How to have sex in the car: 4 perfect poses

Car sex rules.

, How to have sex in the car: 4 perfect poses

For intimacy, full of good places. Conservative couples are retained in the bedroom. Adventurers do this on a bench in a deserted park. But you can have sex in the car. It is enough to choose a picturesque location where there are few “spectators”. We will tell you how to make sexual intercourse in a car correctly and as safe as possible.

That’s who usually prefers to use the “iron horse”:

  • Young people who have no place yet.
  • Lovers, usually married, married.
  • Couples who want to conduct an experiment.
  • Spouses with children, because you can’t at home.

In Hollywood films, adolescents often lose their virginity in the car. But in the USA, a driver’s license can be obtained at 16, and the financial situation is much better. In the world, a man buys the first car after 18 years. Therefore, the first sex occurs in other places. And this is not a hotel room.

Survey results

, How to have sex in the car: 4 perfect poses

We decided to find out how Russians relate to sex in the car. There is a lot of information on the Internet, but most forums have no visual “voting”. The necessary topic was still found on the Perm portal. The author asks a simple question: “Did you have sex in the car?”. The results are as follows:

  • 23.2 % – no.
  • 67.7 % – yes, in parked.
  • 7.1 % – yes, driving.
  • 2.4 % – yes, during movement.

It turns out that most respondents at least once used the car as a place for an intimate meeting. At the same time, girls on the forums believe that a man is obliged to find a hotel or apartment room, and the car is a sign of disrespectful attitude.

Is it possible to engage in intimacy, this is legal?

If the car is in a crowded place, and the windows do not hide naked lovers, then passers -by have the right to call the police outfit. Employees will come to the place and punish unlucky partners with a fine for petty hooliganism. This is an unpleasant fact, but it is easy to get rid of a possible negativity:

  • Choose a secluded location.
  • Reliably close the windows.
  • Refrain from loud sounds.

It is good if the glass is tinted. Then prying eyes can not be afraid. On the other hand, in the Russian Federation there are no problems with empty spaces. You can always find a dull parking area.

It is better not to put a car near schools, kindergartens and other institutions next to which minors can walk. Otherwise, there will be a risk of receiving criminal punishment.

Precautionary measures

We do not recommend parking a car in broad daylight. It is better to wait for the darkness and go to the park, for a deserted parking lot, for an abandoned parking lot. Each driver knows suitable locations in his city or area. Here is an approximate list:

  1. The nearest forest belt. It is enough to drive a couple of kilometers in the world, moving from the city center. There will always be a quiet forest near the ring road. You need to find a congress and go to the wilderness of at least 200 meters.
  2. Garage cooperative without a barrier. Among the stone boxes you rarely meet a passerby. Especially in the dark. You need to stop in the farthest corner and start enjoying hot sex.
  3. Abandoned buildings. The city outskirts are full of former enterprises that have already been pulled out on a brick. There are old parking lots next to them. It is important not to pierce the wheel. There will be a lot of broken glass on the ground.
  4. Garage. If there is no one, you can ask friends and acquaintances. Someone probably has an empty room. Just get inside and close the gate. But do not leave the car starting, poison with carbon monoxide.

In such places, the risk of finding a patrol car tends to zero. The police are unlikely to see your intimate.

Let’s talk about another life hack. The weather is the best friend of the motorist who wants to retire with his girlfriend. If you have to have sex in the afternoon, but there is no secluded place nearby, but it is raining, then the problem with the disguise is solved. The veil of water will reliably hide you from curious passers -by. The same goes for snowfall and snowstorms.

Solving problems

, How to have sex in the car: 4 perfect poses

The car is not a bed. There is not enough space in the cabin, engineers did not plan to place seats taking into account the sexual desires of future buyers. Therefore, you will have to adapt to the surrounding environment with the least loss of time.

Choosing a car

The type of car is crucial. At least you need a car with leaning seats that can be moved back. You will have more opportunities in a spacious salon, such as an SUV.

The steering wheel and lever of the gearbox will interfere with the front seat. You need to raise the steering wheel as high as possible to add a little comfort.

Space is limited both in horizontal and vertically. One pose can be convenient for a miniature pair, for tall people it will not work. Thin people can better maneuver in the limited space of the car, while those who have excess weight will be difficult to squeeze between the seats.

Elimination of disorder

First of all, you need to remove all the extra. These are piercing-cutting and sharp objects that domestic motorists often leave in the salon for self-defense. Even a small piece of plastic can lead to injury during sex. There is nothing to say about the spoiled mood. So inside the car will become much safer.

Then you should take care of other important things:

  • Parke the car, put on the parking brake. During intercourse, you can not maintain a car. Even oral sex is banned.
  • Check the serviceability of the brake system. Put the “iron horse” from the hill? With problems, he will roll down.

It remains to deal with the hygienic side of the issue. During contact on the sheathing of the salon, physiological fluids may get. To prevent this from happening, use car covers or cover the chairs with large towels.

Safe sex

In the cabin, you also need to think about STD – sexually transmitted diseases. With a random partner, picking up the infection is easier. Therefore, you should use a condom. Contraceptive must be bought in advance. Where will you find a pharmacy at night in a suburban forest belt?

The same applies to the lubricant. Under extreme conditions, in women, natural lubrication is poorly released. They cannot relax due to fear of random witnesses. Water -based gel will solve this problem. Silicone composition stains everything around.


There is almost no space for maneuvers in the salon. Will have to act quickly and accurately. Here are recommendations for two sexes:

  • Woman. A free skirt or a short dress is ideal, which can be easily raised before sex. The easiest way to get rid of underwear, but you can wear free thongs or panties. Just make sure that there is enough space for you to take the fabric to the side during penetration. No bras. Raise a free shirt or sweater, the partner enjoys the appearance of a naked chest.
  • Man. It is better to put on sweatpants with an elastic band. Jeans are also suitable, but there will be a risk of scratching the penis about the lightning of the width. The main criteria for choosing a wardrobe are fewer fasteners and more freedom for a member. Brush with buttons – not your choice. While the girl unfasten all the buttons, the level of excitement will drop. We’ll have to restore an erection. But this is a psychological moment. If a man wants, nothing will stop him.

Our simple advice will help solve a lot of problems. And the journey will become pleasant and comfortable.

Ideal poses

We remember that the vertical and horizontal. Therefore, to use many positions will not work. Will have to limit the choice in favor of the most simple.


, How to have sex in the car: 4 perfect poses

Regardless of whether your partner is sitting on a driver’s seat or on the back couch, the rider’s pose is the easiest option for sex in the car. It is better to choose the place of the front passenger, and if you can move the seat away from the dashboard or throw your back until it becomes flat, you will have more freedom of movement.

One of the advantages of this pose is that you don’t even need to take off your clothes. If a girl wears a skirt or dress that can be lifted to her hips, she can simply saddle her partner and move rhythmically during intercourse.


, How to have sex in the car: 4 perfect poses

The missionary position in the car is much more difficult to implement. It works best on the back sofa and in older cars that are wider. Raise the front seats to the stop to free yourself more space.

The most difficult thing is to place your legs correctly. A man can put one knee on the sofa, the second on the floor. You need to use the entire space that is. After a couple of experiments, you will definitely find the working position.

In the back seat

, How to have sex in the car: 4 perfect poses

If the girl’s body shapes allow, she can sit on his cock. The man sits in the back seat, and the partner on top of his back or face. At first it will not be too convenient. But over time, sex will become truly comfortable.

The lady has complete control over the situation. She can massage the guy’s scrotum or caress her clitoris. Most of the time will have to move.

Sixty nine: 69

, How to have sex in the car: 4 perfect poses

Oral sex in energy costs is simpler than traditional. It is important only once to choose a good position of bodies. Then everything will go along the tagged. In pose 69, you can get in the laid out front seat or on the back sofa. The guy from below, and the girl is from above. The partner’s affection for the breasts of his second half.

The lady remains in a constrained position, because she needs to rest her hands on a hard surface. Unless you can get lost by vagina on a man’s lips to get more piquant sensations.

Oral sex

, How to have sex in the car: 4 perfect poses

Girls have a lot of ways to give pleasure to their guys. Oral sex – the main one of them. It is enough to lower the pants, unbutton the fly and touch the hot lips to the penis so that the partner feels the first waves of pleasure. The main thing is not to do it on the go. The car must be parked. Remember the film “Losing weight” and do not repeat the mistakes of the protagonist.

We give some tips for girls:

  • Play dominance. Fasten it to the seat with a seat belt, tie your hands and put sunglasses over your eyes. Guys sometimes like it when the lady shows the initiative.
  • Start warming up. If you have not planned sex in advance, you can hint it right while driving. Press your palm to its crotch, then take out the penis and massage your fingers.

To have sex in the car correctly, you will have to conduct thorough preparation. Then everything will go like clockwork. Our information will help to cope with the main problems.

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