Sex poses: Higher aerobatics

Sex poses: Higher aerobatics.

Today you are engaged in the hall from dumbbells of 15 kg, and in a month – in 25 kg. A week ago, you knew how to draw only a muzzle of a cat, which was not much like him, but today you are already looming a leopard.

So in sex. Experience, experience he accumulates, and after time you can already better, more, cooler.

Here you have a collection of poses that can only be professionals. Grow!

1.Pose «The letter t»

The couple becomes back to each other. Then everyone leans down. A man inserts his friend into a woman, and then takes her by the hands between the knees or hips. The pose is extremely complicated, since it is inconvenient to carry out frictions. There is a few options: a man, if he is higher, can carry out some movements, slightly bending his knees and squatting;Or a woman just sways, becoming on an toe, then returning to the heel.

, Sex poses: Higher aerobatics

2. Some kind of unimaginated pose….

Woman lies on her back. A man is accumulated from above. He inserts his penis into a woman, and begins… Cosplay a helicopter! He literally begins to spin on a woman like an hour -long arrow, while remaining in her body. A large pillow should be put under the buttocks, this should be warned against slipping.

If such a pose was described, then someone performed it, and we hope that there were no casualties…If you manage to crank this, unsubscribe to us!

3.Pose «accordion»

An interesting interpretation of the pose «woman on Top». The man lies on his back, and press his legs to his chest, a little spreading them to the side. From above, on like a chair, a woman sits down. A woman saddle a man, setting the rhythm and the depth of penetration herself. By the way, such a pose is good for games with dominance, and as you already understood, the main woman is here.

We wish you pleasant experiments!

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