Pose 92 Kama Sutras – Position "Buddy"

Pose of sex 92 – ABSOURSED “FRIEND”.

Name 92 poses Kama Sutras for someone will seem ridiculous-it is probably the way it is. However, try to tune in to another atmosphere. Despite the fact that this The pose is friendly, It has a lot of piquant and interesting.

, Pose 92 Kama Sutras – Position "Buddy"


Pose 92 for sex – special pleasure

To perform 92 pose of kamasutra, the woman lays her back up and extends her legs down. And her partner at this time sits behind and, sliding with his foot between her, introduces his cock into the vagina. Further movements go only forward and backward.

92 The position of the Kama Sutra does not require special physical preparation from both partners, it can even be attributed to relaxing. Particular pleasure here is provided to a woman. She just lies on her tummy and enjoys how her man penetrates her and trembles with his hips in the pose. In addition, he can excite her with kisses and stroking on the back, women have many sensitive points, so they will only like it.

Also Sex pose 92 It is good that it is suitable for anal sex, a man can quickly change his position with just one movement: the main thing is that the partner agrees to this.

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