Hard sex poses

Hard sex poses.

, Hard sex poses

Let’s plunge into the world of sex and study some crazy, interesting and creative poses for hard sex that you can use to keep relationships in tone. Each of these 7 crazy sexual poses will fully revive sex life, but do not wait for them to be easy!

Note:It is worth using tips only if you and your partner are interested in the variety of sexual life. If sexual life fades, then such poses will revive it again. It is important that both partners are involved in the process, this is the only way to achieve ecstasy! Nothing will help the relationship if someone in a couple does not want to work on them. This problem overtakes many pairs, but most of them are solved by sexual variety (toys, new poses, swing paths and more).

7 poses for hard sex

  • Above your head.

The partner stands on their knees, and the hands bent at the elbows hold support (you can soften with a pillow) tell your partner to stand behind you and raise your legs by the ankles. Then, you need to slowly bend your knees slowly – The pose of the child in the air. When they were fully convinced that the support in his hands is stable, and the man does not lose his balance – you can enter the genitals in female flesh. If the first time it is not possible to do this on weight, then try to lie on the floor in the pose of the child, then enter the genitals and then make a rise.

This position has all the advantages of a dog style with a bonus of gravity on the female side. For additional pleasure, the partner can move the girl’s hips in the desired direction and change the intensity. The combination of a new angle and added movement will excite hot spots, which the couple never suspected, which would provide incredible climax for both partners – Perhaps even at the same time.

  • Porn graphic image.

This position – All about the control of the partner – so take him into your own hands from the very beginning, and the partner, meanwhile, lies on the bed face up. Sit on him, imitate the rider, then go down to his penis, but not in the usual missionary, but with your back to the partner. Stretch your legs back to his shoulders, and put your body between his legs. Then slide back and backward, holding on his ankles with your hands for an additional pushing lever. His scrotum will rub on your clitoris in this position, for even greater orgasm force.

  • Erotic musical instrument.

Let him lie on his back and lifts his knees to his chest. Standing to him, sit down on his legs, so that your hips are hugged. Let yourself go to his cock. The closer he brings his knees to his chest, the more you will have access to his cock. Jump up and down, as if you were doing sexy squats. Let him enjoy his humble side. And since, the couple is facing each other’s face, it will be possible to see excellent emotions during orgasm.

  • Passionate screw.

Let him fall on you from above, as he would introduce a member in a traditional missionary style, but at the same time he will begin to slide 360 degrees, in contact only with a member with your vagina. When he rotates and repels, help to direct him around his body, as the propeller rotates around the helicopter. When he makes another coup, you see every inch of his hot body. Bonus: The couple can just lie and enjoy amazing orgasms.

  • , Hard sex posesHead games.

The partner should kneel down, and the partner, lying on his back, puts his legs on his partner’s shoulders. While slowly moving towards him, he – Slowly gets up. The girl should fix her legs behind his head, while the partner holds the body by the hips, and the shoulders do not break away from the ground. The pose is quite complicated, but it is she who gives the most pleasure. It is perfect for those who practice yoga. A tide of blood in the hips of a partner will enhance the sensation in the pelvic area, and he will have excellent visual access to the clitoris.

  • Turnie.

Let him lie on his back, and the partner will sit on him and enter the member of himself, but leans back, putting his hands between his legs behind him. Then let him wrap your waist and carefully begin the amplitude of the entry. This position is good for slow, sensual shocks, but at the same time – Orgasm overtakes with renewed vigor.

  • Five for a partner.

Sit on the rack, and the partner will stand in front of you. His legs should be slightly bent, at the distance of the shoulders, and your legs should form a Roman number 5 in the air (they look in different directions for 15 degrees each leg). In this pose, the guy hugs the girl by the waist, and the girl fixes her hands on the shoulders and neck of her partner. Suitable for strong shocks and fast hard sex.

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