Pose for sex in a bath

Pose for sex in a bath.

The thought of the joint administration of the bath is very romantic. This is a great place for sex. But sometimes sex in the bathroom can be difficult, and convenience depends on the pose and size of the bath. We have prepared for you some interesting tips on how to make sex in the bath is especially exciting, and we will tell you in what position it will be convenient.

So that sex in the bath is as convenient and comfortable as possible, you need to take care not only about choosing a position. Water, of course, is wet. Nevertheless, in the water sliding is reduced, so be sure to use the lubricant, regardless of the position in which you will have fun.

Be careful when choosing lubrication. A water -based lubricant in this case will not be an ideal choice, since it quickly dissolves in water. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, use a lubricant on a silicone basis. Make sure it is compatible with your sex toys if you also use them. For sex in a condom, it is also important to use a lubricant. By the way, so that condoms are not damaged, refrain from using any bathtub additives.

When choosing a position for sex in a bath, always think about security. If a silicone -based lubricant falls into the water, it can settle on the floor of the bath, which will make it slippery. The same applies to shampoo and air conditioning. Therefore, make sure you have, what to hold on. Pay attention to the fact that the shower holder is not very suitable for this, because sometimes only a strong jerk is enough to break off the wall.

What poses are suitable for sex in a bath?

Sitting position for oral sex

Oral sex in the bathroom is a very sensual experience, but it is difficult to engage in it under water. For oral sex in the bath, it is better to take a sitting position by putting a stool or sitting on the edge of the bath (note that sitting on the edge of the bath is not very safe!). If one of the partners is located on the stool, and the second is located between his legs, this will also provide the optimal height for cunnilingus or sensory blowjob.


Doggi-old is also great for sex in the bath. A woman stands on all fours, and the man slides from behind on her knees. This position is suitable for both anal and vaginal penetration. If a man puts his hands on his partner’s hips, this will add stability.


The classic position of the rider can be difficult for execution in the bath if it is quite narrow. But still you can fulfill it. A man can sit sideways, crossing his legs so that the partner could kneel down to him, placing his legs on the left and to the right of the partner’s feet. The partner in this situation should hold well behind the edge of the bath.

Sex standing

If your bath is very narrow, the only option is to have sex standing. In this case, it is especially important to hold. The partner leans forward and rests with his hands on the narrow edge of the bath. The partner comes behind her back and can penetrate from behind. The partner must hold the partner tightly, the ideal option would be the location of the hands on her hips.

Even in a narrow bath, sex is possible, and you must try it. And if you have a corner bath, there is enough space in it for many positions, and not only those that we have listed. But do not forget about safety and proper contraception.

, Pose for sex in a bath

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