Camaisutra poses – a selection of the best

Camaisutra poses for all occasions.

Missionary, 69 Kama Sutra pose, cancer – it is familiar if it is not true? And probably more than once tested in practice. But what will you imagine at the word “propeller”? ALLAST ACTION OUR Air? And the juniper is an evergreen coniferous shrub from the family of cypress? Is it really a “frog” is, in your opinion, amphibian from a detachment? If so, then you deprive yourself of many pleasures in the intimate field. Believe me, 100 poses have been invented, including for you ..

, Camaisutra poses – a selection of the best

5 best poses for hopeless romantics

What lovers dream about? Of course, to be in private, cover each other with hot kisses and squeeze in their arms, look into the eyes, caress the body of the second half, whisper in the ear of tenderness (or cute vulgarities?). Here are the names and descriptions of the kamasuters poses that will allow you to merge into a single whole and achieve the highest point of pleasure:

Pose 1 – Missionary

Where without eternal classics? 1 pose of the Kama Sutra, it is a missionary, was, there is and will probably be the most popular. After all, in it a man feels like a dominant, who finally mastered the object of his passion, and a woman – so weak and at the same time so desired.

, Camaisutra poses – a selection of the best

The name “missionary” appeared because in this position the church recommended that her husband with his wife make love, because sex seemed to priests immoral. And you do not mind doing something more maginally? Then see how to make a missionary kamatra 4 from the missionary for closer contact: a woman is still from below, a man on top, but he is motionless and rests on her knees, and she lifts the pelvis and begins to move. This position will provide the most deep penetration.

To add sensuality, you can loudly spank your chosen one in the buttocks, and if you need to have sex quietly, then drown out groans with passionate kisses.

Pose 69 – ball

In the Kamasutra pose, 69 man sits, and the woman sits on top with her back to him and pulls her legs to her chest. Only she moves, and the chosen one can cover her back and neck with gentle kisses, caress her chest and buttocks. In general, recall those corners of the female body that could not pay enough attention.

Pose 96 – accordion

If you want to merge with a partner in sensual ecstasy, try the pose of the Kama Sutra 96. Girl on her back, a man on her knees in front of her. She throws her legs on his chest, and he holds her knees. Penetration will turn out to be extremely deep!

Pose 2 – rider

The pose of the Kamasutra “rider” gives the woman complete freedom of action. The man sits with his legs crossed, deviating back and leaning his hands against the wall, and his partner sits down on top, hugs him with his feet and moves up and down. She sets the pace and depth of penetration, at any moment she can lean against her chosen one, snuggle up to him with a heated body, and dig on the lips with a hot kiss. He can be comfortable to lean against the wall and help his beloved move or kiss her in the neck and caress her breasts. Or maybe just enjoy while the girl does all the work.

Pose 58 – fold

Girl on the floor, and the man is between her hips. Attracting the chosen one to himself, he enters her. Her legs stretches to her head. Without interrupting movements, a man can kiss a partner in the chest or stomach – how much flexibility is enough, and let her enjoy. Well, if you want to try out interesting sex options, then on the dating site you will definitely find a partner for one night in your city.

The most difficult poses of kamasuters – experience yourself sex

At the first glance at some interesting poses of Kama Sutras in the pictures, it seems that they can only circus acrobats. Will you risk trying them? It will be difficult, but if you want to bring your partner to a juicy orgasm, you should definitely try.

, Camaisutra poses – a selection of the best

Pose 6 – V

Not everyone will be able to do the 6th pose of the Kama Sutra – a non -applied physical training will be required. A woman sits on the edge of the table, a man stands opposite and puts her legs on his shoulders – so you check if your partner is so flexible. Then he penetrates, and she can acquire him by the neck and deviate back. After that, the girl freezes and the man does everything. When you get tired, you can lower her legs, put her on the table and continue ..

Pose 68 – Flasp

Strong and hardy men will probably want to test themselves as a pose of Kama Sutras 68. Ready to show what they are capable of? Then this is what you need to do: the man gets up and raises the girl, she hugs him, and he supports her by the ass with his strong hands. So that the “fastener” turns out to be even stronger, and penetration is deeper, the girl can lean her back against the wall.

Pose 9 – Monkey

We do not know why 9 pose of Kama Sutra is so called, but with marriage games macaques, it has nothing to do with. Here you need to be a born gymnast here rather. So, he is on his back with knees pulled to his chin, she sits on top with her back to him, leaning on her feet, and moves up and down. There will be no easily in this position, but the penetration is provided super-deep!

Pose 12 – balancing

In the 12th pose of Kama Sutra, he finds himself on his back with legs placed, and she sits on him with her back to his face and presses her legs. Then the man clasps the chosen one with his feet and holds her by the hips. Can you keep balance to enjoy the process? Even if nothing happens for the first time, here is the incentive to develop a sense of balancing: the pose 12 gives a man full power over a girl. He can enter as deeply as he wants, and completely control the rhythm and the whole process.

Positions “behind” for bright orgasms

The opinion that the pose of the Kama Sutra “behind” is only the options “cancer” does not withstand any criticism. A man can stand, lie, get behind the girl in unusual positions, enter her both at a right angle and behind, even on the side. If you think that it gives pleasure only to a strong floor, you are mistaken again:

  • He feels his own strength, power over a girl, and she is excited from the dominance of a strong alpha male;
  • The man begins the appearance of women’s buttocks, the opportunity to caress the breasts, hips, and the clitoris of the partner, which, of course, gives her pleasure;
  • deep penetration and stimulation of the back and front wall of the vagina, where, according to the beliefs, the point G is located, can lead the girl to the brightest orgasm;
  • Many poses behind are ideal for anal, and also for role -playing games, including rape staging, which dreams of erotic fantasies.

, Camaisutra poses – a selection of the best

Intrigued? And here are the best poses of the Kama Sutras “behind”:

Pose 43-Snow

This is a classic “cancer” pose in Kama Sutra: a woman on all fours, a man behind her, hugs by the waist. Many people think that Doggi-Stayle is a stormy sex in which there is practically no place for caresses and tendernesses. No! Kneeling on her knees, a girl can feel the strong hands of her chosen one, who wander along her buttocks, chest, shoulders, neck. Plus a deep penetration and stimulation of point G is possible. A man is excited by a sense of dominance over a woman, and the weaker sex is often not averse to feeling in a subordinate position. Therefore, the pleasure of both is guaranteed.

Pose 72 – Sphinx

The girl on the stomach, rests on the forearm, takes one leg to the side, and straightens the other. The partner fits from above and enters from behind, leaning on his hands. 72 The position is good that the man presses the chosen one at the basin and gives her this pleasure. Now she is completely in your power!

Pose 73 – Column

Another variation of the pose “cancer”, but already standing. The girl turns her back to her man, and he holds her hands. When a man penetrates, the woman deviates slightly forward. For the sharpness of sensations, she should lean against the wall – then the penetration will be even deeper. You already realized that you can have sex in a pose 73 in any place – in the bathroom, in the elevator, in the fitting room, in the bushes, if the passion found on a walk?

Pose 92 – buddy

Despite the name, it is not at all about friendship. And what is possible friendship of a man and woman, when you can give each other so much pleasure? So, to perform 92 positions of the Kama Sutra, the girl lies on the stomach with her legs straightened. Her chosen one sits behind, starts his leg between her hips and enters her. And then begins to move forward-forth. A woman receives a special buzz – she is as relaxed as possible and simply enjoys how her man penetrates her and rubs his hips. Kisses, stroking the back will arouse it even more. Perhaps she will even agree to anal sex – only one movement will be needed to change positions.

Why try other poses in sex if there is a missionary?

Love is wonderful, but not a single couple can achieve happiness and harmony without good sex. Saturated intimate life allows partners to relieve stress, recharge with positive emotions, feel emotional closeness.

, Camaisutra poses – a selection of the best

If sex becomes boring and monotonous, occurs at the same time, in one place and in the same poses, then the woman begins to feel unsatisfied, ceases to experience an orgasm. And thanks to intimacy in women:

  • Estrogen is produced, which normalizes the work of internal organs, strengthens hair and nails, improves the condition of the skin;
  • Endorphin, the hormone of happiness is produced, which relieves stress and tones the body;
  • The circulation of blood is enhanced, which accelerates the renewal of cells and rejuvenates;
  • muscles train and are burned up to 300 kcal.

Men, tired of boring family sex, begin to look for adventures on the side. And the most faithful simply refuse to sleep with the second half. Here are the reasons why a regular sex life is necessary for a man:

  • reduction in the risk of heart attack;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • slowing down aging processes;
  • muscle relaxation;
  • Prevention of prostatitis.

If sex is pleasant and useful, then why deny yourself pleasures and restrain the hidden fantasies? See photos of poses Kamasuters and be inspired by new feats in bed!

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