Pose 54 "A loop" – Details of the position

Sex pose 54 – “loop”.

Pose 54 can scare someone with his name and cause thoughts regarding Sado-Mazo, but do not rush to draw such conclusions. Despite the fact that this position is called “loop”, it will bring many pleasures for both partners.

, Pose 54 "A loop" – Details of the position

Pose a loop in sex – also a dog style

To fulfill this man sits on his knees and deviates back. He holds his weight with one hand. The woman, in turn, stands on all fours and is planted by her vagina on a member of a man.

Everything happens, as if in the position of “likely,” only the man is in the position of half-sizes, which is why the member can penetrate the vagina of a woman as much as possible. The woman controls the movement and speed, she also controls the depth of the penetration of the penis in Pose loop in sex. The man can only enjoy everyone what is happening and with his free hand to do everything he wants. True, it is worth noting that in 54 positions in the Kamasutra, a man will not be able to be due to inconvenience for a long time, so it is worth immediately choosing the next pose for pleasant sex.

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