Sex cacheli-new poses and opportunities

Sex cacheli-new poses and opportunities.

, Sex cacheli-new poses and opportunities
New poses in sex are new impressions, sensations, experiences. You can get them using a toy called sex cache. They allow you to experiment with penetrations at different angles, make the process of intercourse not only pleasant, but also fascinating.

It is this amazing toy from a sex shop that makes it possible to realize all dreams, desires and ideas. Swings do not just make intimacy better, they allow you to bring relationships to a new level of pleasure received. The swing for sex can give partners an unknown sense of freedom, weightlessness, and many more new poses. Lovers will be able to feel a special rhythm, relaxation even with the most intense movements. An adult toy is easily versed, stored and transported, and it is also very convenient to hide them.

The advantage of swings for sexual experiments

, Sex cacheli-new poses and opportunities
Proximity to zero gravity is possible. You can test new sensations with the help of sex cacheles, and how much you can come up with poses! There is no limit to imagination here.

So, advantages:

  • Movement restrictions. When the partner is “connected” with the straps that the swing has, they can turn it as you like. This gives the love game a special piquancy, an additional opportunity to enjoy.
  • Different corners. Strong, as well as a beautiful floor likes to experiment. This applies to the depth of penetration, the intensity of intimacy, as well as the variety of poses. Depending on what angle the penis penetrates, you can get new unforgettable impressions. Swings for adults allow you to get into the partner at any angle, her legs are relaxed, she languishes in anticipation of new sensations.
  • Saving forces. Frictions produced by partners in the air require much less energy supply. That is why it is possible to make intercourse longer, which with traditional sex is much problematic due to fatigue.
  • Safety. All materials are durable, as well as from an environmental point of view are absolutely safe. It is important to know, then with the toy its owners are in contact with bare skin and do not want to get discomfort in the form of gratings or allergies.
  • The opportunity to try sex threesome. Another great opportunity to get a new experience, to experience incredible sensations. And everything will be very trite and interesting. But for experiments, a large company needs to choose a swing with the highest possible support to withstand two or three people.
  • New poses. It is possible to experiment in oral sex on weight, anal, and also experience new sensations from the pose of a rider, from behind. Also, swings are perfect for same -sex couples, regardless of that man or a woman.
  • Help for a difference in growth. If partners are of different growth, swing will cope with this misunderstanding. The toy allows you to try the pose standing, sitting, which were not available earlier. As well as a swing will withstand any weight. All that was impossible before, it is possible there.
  • Any dreams. Thanks to special straps, the most daring poses are available on the swing, and hands are also free for caresses, this will make the proximity even more pleasant, more sensual.

, Sex cacheli-new poses and opportunities
Now lovers will be able to forget what a strong load on the back, as well as legs and arms. Experiment in the air, each movement will be easy, there is no need to make efforts to enjoy.

In our sex shop you have the opportunity to find a lot of sex cacheles to your taste. You can always adjust the height of fun for adults, if you wish, you can use chairs, armchairs, stool and even a bed.Sex toy in flight withstands weight up to 200 kilograms. If the models are attached to the ceiling, doors. The former hung on a special hook in the ceiling. If it is difficult to install such a design, a special supporting frame is placed. It takes up a lot of space, but it easily understands and is folded even under the bed.

The cheapest sex swings hang on the door. The number of poses is limited, and the door itself acts as support for the back. But then such a thing can be taken with you even on travel., Sex cacheli-new poses and opportunities
Sex cacheli is an ideal thing to diversify the intimate sphere of life. Choose a model that you liked, order and enjoy, embody your bold fantasies, delight yourself and your partner with unforgettable impressions.

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