easy to hide from children.

, 10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys

Pros of mini-vibrators for women

  • An inconspicuous form, often in the form of familiar things: rings, lipsticks, brushes for makeup or carcass.
  • Very compact, weigh little, but they work very noticeably.
  • Designed in order to tease yourself and a partner. Touches of erogenous zones causes a response in the body.
  • Are developed for the clitoris, but you can caress the scrotum.

5. Vibroyayko

Trainer and vibrator — two in one. A vibro -yard can be used to get pleasure. It is placed in the vagina, and changing speeds, it will be possible to experience a lot of pleasant moments. Remote control in this case is more convenient, because you can experiment not only at home, but also in a public place. And with the vibro -yield, it will be possible to engage in training muscle pelvic bottom. Compression and relaxation of muscles with such a simulator will give more results than without it. There are models managed from a smartphone, they have classes of classes to get the best result.

, 10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys

Features of the vibration — Sex toys for women

  • In length not more than 8 cm, diameter from 2 to 3.5 cm. Small size, suitable for any woman.
  • Vibration inside stimulates point G, and also activates other points, which increases the probability of orgasm.
  • Training of vaginal muscles is the prevention of dozens of female diseases, and also enhance libido, help to quickly achieve the peak of pleasure.
  • You can wear a vibro -tie, doing the usual business, training is possible during the day without interruption from useful things.

6. Massager

In a modern house massager — This is an indispensable thing. And it is in a sex shop that a large selection of universal models for any case. Hand massager is considered a sex toy, but dozens of different manipulations can be carried out with it. It will help to knead the muscles when they are tired, it will be useful for massage of the face for rejuvenation, for relaxation after a hard day. And then it can already be applied to the clitoris or scrotum to get an orgasm. After sex it is enough to wash it, and again apply the whole family for different needs. This is the best sex toy for women, as it is useful to the whole household, and no one will know about its main purpose.

, 10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys

Pros of massager as sex toys for women

  • A massager can be influenced by any parts of the body: from face to heels.
  • There are models working from the network, there are from the battery.
  • Massagers are very powerful, their fluctuations are very noticeable and healthy for health.
  • Such an item does not need to be hidden from others, it looks completely harmless.

7. Pulsator

Women often do not have enough progressive shocks that imitate frictions during masturbation. Such stimulation is familiar, but to repeat it with the phalloimitator, you have to make a lot of effort. But pulsators appeared — devices that make fluctuations in the first-back, and you can change the speed of movements. For use, you do not need to hold a sex toy in your hands, just insert it into the body and turn it on the mode you like. There are several speeds, but it is important to understand that there is no vibration. These are certain types of stimulation, they are rarely combined together. The shape of the pulsator is phallic, but not naturalistic. Bright colors look very attractive.

, 10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys

Features of pulsators for women

  • Very realistic sensations similar to sexual intercourse with a man.
  • High -quality materials, well -thought -out technology that is absolutely safe.
  • The cost is higher than the average, but the sensations from the use of this are worth.
  • Thousands of positive reviews from users.

8. Electrical stimulator

The current exposure has long been used in medicine, but today small categories are used to get pleasure. Sex toys supply such a function, and it is interesting. Current affects the muscles, causing their slight contraction. It’s nice, but very unusual. If you just touch the toy with your hands, then it looks like electrophoresis — from light tickling to tangible tingling. When introducing others to the body, it is precisely the contraction of the muscles, which is similar to the movements of the orgasm. And this really brings the moment of receiving maximum pleasure. Can be used for vagina and anus. It is safe, the current is not large, cannot harm the body.

, 10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys

Electrical stimulator — Best sex toy for women

  • Electrical stimulation helps maintain muscles in tone. It is used to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.
  • Electrical stimulation and vibration often go together, you can use them together or separately.
  • There are three control parameters — Strength, drawing of abbreviations and repetition speed.
  • The price of the device is not much higher than for a good vibrator, but there are more sensations.

9. Nipples clamps

Many women like breast caresses. And if you stimulate the nipples not a couple of minutes, but during all sex or masturbation, emotions will be very bright. You can achieve this with clamps for the nipples. These are small devices that wrap the nipple and squeeze it. The force of exposure can be regulated, and this gives bliss. Often clamps have a beautiful shape, also serve as a bust decoration. Additional chains also allow you to pull the clamps, causing sensations on the verge of pain. The use is very simple, and although such accessories for women create, a man can test them.

, 10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys

Features of the clamps for the nipples

  • Clamps can be worn not only during sex. It can decorate the chest at any time, but with prolonged use it is important not to tighten them strongly so as not to violate blood supply.
  • Beautiful accessories — This is a great gift to a loved one, such a girl will definitely be delighted.
  • Similar jewelry for any shape of the chest and nipples are suitable.

10. Liquid vibrator

Exciting cream — This is not a sex toy for women, but at the same time it gives sensations similar to vibration, so it is included in this list. When applying, there is a feeling of light fluctuations on the skin, it is very pleasant and exciting. Use such a cream before sex or masturbation, applied to the genitals. This still causes a surge of blood to erogenous zones, which enhances sensations. Apply «Liquid vibrator» You can with condoms, sex toys. To make the action maximum, you need to apply 5-10 minutes before sex, so that the components begin to act.

, 10 best sex toys for women | The best sex toys

Pros of the use of liquid vibrator

  • The excitation cream can be applied unnoticed by a partner, having retired in a separate room. Excitement will be higher, but he will not recognize.
  • You can also entrust the partner if it is rubbed into the skin, this will become part of a fascinating prelude.
  • The sensations from creams of different manufacturers differ, it is worth trying different to find the best for yourself.
  • The cream is spent very economically, one package is enough for several sexual intercourse.

With 10 best sex toys for women, you can conduct hundreds of interesting experiments. They will help to reveal sensuality, find new erogenous zones and experience thousands of orgasms. They can be used separately, but it is possible to combine. For example, the clamps for the nipples and the vibrator will perfectly complement each other.

Sex toys for women is much more than presented on this list. You can still supplement them with beautiful linen and magnificent intimate cosmetics. All this is in our Intimshop store.ru.

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