Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

TOP-10 options sex poses man behind.

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

Sex in the position of “man behind” usually turns out incredibly hot. Both his partner and his mistress have the opportunity to actively move, making assertive tremors. The penis intensively stimulates the walls of the vagina, which helps to achieve a powerful orgasm in a girl.

Pluses of poses man behind

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

  • A man opens a luxurious view of the female body from the back and especially the ass. You can even watch how the member enters and leaves the body of a heated partner.
  • The girl in this position finds herself almost under the full control of a man, which very much leads to those who like to obey. The man’s immersion in the vagina is determined by the man, and he, for the most part, controls the strength and speed of frictions.
  • To have sex in the position of “man behind”, it is not necessary to go to the bedroom and go to bed. This position is ideal for spontaneous proximity – for example, right on the floor, by the table or in the bathroom.
  • There is no need to undress completely. If the couple wants to quickly satisfy their sexual desires, the girl is enough to lower the panties, and the man to unfasten the width.
  • In the position of “man from behind” it is convenient for the partner to caress the girl’s nipples and the clitoris. But if a man likes to hold a partner by the ass in the process of intercourse, then the girl can stimulate the clitoris with her fingers or sex toy.
  • With sex in this pose, the penis actively affects both the front and back walls of the vagina. And this means that the partner’s chances of ending are twice as many.
  • Many options for the “man from behind” are ideal for anal penetration. Beginners should choose the provisions on their side and “man from above”, and experienced anal enthusiasts, as a rule, like to experiment, trying different exciting options – standing, sitting in an armchair, reclining.

Are there any minuses of the pose is a man behind?

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

There are not so many disadvantages of this position that you can easily refuse it.

The main minus include the impossibility of partners to observe each other’s emotions, since visual contact does not occur. But if, for example, have sex in front of a large mirror, then this minus will be eliminated.

The second drawback – the pose may not like the girls who prefer to rule in bed, and not obey. There is also a risk that the man will end too quickly, unable to restrain lust from the exciting look of female ass. There are ways to prevent this, but more on that later.

The last minus of the position “Man from the back” includes the absence of clitoris stimulation with frictions. The penis does not reach the clitoris, the female erogenous organ also does not rub about the male pubis. But the problem is easily solved with the help of convenient sex toys-it can be a vibropulus, a mini-vibrator or a nozzle-butter.

How to diversify sex in a pose man behind?

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

A lot options. It is worth trying at least a few to find for yourself the most exciting way of intercourse. In order not to encounter discomfort from active friction, you should use an intimate lubricant with a pleasant aroma.

TOP-10 options man behind:


, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

This option is probably known to almost everyone. The girl stands on all fours, the man knelt down and is attached from behind. In this pose, a partner can actively move the buttocks and hips, setting the pace frictions. It will be inconvenient to caress the clitoris with your fingers, since you will have to rely on a bed or floor with your hands, but you can always fix a small vibrating sex toy on the body.

Dense entry

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

The position of the bodies of partners is about the same as with sex in the Doggi-Stail pose. Only the girl’s legs are tightly closed, and the buttocks are highly raised. In this position, the pressure of the walls of the vagina on the penis is increased, which increases the degree of pleasure in both partners.

On the armchair

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

It is important here that the chair is stable and quite heavy, otherwise lovers in the heat of passion can simply turn it over. The girl gets up from the side of the chair, then falls on the armrest – her head and hands are in the seat. A man holds a partner by the hips and is actively moving, and her legs are bent at his knees and with her feet pressed to the buttocks of the partner.

Sex table

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

The position is complicated, suitable only for trained men and flexible women. But this option guarantees a sea of bright emotions and a lot of pleasant sensations. Sex occurs on the floor. The man stands slightly bent his legs, and holds the partner firmly by the ass. The girl rests on the floor with her elbows and palms, and her legs are wrapping around her partner’s torso. In this position, the rear wall of the vagina is very well stimulated.

Complicated wheelbarrow

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

This option is similar to the previous one, but it requires a man more strength and endurance. The partner also rests his hands on the floor, but her legs are bent and pressed to the hips of the lover. A man tightly squeezes the girl’s ankles with his fingers. The main goal of the partner is not to drop a mistress. Frictions are unlikely to turn out fast, but there will definitely be a lot of thrills.


, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

You will not have to get superxidious somersaults, but it will still be necessary to strain. Both partners are on the floor. Better to sit in front of a high bed or stable table. The girl raises one leg, takes her back and wraps her with her partner’s body. The other leg is almost straightened. The pose is good in that it provides stimulation of the clitoris, which, with each frictions, rubs against the lower part of the penis.


, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

This pose allows the partner to rest slightly after active sex, but at the same time get bright pleasure. The girl lies on her side, her legs are compressed and slightly bent. One hand of the partner also bends and supports his head with his hand. The man is located behind, but not lying, but sitting – perpendicular to the body of the partner. His bent legs are widely divorced. The pose allows lovers to look into each other’s eyes.

Deep penetration for the lazy

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

Another wonderful option for tired girls. A man in this position takes control of everything – pace, depth, caresses. The girl lies on her stomach, bending one leg and raising her ass. A man stands on his knees and goes deep into his mistress, additionally caressing her clitoris with his fingers.

Kaif for him

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

This position will definitely appeal to a man, because he will clearly see how an erect member penetrates the vagina (or anus). The girl is located in front of a man on her stomach, her buttocks are raised and lie on his hips. The partner’s feet are wrapping hers on the torso. To increase excitement, a man can periodically slap a girl on the ass.

Complete submission

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

The option is great for BDSM lovers. Both partners are on the floor. The girl bends as low as possible and turns her hands behind her back. The partner holds his mistress’s hands tightly, wrapping his fingers with his wrists. The pose allows a man to feel like an imperious dominant, and the girl becomes a humble slave.

Using fantasy, you can come up with many more interesting options for the position “Male from the back”. For example, partners can both kneel or press against the wall. And already if you supplement sex with sex toys, then pleasure will be truly incredible.

Which sex toys to choose?

, Poses in sex man behind – options, pros and cons of

For hot intimacy, devices are good that do not need to be held in your hands, but you can fix it on the body. Then you will not have to be distracted from the main process. It is best to choose devices that make the vibration effect – this is the most pleasant type of erotic stimulation.

So that the clitoris does not go unattended, you can fix the butterfly nozzle on it. The device is compact, so it will not at all interfere with the frictions. With such a sex toy, the girl will be able to experience a multiple orgasm-first clitoral, and then vaginal or anal.

If a partner fears that he will not be able to stay in the position of “man from behind” for a long time, a special device should be used to extend sexual intercourse. This is an erective ring. The device will not only allow a man to better control ejaculation, but also increase the penis in size. In order not to be guaranteed not to come to the final before a partner, you should choose a ring with an additional loop for a scrotum.

Girls who love anal stimulation need to pay attention to vibration trips for the anus. Anal plug, in addition to increasing the pleasant sensation of the partner, will also make the vagina already. So, a man will experience more sexual pleasure.

You can also increase the duration of sexual intercourse with the cream of the prolongator. But you need to apply the product only on the penis. If the cream enters the intimate organs of a partner, then her orgasm will also come later. So that this does not happen, after applying the cream, you should put on a condom. And if a girl usually ends with difficulty, then you can use exciting intimate grease.

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