Preventions for sex with a pregnant woman, the most convenient and safe positions

Preventions for sex with a pregnant woman, the most convenient and safe positions.

, Preventions for sex with a pregnant woman, the most convenient and safe positions

Poses for the so -called “pregnant” sex deserve special attention from future parents. Doctors have long given an affirmative answer: intimacy is useful not only to dad, but also by a mommy that bears the baby.

Positive moments that are endowed with sexual intercourse for a woman during this period, just do not count. And yet, the most important and fundamental moment in sex during pregnancy is the choice of a safe position.

, Preventions for sex with a pregnant woman, the most convenient and safe positions

Advantages of sexual contact for the health of the fetus and pregnant women

So, the main purpose of intimacy for the expectant mother cannot be called exclusively obtaining physiological satisfaction. Having chosen the safest position for sex, each pregnant woman opens up a lot of opportunities for preparing the birth canal. Reducing uterine muscles during orgasm is the best “simulator”, the effect of which will be useful to the woman in labor very soon.

In addition, it positively affects the cervix, making it softer and elastic, male sperm, or rather, hormones that are present in it. As you know, no one still managed to get pregnant for the second time, so sexual intercourse will bring more benefit and without contraception.

Many giving birth ladies heard from doctors repeated recommendations about sex as a natural stimulant that activates the birth process. In addition to the softening neck, the blood flow increases in the uterus, which in itself has a beneficial effect on the condition of the fetus and its oxygen nutrition.

Before you understand what position you can have sex of a pregnant woman, you should consider the psychological aspect of intimacy. It turns out that the hormones of “happiness” produced by the body of each person with an orgasm miraculously affect the general state of the future mommy, on whose mood the intrauterine feelings and sensations of the baby depend. Positive emotions are a real panacea that can get rid of stress, discomfort and mental imbalance. Feelings of maximum satisfaction and tranquility overshadow various experiences, which means the baby in the mother bosom is also good.

Some women make a mistake, limiting themselves in intimate pleasure and pulling away from their spouse. You do not need to be afraid of sexual intercourse with a beloved man, if only because there are a lot of convenient poses for pregnant women during sex. Sexual intercourse between the spouses awaiting the baby will fasten the alliance on a bodily and spiritual level, providing the opportunity to feel the cohesion and delight of the expectation of the long -awaited peanut.

When sex cannot be done during pregnancy

However, often the proximity of mom and dad can harm the baby. In the absence of contraindications, sex is not forbidden to spouses, but if there are any sexual intercourse, carries the risk and threat of the life of the baby and mother herself.

, Preventions for sex with a pregnant woman, the most convenient and safe positions

Whatever the pose for sex is chosen, a pregnant woman should refrain from voluptuous classes in the case:

  • the inexhaustibility of the fetus and the presence of frozen pregnancies in history;
  • The threat of interruption (uterine hypertonicity, detachment of the placenta, etc.D.);
  • blood discharge from the vagina, regardless of the intensity and gestational age;
  • leakage of amniotic fluid;
  • premature disclosure of the neck;
  • multiple bearing;
  • the presence of infectious or sexually transmitted diseases in the mother.

Among the diagnostic methods used to examine and monitor pregnant women, there are procedures that require a temporary exclusion of sexual contact. Contraindication to sex is often a successful attempt to conduct extracorporeal fertilization.

If mom has excellent health, in the absence of all of the above points, she can not worry and not limit herself to the natural need for physiological satisfaction. Having tried several poses for pregnant women during sex, the woman herself will understand what she refused, given that in most cases, during the period of gestation of the fetus, the weaker sex of the libido increases.

The safest and most convenient poses for sex with a pregnant partner

The basic principle that both partners should be guided by is to avoid any, even the most minimal pressure on the mommy stomach. The location of a man and a woman during intercourse should not cause discomfort and discomfort. If pain appears, sexual intercourse must be stopped.

About what poses in sex for pregnant women are considered the safest can be understood from the following examples:

  1. “On the side” is a simple and convenient position, it is suitable even for women in the last period. The stomach pressure is completely excluded, while absolutely all sensual and erogenous places remain affordable to the partner to stimulate.
  2. “Man from behind”. The girl should take a knee-elbow position, and her husband should adapt to her. Until the delivery, this position will not harm the child due to the absent pressure on the uterine cavity and mammary glands, which, incidentally, is important at the stages of the production of colostrum.
  3. “Man from above”. If the partner takes the right position, laying down on his back, lifting and bending his legs at the knees, after which he will devote a little to the sides, then the pressure on the stomach will be avoided due to the successful corner of the penetration.
  4. “Riddle”. Despite the fact that this pose is one of the best for sex with a pregnant woman, a lady does not always manage to relax and not to complex in the process.

, Preventions for sex with a pregnant woman, the most convenient and safe positions

If you adhere to dimensionality and accuracy during intercourse, none of the above positions can harm the baby or his mother. Refuse to yourself and your spouse in the pleasure of love affection, prelude and sexual intimacy do not need. Enjoy each other, waiting for an increase in a happy family, and in order to discard all doubts, consult a gynecologist.

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