Sex in any car. Best poses and tips

Sex in any car. Poses and advice.

, Sex in any car. Best poses and tips

Car – The perfect mobile bridgehead for love. Solitary atmosphere, music, soft seats and absolute isolation from the world outside the car – The perfect date, especially if there is no way to invite the girl home. We are all different, like our cars. Someone is content with minor, someone can afford an SUV, and someone enjoys a lightweight «shoot» girls on a sports car, and then racks their heads how to stay in a low car for sex. Fortunately, we dismantled the main types of cars and the most convenient ways to turn them into sex kara.

, Sex in any car. Best poses and tips

Sex in a small -leaf

A small car is created for great love. You have already felt the advantages of convenient parking, small fuel consumption and fueling of the car, but how sex? .

Perfect pose:

A man from above – We lay out the front seat of the passenger so that it is at the level of the rear seat, slightly moving it forward, put clothes or pillow in the headrest area – For the convenience of a partner.

Right:Do this on the passenger’s seat, the steering wheel interferes on the driver’s seat and the danger is too close «Bibb», Touching the steering wheel.

Wrong: Try to master a small car in a girl’s pose from above – too little space to the roof, in a fit of passion, the girl can forget about the modest dimensions of the car and «Sleep» Knock your head.

Sex in the jeep

The SUV allows a lot, and since the missionary pose can be used in any car, we offer the following.

Perfect pose:

Girl on top, back to the guy. We move the driver’s seat forward and down to the maximum, turn off the rear -view mirror so that it is not a hindrance. The guy goes to his back, the girl sits on top, facing the dashboard. A partner can hold behind the wheel and imagine himself a driver on off -road, somewhere and throws up somewhere and throws up.

Right: try to do it on the back seat.

Wrong: have sex in such a pose on the go.

Sex in the sedan

Each driver has such a car, but not everyone knows the secret pose.

Perfect pose:

Between the seats – We move the most front seats forward as much as possible and put their backs vertically, the girl lies in the center of the rear seat, slides a little, puts bent legs on the backs of the front. Where to get a guy, we hope, a question does not arise.

Sex in a sports car

You can imagine that the owner of the sports car had a question "have sex or not" under conditions of deficiency of space and a surplus of girls squeaking from a stylish machine?!

Perfect pose:

Modified doggie – The passenger chair is pushed back as much as possible, the back is leaning back, and the girl lies on her stomach, bending her legs in her knees, as if stretching for something important. The guy is attached from behind.

Right: take off shoes so as not to damage the priceless torpedo.

Wrong: crush and fall on the girl so that the top of the front seat painfully rests on her stomach.

Equipment tips for sex in the car:

  • Reliable condoms In the glove compartment or armrest – This is the Mast Heb of any car owner;
  • Comfortable clothes that are easy to remove if sex is planned;
  • Provide cleanliness on the surfaces that you plan to lean;
  • Good tinting replace the sun panel with a frontal and curtains with other glasses;
  • Think about the parking lot in advance – quiet and deserted;
  • Blanket or bedspread, especially relevant in the winter, when you need to drown out the car;
  • A bottle of water – After violent sex exercises in a closed space, I really want to drink;
  • Auto put on a handbrake in the summer and at speed in winter – I would not want to rinse in an unknown direction from stormy frictions;
  • Pleasant trifles for warming up: Vibration massager, a bottle of wine;
  • The windows should be slightly ajar – A lot of oxygen is consumed during sex, you don’t want to suffocate.

And remember, people who do not want sex in the car simply do not exist, and those who deny their desires are secretly dreaming of this. And yes, sex in the car will exist as long as sex exists and there are vehicles.

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