Good sex in the car: pose for sex in the car

Good sex in the car: pose for sex in the car.

The lack of diversity in the intimate life of a couple can lead to the destruction of relations. A great way to avoid such a situation is experiments with postures and places for intimacy. Sex in the car attracts many couples due to their extreme and unusual.There are different poses for sex in the car, today we will discuss the most popular. Also do not forget that you should adhere to certain safety rules.

The best and most convenient posts for sex in the car

Intimate intimacy with a partner is available both on the driver’s and front passenger chairs and on the rear – you should choose based on preferences and the selected posture. Consider various poses:

The pose of the “head on the roof” on the passenger chair. There are two variations – the girl is on the partner facing him or her back. Both options have a drawback – if you get involved in the process, there is a risk of hitting your head on the ceiling, getting stuck with your knee. Not too comfortable pose, but it looks attractive in fantasies;

Position “Missionary Automobile”. The woman sits down on the front chair, and the partner is located between the legs. The girl can throw her legs on the shoulders of her lover or rest on the instrument panel;It is impossible to forget such sex in the car!

Position “pop show” or “dogi-old”. The front seat sinks as much as possible, the girl kneels and tries to reach the stop to the back of the rear chair. The partner is located behind and similarly rests his hands in the rear seat. The convenience of position depends on the features of the back. The main disadvantage – in the absence of tinted glasses, passers -by can observe the buttocks of the partner through the windshield;

The position of “Legs to the ceiling” in the back seat. The girl fits on her back, her legs are on her partner’s shoulders. The main difference between the version of the car for the car – the emphasis can be made in the ceiling. There should be a stretch for this, but this will provide a deeper penetration;

Acrobatic pose. The girl sits in the center of the rear sofa and focuses on the sides, and the partner is on her knees face to her. You can throw your legs on the backs of the seats in front.

Oral. Naturally the easiest way to give pleasure to the partner is oral affection. For a blowjob it is enough to lean towards a partner, but cunnilingus will require a little more effort. It is most convenient for the girl to sit in a passenger seat, pushing him back as much as possible. A man between the legs. In the back seat, it is quite easy to implement a 69 pose in the “man from below” format.

The more spacious the car, the more it gives more space for the implementation of sexual fantasies. So, if the rear seats are completely dropped, the machine transforms into a mobile sexodrome, where all poses are available, like in a regular bed, only an amendment is made for the presence of a ceiling in the car. You can use toys from an adult store, for example, handcuffs for sex or gags.

These are not all poses for sex in the car. Much depends on the brand and model of the vehicle, the dimensions of a man and a woman, their flexibility and imagination. In the van you can generally have sex standing. The station wagons manage to build a whole sofa! So, experiment, but don’t forget about security.

Sex in the car: precautions

The car is not particularly intended for sex, so a certain safety precaution should be observed:

If you are planning sex in the car, you should first do cleaning and vacuum. If you feel grains of sand or knees, the sensations will not be too pleasant.

If you often practice sexual intercourse in the machine, it is recommended to prepare a blanket or bedspread, pillows to soften individual positions so as not to hit your head and knees.

It is necessary to ensure the safety of spontaneous sex, you need to take care of the presence of condoms

Two indispensable things will come in handy – wet wipes and a bottle of water to drink and, if necessary, wash the intimate parts of the body.

To avoid negative consequences, it is worth choosing deserted places, in particular, if the road glasses are not toned.

Put the car on a hand brake to prevent the machine rolling during violent sex and orgasm. No alcohol, so as not to explain with police officers.

It is not recommended to indulge in intimacy while driving – this is life -threatening and other drivers

Do not forget about the possibility of being caught. No matter how carefully you choose a place for intercourse, you can always see you. In the absence of tinting, a mask for sex can be useful. Then your faces will remain incognito, no matter what happens!

For sex in the car, it is worth finding a secluded place to enjoy the fullness of sensations, and not get caught on the eye of a curious passers -by. And do not forget about precautions, then sex in the car will bring only positive emotions and pleasure.

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