Pose 43 Snowlery-Description of Sex

Intimate pose 43-Sex “Snow”.

You are tired of inventing new poses for a sexual act yourself? Everything has already been invented before you, you only need to open the philosophical Indian book about love. This scripture presents both a description of the technique of sexual positions and pictures for each of them. This work comes from ancient India, where philosophers invested much more in the concept of sex than we now understand about it. First of all, sex is the emotional life of every person, his love and lust, which are expressed in the contact of bodies.

, Pose 43 Snowlery-Description of Sex

Pose for dogs – how to do it right

Sex in the pose “Housing” Probably everyone tried, but some simply did not know what this position is called correctly.

43 Sex pose is a completely classic position from behind and is called “likely”, this name is literally connected with our pet, since the position of partners imitates these animals during mating. To take this intimate position, the girl should stand on all fours and bend her back for greater comfort. Her partner settles behind her, sitting on her knees and entering her member in her vagina.

Thanks to the 43 pose, a man’s penis enters the most deeply and can stimulate the sensitive places of a woman. Also, this position allows you to have anal sex. In this case, the man’s hands are completely free, a man can hold a woman by the hips, massage her breasts or slightly caress the skin of the buttocks. True, it is worth noting that it will be difficult for a girl to be on all fours for a long time, there is a strong emphasis on her knees and palms, so after a while it is worth thinking about a change of position. However, “like a dog” will deliver excellent and pleasant sensations that none of you will forget. After all, the pose for dogs is a classic.

Sex in the pose of kamasuters “Snow”-beloved in men

The pose of a dog (she is Doggi Stayl in sex) is one of the most popular in sex, she likes both men and women.

, Pose 43 Snowlery-Description of Sex

Like any sexual intercourse technique, this also has its advantages and disadvantages. But the male floor especially notes its positive aspects.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • A man can independently regulate the process, as well as set the pace of a sexual act;
  • Hands are free, which means that a man can take them on the back of his partner, caress her breasts, etc. P.;
  • This position can be applicable both in vaginal and anal sex;
  • A man is a dominant.

Note that animals often deal with cancer and cancer. Therefore, the position personifies something animal and wild, and these feelings sit deeply in every person.

If we consider the shortcomings, then each person has his own arguments in this regard. Consider the most common disadvantages that this provision provides:

  • There is no visual contact between both partners;
  • If you want to have sex in this position for a long time, then you should have good physical data, because your legs can flow from sex in a dog’s pose.

Also, sex in 43 pose is not suitable for those who prefer romantic sexual intercourse. This position requires active movements with constant pace building. But the way out can be found from any situation, and a sensual partner will definitely add romance to a sexual act if you want it.

, Pose 43 Snowlery-Description of Sex

Some experts say that a dog pose for conception of a child is one of the best. If you do not like it when your sexual partner dominates sex, but really want a child, you can choose the most acceptable option for a dog from below the presented positions.

Varieties of Doggi-Stayl

The pose of a dog can be made in several variations:

  1. Standard position when a woman is cancer, and a man behind.
  2. Return “Riddle”. It belongs to one of the options for sex in a dog’s pose. Recall a woman sits on a man with her back to him.
  3. For the third option, you will need a chair, because a man will have to sit on an armchair, and a woman on top of it, only again to him with his back. This option of a muddy position will allow you to excite a partner with sexual striptease before starting the start of intercourse.
  4. Spoons. This is, so to speak, the lazy doggie Style, when a man is behind a woman and they are both in a lying position. This position of your bodies will contribute to the beginning of not only vaginal, but also anal sex. The shape of the bodies that resemble spoons will help to relax and enjoy the penetration.

Also, experts advise to combine such sex with slaps. When a man spanks his partner on the ass, she is excited from this, her screams and moans contribute to greater excitement, as well as the rapid end of sexual intercourse.

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