The most convenient posts for sex

The most convenient posts for sex.

book author "Once again about how to drive him crazy" Sin Masteron believes that the most important criterion for the effectiveness of sexual pose is convenience.

He believes that in order to achieve pleasure it is not necessary to turn sexual intercourse into sports competitions, and difficult positions are good for visual stimulation. Masteron offers four most convenient and practical poses, which you have enough for many years of high -quality sex. />
1. The pose when you are below, and the man from above.

2. You are from above, a man downstairs.

3. You both lie on your side.

4. You lie on your back, he is next to you on your side.

These four simple poses will give you a lot of pleasure, especially if you diversify them with several options.

The variation is ordinary "missionary pose"
You can raise your legs so that they are on your partner’s shoulders. Then stretch your hands behind the partner’s back and pull his buttocks to you. This pose, of course, limits your movements, but at the same time allows a man to penetrate deeper into you.

Variation of the posture "Standing"
This pose can be comfortable for quick sex outside. The partner lifts you in his arms, your legs close behind him, and his cock enters you from below. Your weight is mostly on his hips. If you move in the same rhythm with a partner, this will allow you to stay in this pose for a long time, without tiring a man.

Variation of the posture "woman on Top", requiring a certain training
Your partner is sitting on the bed, his legs are spread, he rests on his hands. You spread your legs and fall on it so that your legs are on the sides of his hips. You can deviate back, using a hand as a support. This pose can become more intimate if you lead your legs behind his waist, and you yourself lean forward, hugging him.

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