Pose No. 69

Pose No. 69.

Pose No. 69 got its name due to the location of partners relative to each other, they are like numbers 69 in an inverted position, so that both partners have access to the genitals of another. This is a common pose for simultaneous oral sex.

It also has the same names:

  • Valeta pose
  • Cross love
  • French love.

Pose No. 69 was displayed in Kamasutra, in the section with the poses. In Europe, it has gained wide popularity, as mention in fiction and images of lovers on the canvases of artists can testify.

Among those who tried pose No. 69, there are those who did not recognize this pose convenient to achieve orgasm. The fact is that mutual affection, subject to their simultaneous implementation, distract the partner, preventing him from completely focusing on the pleasure, or on delivering this pleasure. We can even observe this in adult films, where one partner «Rent», and just begins to enjoy, forgetting about his «work».

Therefore, this pose is often used for prelude, to warm up the partners. This pose copes with such a function flawlessly.

The fantasy of a person is endless, and he simply could not leave one single version of pose No. 69.

1. Classical pose No. 69

The man lies on his back, the girl becomes from above, spreading her legs so that her genitals are in the area of the partner’s head. The girl herself leans forward, laying down on her partner to get to his penis.

2. Inverted

In this version, a woman – Below, man – above. For women, this version of this pose is very inconvenient, t.To. It is impossible to control the depth of the penis of the penis. It is difficult for a girl to carry out some kind of manipulation with her mouth, because she is pressed to the bed. It turns out that the guy has to try for two – caress the partner and still carry out progressive movements.

3. On the side

The couple lies on the side, face to each other. A very uncomfortable pose for long caresses, since the neck muscles should always be in suspense, which will quickly lead to fatigue. In this case, partners need to use the inside of the thigh, like a pillow, which will help reduce the stress.

4. Standing

A man takes a woman in his arms, head down. She presses her so much to herself to have access to her genitals, and she, in turn, could caress the penis of a man.

A man must have a strong body to hold his partner in this position for some time, and even to cope her caress.

By the way, the partner should also have good health, at least she should not have problems with pressure. In this position, blood quickly enters the brain, which can lead to dizziness.

5. Sitting

Similar pose to the previous option, with one only difference – A man sits on a cut of a bed or sofa, but still holds his partner his legs.

, Pose No. 69

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