The most famous poses from Kama Sutra

The most famous poses from Kama Sutra.

Kamasutra is a love textbook. The harmony of the soul and body, the achievement of the inner balance, the satisfaction of the needs of the so -called Kama – the sphere of emotional, sensual life remains and remains its goal. The most famous pose from Kama Sutras cope with this task best according to professionals.

Lotus pose. Partners are arranged opposite each other. The young man takes the plate of a lotus or semi -liter, and his girlfriend sits on top, clasping the man with his feet. A partner can stimulate female breasts, because it will be at the level of his face. This pose has a little freedom of movement, but some couples like it.

The hug of a shy girl. A woman stands facing a man who is in a sitting position, he slightly spreads his partner’s legs and begins to caress the clitoris. Lady, as if experiencing shame, squeezes her hips. This technique allows lovers to experience pleasure before they go to traditional sex.

Caressing hugs. The girl is in a standing position, leaning on the table, or about another support. The young man is pressed behind her buttocks in the back, and with free hands begins to caress Vulva, clitoris and chest.

Of course, he will do this blindly, but the sensitivity will worsen. During sex itself, a woman should lean forward a little, so that the penetration is deeper. For a man, such a pose allows you to quickly excite a partner.

morning Star. If the couple strives for adulthood, then she should try this pose. In accordance with the Kama Sutri, having sex in this position is best in the open air so that lovers can contemplate the sky and stars.

The lady sits on her knees to her chosen one, and his phallus penetrates the vagina. A young man may enjoy the chest of his chosen one with excess, giving pleasure, and she can choose a pace and regulate the depth of penetration.

Climbing wood. In the most famous poses from the Kama Sutra, she did not fall by chance. The girl in this pose, as it were, climbs a young man, she holds her neck with her hands, and his hips clasps. The faces of the lovers will be directed to each other, which will allow them to enjoy kisses.

If the woman rises slightly, then the partner will get the opportunity to orally stimulate her breasts, as his hands will be busy with the support of her mistress. In this pose, a man regulates the rhythm of contact and the depth of penetration, if he begins to get tired, then it will advisably change the pose.

Bird’s arms. A man with the help of creative imagination goes beyond the boundaries of familiar poses, copying animals and following the traditions of various cultures.

The young man lies on his back, and his girlfriend sits between his legs, with his back to him. The girl is able to regulate the rate of intercourse, while receiving maximum pleasure for herself. A man can enjoy the look of the back and buttocks of his girlfriend.

Rest of a warrior. Some of the most famous poses from the Kama Sutra give a couple not only bright contact, but also a moment of rest, giving a chance to exchange love speeches.

And after the lull, passionate emotions can be followed again. The Warrior Rest pose gives lovers such a combination. A man takes a reclining position on his side, and a woman lies on her back with bent legs next to him, putting her feet on the bed.

The bodies during sexual contact lie motionless, the man slightly moves his hips, adjusting the pace and depth of penetration.

Partners can caress, and whisper tenderness to each other. The warfare provides the opportunity to contact without much physical stress, especially a woman who needs to just relax and enjoy.

The pose of the rider. An option in which a woman from above is best suited to hot lovers who want to get the brightest sexual perceptions in a short period of time. She is especially pleasant with a man who has a thick cock.

The young man, deviating a little back, sit on the bed with his palm and crosses his legs. The lady also deviating, with emphasis on her arms, sits between the legs of the partner turning his face to him.

She throws her legs to her chosen one. When sexual contact comes, a woman can squeeze her hips and, starting with her hands, her partner can also do reciprocating movements. It is inconvenient to make mutual caresses in this pose, but men like it, because they can see their breasts, female bosom and face.

Compressive hug. The partner takes the pose lying on his back, his legs are extended, the partner lies on him. The bodily contact of partners is very dense, their faces are at the same level. This pose is for those lovers who do not want a deep penetration.

Often in this pose there is only a game of intercourse. The male genital organ is in the hollow between female hips, and friction is performed about the surface of the vagina and the clitoris, which causes pleasure for partners. In this pose, they are primarily engaged in delicate bodily caresses, and not passionate sex.

Lower hugs. This pose is recommended for those who have been hungry for a long time. A partner with bent knees takes a pose lying on her back, her legs are pressed to the body. A partner is on her knees in front of her, he can admire her body and vagina.

In the process of contact, the partner can configure the vaginal size, pressing his legs closely, the man will feel the compression of the phallus. This pose is for those lovers who think that a woman has a deep vagina or a man has a small genital organ.

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