Pose of a rider: Pros for men and women

Pose of a rider: Pros for men and women.

, Pose of a rider: Pros for men and women

In this position, all power over a partner is in female hands. Is one of the most preferred after classical. It is better to start using a rider’s pose as soon as possible in their sexual relations with a permanent partner. She will reveal new sensual faces of intimacy, if you add a little variety to it.

Why do men like this pose

Use a pose when a woman from above, those men who cannot explain to a partner do not want – how to move correctly. Or there was an unsuccessful experience when both partners moved too fast. A member could slip out of the vagina, and the action continued. And the man was injured.

It is important not to rush and enjoy the process. Men really like to look at the partner, feel her and experience enjoyment of frictions. A partner very excites the appearance of the female body at this moment.

And he can also relax slightly and feel the maximum pleasure of all actions. And the stronger the man is relaxed, the more powerful and longer his orgasm. But this does not mean that it is enough just to lie calmly. It is necessary to make movements of the basin towards the partner in order to strengthen her sensations.

, Pose of a rider: Pros for men and women

At the same time, a man can affect other female erogenous zones – hips, chest, clitoris, help her move, direct, supporting the pelvis.

At such moments, the main thing – The maximum openness of a woman, activity and the desire to deliver pleasure to a man. Do not think about something else, except for proximity, for example, about your appearance. Experiences only distract and do not allow the process to be fully enjoyed.

Pros of pose of a rider for a woman

In this pose, a woman controls her pleasure herself, corrects the strength and depth of penetration of the penis. Because of this, the pose of the rider is considered the most suitable for obtaining simultaneous orgasm among partners.

The pose of a rider needs to learn every woman, since a male orgasm depends on her. She feels in herself the tension and pulsation of a penis, as a man’s breath becomes more often. Reducing speed and continuing a few moments after, causing a wave of ecstasy, but the woman does not allow the partner to ejaculate.

The feeling of power over the partner greatly excites. And in the union where a man dominates, this position allows a woman to open up.

In all variants of the pose «above» The ladies look very beautiful and exciting. You should not be embarrassed, but just get pleasure from the process.

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