Spider pose – kamasutra 77 Position in sex

Kama Sutra pose 77 – “Spider”.

Pose 77 Kama Sutra bears a dangerous name “spider”. Before you decide to choose it for sex with your partner, you need to think carefully, because the spider pose is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

, Spider pose – kamasutra 77 Position in sex


Spider pose – a web of love

For execution Sex spider poses The man sits on the floor or on the bed, is no longer fundamentally, the main thing is that you and your partner like. The man extends his legs along and rests on all weights on his hands. A woman sits on him from above, while penetrating. The partner should rest on the surface, so that it is easier for her to stay on a man and she could continue to have sex in Pose of spider.

Thus, so that the spider pose in sex brings the maximum pleasure to partners, the man should be strong and be able to withstand all the weight of his beautiful half. As a more simplified variation, a partner can rest his back against the wall, then the whole process of making love will be easier, and his hands will be able to be free to caress all the parts of his partner’s body. The role of the main in pose 77, however, is performed by a woman, because she controls the speed and depth of penetration. The KamaSutra spider pose has a pleasant feature: in this position, a man opens a view of the exacerbating body of a woman, and she, in turn, stimulates the clitoris area with the help of a man’s pubis. From Pose 77 Easy to go to the pose of the Kama Sutras “Basket”.

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