Deep penetration of a member – popular poses

In which poses are deep penetration?.

Fans of sexual pleasures know how to give pleasure not only to themselves, but also to their partner. Pose for deep penetration is the most optimal position in which a person receives a maximum of satisfaction. This is due to the fact that with a deep entry of the penis, both a woman and a man experiences pressure at the very point of “ji”, due to which the sensitivity increases, which brings an orgasm. How to achieve a guaranteed orgasm? How to properly perform poses for deep penetration into the vagina? We will consider all this in this article, and we will also tell how useful the poses are for deep penetration of the penis and when they can be contraindicated.

, Deep penetration of a member – popular poses

Positions for the deepest sex, as it seems at first glance, indicates us the size of the male penis, because it is the degree of pain of a certain technique of poses that depends on this organ. But this is not so: they are collected just for those who have average size and want to give a partner a maximum of pleasure. When performing a posture for deeper penetration, you must calculate in advance in which position it will be more convenient for you, based on data on the length and thickness of the penis. If a man has too long and thick penis, then pose for the most deep penetration can be dangerous for a woman. In other cases, having sex will not harm, especially if you adhere to the rules and pay attention to your feelings and your partner. And the partner itself can be easily found .

During intercourse, you can change positions, replacing the poses for deep penetration of the member with the usual positions of the bodies. Thus, you will understand yourself deeper and learn how to quickly reach a mutual orgasm. Further in the article we will tell you about sex poses for deep penetration, which can be performed not only in bed, but also in non -standard locations. Regular change in positions diversifies your sexual life. Sex poses with the deepest penetration are especially suitable for men with a small penis size.

Pose for deep penetration of the penis: Pros and cons of

All poses in sex have their disadvantages and advantages, positions with a deep penetration of a member are also no exception.

, Deep penetration of a member – popular poses

We want to highlight for you several advantages that are in such poses:

  1. You can get an orgasm together. This is what all sexual partners strive for. The sensation of this is not forgotten.
  2. Men with a small penis can satisfy their woman in this way.
  3. Such experiments make your sex life a variety of and saturated.
  4. Many of the provisions of bodies are ordinary, which means that they can be used not only in the usual places to have sex.
  5. A woman after childbirth can quickly adapt to sexual life.

There are also disadvantages, we will highlight them:

  1. If a woman has too narrow vagina, then she will be hurt when the member will completely go there. Be sure to use lubricants and lubricants. But they do not always help.
  2. If a man has a large penis, then this can cause discomfort for a partner. The consequences can be very serious, for example, rupture of the walls of the bosom.
  3. In no case can such methods of a sexual act can be used to eliminate the virgin rod.

KamaSutra: Pose for deep penetration

To achieve strong feelings and emotions, you can use the following position list.

Raised legs , Deep penetration of a member – popular poses

This pose is simple, but not everyone will suit. A woman should have a minimum stretch in order to feel comfortable in this position. The technology of execution is as follows: a woman needs to lie on her back and raise her legs up, and a man should get between her legs, while kneeling. This is how incredible sensations are achieved, since the penis penetrates into the very depths of the vagina. If a woman is inconvenient, then it is recommended to either bend her legs in her knees, or put them on the shoulders of her sexual partner. The main advantages of the posture: very deep penetration, a man easily controls everything in this position, a partner can additionally stimulate the clitoris to his woman or caress her breasts. These manipulations will lead to unforgettable feelings. But there are also disadvantages of the posture: a woman cannot be active in a lying position, it will be difficult for a partner to be in such a position for a long time, since her legs will get tired, and then get sick.

Divorced legs

This is the most popular option of a sexual act in which all power is in a man, and he can stimulate all the erogenous points of his partner. Technique: a woman lies on her back and spreads her legs as widely as possible, and the man kneels and lies between the legs of a partner. Make intensive body movements to achieve orgasm. The main thing here is that the partner has a good stretch, because the degree of satisfaction depends on her. Additional sensations can be obtained if you put a pillow under the ass of your woman, so your genital organ will enter the vagina as much as possible, due to which pleasant sensations increase. Advantages of the position of “diluted legs”: a man can independently stimulate all the erogenous zones of a woman, achieving maximum penetration. Disadvantages: it is difficult to have sex if the girl has a poor stretch, because you can even harm yourself in the form of damage to the ligaments;It is impossible to lie in this position for a long time due to severe muscle tension, so the poses need to be constantly changed. Experts advise improving their physical form by constant muscle stretching.


, Deep penetration of a member – popular poses

Very original pose that provides interesting sensations. Good physical training is also needed here. Technique: a man should lie on his back and put his legs a little, which he previously bent at his knees, and a woman should sit on top of him, while putting one leg along the lower back of her sexual partner. The bottom line is that the woman spread her legs as wide as she can do it. This will ensure a deep penetration of the penis due to the intensive movements of the girl. Advantages: a woman controls the whole process and can show the initiative, as well as monitor her sensations and move the way she wants. If you are novice experimenters, then start with such a pose. Plus for men: they lie in a relaxed position, enjoy the appearance of their naked girl, stroke her chest, ass, back, etc. D. A man rests and enjoys the process. Disadvantages: a woman should have good physical training and endurance. With inconvenience, it is recommended to quickly change the pose to any other.

Return rider

Technique: a man should kneel and lean back a little back to rest his hands on the bed to preserve balance, and a woman should become a back to her man in a similar position and sit on his genitals. Acute sensations will be provided to you. The advantage of the “rider in a different way”: the girl independently controls the process and does not allow the emergence of an uncomfortable situation, and a man can raise her hips to achieve vivid sensations. Disadvantages: Men’s inconvenience is due to the fact that he will hold his body weight with his hands. But in any case, the pose can be changed to any other.


, Deep penetration of a member – popular poses

This is the next original pose that is suitable only for those who have good physical training. And first of all, this is required from a woman who should be with a good degree of endurance. Technique: both the man and the woman are standing, the man approaches the partner behind, tilting her, and introduces his dick into the vagina. We advise a woman to find some support to stay in this position longer. Advantages: deep penetration of a member, a man does not need good physical data. Disadvantage: a woman should have a good stretch and discomfort may occur with too deep penetration of the penis.

Close contact with the eyes

This is too intimate position of bodies in which the psychological proximity is ensured between a man and a woman. Contact with the eyes is required for people who are in love or just switch to the stage of love. Technique: a partner must sit down, for example, on the floor, and a woman sits on top of him, while spreading her legs. For deeper entry of the penis, the man should deviate a little back. Many couples say that it is best to perform such a position in a jacuzzi: it is not only romantic, but also convenient, since a man, deviating back, can lean on the basin wall. The partner’s hands are free, so he can caress the partner’s chest and other erogenous zones with them. Advantages of the position: special contact between partners, which allows you to achieve maximum intimacy, which makes sexual intercourse the most intimate and sensual process;The correct position of the bodies will ensure the complete penetration of the penis into the vagina, and this already indicates a quick achievement of orgasm. In addition to the advantages, there are also disadvantages: the complexity of acceleration, close contact with the eyes provides for a slow and sensual sex of sex. Change the situation if you don’t get an orgasm for a long time.

The missionary posture is different

It involves the use of a small “highlight” that will help to penetrate the member as much as possible into the vagina. The technique of execution is as follows: the partner should lie on the back, under which put a pillow or something similar to it, and then she must spread her legs. The partner lies on top and introduces the penis into the vagina. During a sexual act, a woman regulates the depth of penetration using straightening or flexion of the legs. A man can affect the penetration process, holding his partner’s legs with his limbs, while performing progressive movements. The advantages of the missionary posture are different: men with a small member can use it;Both partners do not require special physical training, since the muscles in this position are most relaxed;During intercourse, you are as close as possible with your partner, which implies closer emotional contact, excitement, etc. P. Disadvantages of the position: if a man is complete, then he can create discomfort to his partner, who at this time is below him, which means that she must completely hold his body.

Using a hard surface

This option implies that you will have sex on a hard surface, t. e. on the floor or elastic mattress. You need good physical preparation and endurance to perform equipment. Technique: a partner should become on all fours and lean well with his elbows on the pillow (this will help to avoid uncomfortable sensations), and the man kneels down and approaches the partner behind, introducing his penis into her vagina. During the execution of body movements, he can straighten up with a woman whom he will support. It turns out that the lower part of the girl’s body will remain on the pillow, but the hips and legs will be on the shoulders of the partner. This is the only way you will put the genital organ in the vagina of your partner as much as possible.

Advantages of the posture: maximum stimulation of erogenous zones inside the vagina;Free hands of a partner can freely massage the breast and back of a woman, as well as the clitoris. But there is a drawback: it is difficult to be in this position for a long time, especially for a woman who is in an interesting position. Therefore, it will be difficult to continue such caresses for a long time. Of the inconvenience, one can also note the lack of control by the woman. Minus for many women, as they are used to affecting the sexual process. And of course, this method of having sex requires certain skills that not everyone has. A little liberation and you will definitely succeed.

On the hill

, Deep penetration of a member – popular poses

If you’re tired of everything, and you want to bring experimental poses into your everyday sex life, then this method of sexual intercourse is precisely for you. To reproduce sex on a hill, you will need a hill itself. Mandatory requirement – it should be high, convenient and stable. We advise using a table or a washing machine. Technique: the partner sits on the hill so that the genital organ of the man is slightly lower than the vagina. And a man should become a partner face and carefully enter his cock into her bosom. Then you can make progressive frictions in order to get an orgasm. A woman in this version can either press closer to her sexual partner, or lean on a table for good stability. Advantages of technology: convenience of bodies and maximum penetration of the penis. Disadvantage: a hard surface of the table or washing machine may be uncomfortable. Before the implementation of this method to make love, be sure to remove the extra things from a solid hill so that nothing interferes with you.

We provided you for consideration by the most relevant and demanded poses, which you will surely like. Experiment in bed to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Tips for sex with deep penetration

If you are newcomers in sex, then it will not hurt you to read our tips that will come in handy in sexual life.

, Deep penetration of a member – popular poses

Several useful tips:

  1. Do not forget about the prelude. This stage of a sexual act must be present in your sexual life, especially if you want to experiment with a new pose, which provides for deep penetration. Your partner should be very excited to highlight a sufficient amount of lubrication, which in turn affects the quality of a sexual act and obtain a woman satisfaction. It’s not bad if both partners were relaxed, this will remove unnecessary stress and give liberation. At the time of the prelude, a man should stimulate all the erogenous zones of his partner, including nipples, clitoris, neck, etc. P. Do not forget about such stimulation during intercourse.
  2. The vagina of your partner should be quite moisturized. It happens that there is not enough natural lubrication, then you will have to use different lubricants and gels that are necessary for dry vagina. Be sure to use lubricants, even if it seems to you that there is enough female moisture. So you can compare different sensations. With sex with deep penetration, do not spare artificial lubrication.
  3. If you have never introduced a member deep into the vagina before, then it is better not to do it quickly. Make progressive movements and gradually build up the pace so that there is no discomfort. Be sure to pay attention to the emotions of your partner, as she may be painful if you have too much sexual. Be careful and sensual.
  4. Many positions require physical training and good endurance. If you understand that you are not ready for certain experiments, then it is better to abandon them due to the preservation of your health. Also, if you are tired of being in some kind of position for a long time, it is better to tell your partner about it, and change your position.
  5. If a woman has any gynecological disease, then experts advise to abandon deep penetration. This can lead to a complication of the disease. Therefore, it is better to wait for a complete recovery and experiment in bed. The same cannot be done after childbirth.
  6. If a man has too large a genital organ, then you should carefully enter it into the vagina and it is better not to the end. In case of discomfort, it is not necessary to immediately change the pose, you can simply change the angle of the entry of the penis, which can completely change the sensations.

So, now you know in what position a deep penetration will be ensured, and also that the poses that suggest such an entry, a large number. Some of them are easy to perform, but still there are those for which good physical preparation is needed. For one sexual intercourse, you can change several positions of bodies, which will give your sex extreme and maximum satisfaction.

Do not be afraid to change the poses, experiment with the positions and angles of inclination, listen to the emotions of the partner and your own sensations.

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