Which satispyer to choose? Satysfire 2, 3, Pro | Reviews


, Which satispyer to choose? Satysfire 2, 3, Pro | Reviews
The new line of sex toys from Satiffyer was the discovery. These are affordable sex-tovars of excellent quality at a very modest price. But which stimulator for the clitoris to choose from the presented models? Which wave vibrator to buy For maximum pleasure? Today we compare 3 models: Satiffyer Pro 2 Next Generation, Satiffyer Pro 3 Vibration, Satiffyer Pro 2 Vibration.

Comparison Satispyer is carried out in several parameters: technical specifications, ease of use and personal preferences. On the features of the impact – at the end of the article.

Which Satispyer is better?

Satispyer is a unique brand that is known all over the world. And although they were not created by the wave technology, but precisely thanks to this particular brand, the wave stimulation became available to millions of women in dozens of countries. Satispyer Pro 2 The best-selling sex toy In 2017-2018 in dozens of sex shops. And many glossy magazines wrote about this model.

But Satispyer Pro 2 was replaced by Satiffyer Pro 2 Next Generation – an even more powerful device for the device. And later Satiffyer Pro 3 Vibration and Satiffyer Pro 2 Vibration appeared. Each of these models has its own fans. But let’s figure out what is special in them.


This is a wave of clitoris stimulator, which operates in 11 different modes. This is a medium -sized vibrator that lies great in the hand. The bronze color looks very elegant. The weight is small, the wrist does not get tired in the process. And using the model is very simple: you put the head to the clitoris, choose the desired mode, and wait for the effect. No need to move the sex toy, just find the installation site, and then only adjust the speed.

What is different from other models?

  • Stimulation is only wave. Vibration is not provided at all. Control 3 buttons: turning on and power regulators.
  • The minimum price. Lower than that of models that also provide vibration.

, Which satispyer to choose? Satysfire 2, 3, Pro | Reviews

The pluses of Satiffyer Pro 2 NEXT Generation

Many positive features of this model can be distinguished. Thousands of women appreciated it, and hundreds of articles in different languages were written about such a sex toys:

  • Comfortable shape, does not slip out even from wet hands.
  • Waterproof body can be used in water. The sensations in the bathroom differ in intensity.
  • Rechargeable battery, connects to any USB port.
  • Removable clitoris nozzles. Can be replaced if it fails. Bought separately.
  • Simple management.
  • Affordable cost.

Cons of Satiffyer Pro 2 Next Generation

There are almost no negative aspects of this model, you can only highlight small flaws:

  • Quite loud work, but when touched the body, the sound decreases.
  • Size 16 cm in length. The size is average, it is not always convenient to take with you.

Personal opinion about Satiffyer Pro 2 Next Generation

For me, this vibrator is a legend. He is the most popular among many women. And if they ask me which vibrator to buy first, I always advise this. Why? Because he gives very unusual sensations. The sensations differ from any other stimulation. Caresses with hands, lips or other vibrator are not so intense.

Satispyer Pro 2 Next Generation head is quite large. She fits comfortably on the body. No need to look for a certain point for a long time, the touch affects many sections at once.

But after experiments with stimulants who also have vibration, this model fades into the background. It is gorgeous, but technology does not stand still, and now there is already a new generation.

Satispyer Pro 2 Vibration

Visually Satispyer Pro 2 Vibration is very similar to the previous model. It was changed only a little, smoothing the corners, but the size and material remained the same. High -quality plastic of beautiful bronze color and silicone nozzles on the tip are a great combination. The model lies well in the palms, ideal for use both alone and paired. Suitable for adaptive masturbation, when the usual actions in sex with a partner are also complemented by the clitoris massage. Hundreds of orgasms gives a woman. You can include vibration and wave stimulation together, but you can separately. A total of 11 waves of waves and 10 vibrations, in total you can create more than 100 different combinations.

What is different from other satisfyer

  • Management is also three buttons, but one is now responsible for vibration, and the other two for wave stimulation. To turn it on, you must hold the pressed button for 2-3 seconds.
  • It works quieter than Satiffyer Pro 2 Next Generation. This is not to say that the difference is very noticeable, but it is.

, Which satispyer to choose? Satysfire 2, 3, Pro | Reviews

Pluses Satispyer Pro 2 Vibration

The new generation of sex toys is better than the previous. Manufacturers took into account all the wishes of users, and a great model appeared with the following advantages:

  • Not afraid of moisture: easy to wash, can be used in the bathroom.
  • The buttons are well highlighted on the case, they do not need to look.
  • Rechargeable battery, cord for charging is in the set.
  • Total 11 wave stimulation modes and 10 vibration modes.
  • Silicone nozzle can be replaced, they are sold separately.

Cons of Satispyer Pro 2 Vibration

Small disadvantages do not make the device unsuitable, you just need to know about them before buying:

  • The vibration is switched by one button, and to return to a certain regime, you need to run out of all the rest. Repeated pressing 10 times in a row can tire.
  • The average price, it is going out of earlier models, but not much.

Personal opinion about Satiffyer Pro 2 Vibration

I like the shape of the plastic satiffyer, it is nice to keep them. This model gives an unforgettable sensation. The simultaneous impact of vibration and waves simply deprives of speechlessness.

In my opinion, one contactless stimulation is not enough. Sometimes it does not allow to finish for a long, long time, it seems that the orgasm is already close, but it does not come. And if you connect vibration, everything happens at once. Of course, sensations come faster, and it is convenient. If you want to stretch the process, use only one function.

It’s good that the vibration is not very given to the handle. There is no feeling that the palm also vibrates, and this is a significant advantage for me.

I really like new satispheres. The manufacturer is working on improvement, it’s great. But the main thing is that this did not increase the price several times. It’s nice that German quality is inexpensive.

Satispyer Pro 3 Vibration

This sex toy differs from the previous ones in its design. She looks expensive, stylish. Black silicone case with metal inserts. The buttons do not stand out in the background, but they can be found by touch. Silicone nozzles are no longer required, no components need to be bought even after a few months or years of work. The number of modes is huge, more than 100 combinations of vibration and wave exposure are available. At the same time, the model is visually less than the previous ones, it is easier to take on travel.

What is different from Satiffyer Pro 2 Vibration and Satiffyer Pro 3 Vibration

  • Covered with silicone, metal decor. There is no plastic in the design.
  • Less size. Only a couple of cm, but it is visually noticeable.
  • The buttons are less pronounced, you need to get used to management.

, Which satispyer to choose? Satysfire 2, 3, Pro | Reviews

Pluses Satispyer Pro 3 Vibration

In addition to a special appearance, there are other undeniable advantages:

  • Waterproof sex toy. Not afraid of dive, easily cleaned.
  • Rehazing the battery inside. It works for more than an hour without a break.
  • It works quietly, much quieter than Satiffyer Pro 2 Next Generation, and when touched the body is almost never heard.
  • Hypoallergenic material is ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Suitable for frequent use, does not cause a decrease in body sensitivity.

Cons of Satispyer Pro 2 Vibration

What disadvantages should the buyer know?

  • Silicone is a special material that collects dust. All villi are immediately noticeable on the black surface. You need to wash not only after use, but also before.
  • There is a small smell. But it is worth washing 2-3 times, it completely evaporates.

Personal opinion about Satiffyer Pro 3 Vibration

The first Satispyer stood out against the background of other sex toys. The plastic case seemed to be something special. The new model, however, fit perfectly into the assortment of the store, stopped standing out. But at the same time it looks expensive and spectacular. In my opinion, a certain originality has been lost, but this is only for me, since I know all the products well.

The sensations of Satiffyer Pro 2 Vibration and Satiffyer Pro 3 Vibration are very similar. And I do not take the best in functions. The force of exposure, the regimes are repeated.

But my choice remains for Satiffyer Pro 2 Vibration. Just more pronounced buttons are easier to press, they do not need to “grope”, but this is only a matter of habit. Plus in the hand lies a plastic model better, but this is also very subjective.

Satiffyer Pro 3 Vibration orgasms are very bright. And the most interesting thing is to include vibration and vacuum exposure. For masturbation is the best sex toy., Which satispyer to choose? Satysfire 2, 3, Pro | Reviews

The overall impression of contactless stimulants of the satisphaier

It is very cool to understand that technologies are being improved. When there are two generations of sex toys in the hands, it becomes clear that the world is changing. And it’s great that this is manifested in care for women, in the effort to give them even more pleasure.

All Satiffyer sex toys are worthy of attention. Whatever the model is at your place, it will like it. But only Maximum sensations Now you can get it in the presence of two different influences at once. If I had to buy, I definitely took the model where there is also vibration.

Previously, the satisphere was only a female device, it could be used in a couple, but for a man it was useless. But now everything is different. If you just turn on the vibration and start driving through his body, he will like. Of course, this will not give this orgasm, but will definitely excite. It’s possible apply even during a blowjob, touching the gadget of his testicle.

In my collection of Satiffyer sex toys there has been a long time, I think this is a gorgeous brand. And I highly recommend buying Satispyer Pro 2 Vibration or Satiffyer Pro 3 Vibration.

Vibration and wave stimulation – what is the difference?

If a person has not tried a vacuum sex toy on himself, it is difficult to understand how it works, What sensations causes. It is worth explaining all this, since all Satiffyer described above work on these principles.

Each wave stimulator has a “nose”, it applies to the body. But the impact is still called “contactless”. Just a nozzle does not concern the most sensitive point, but leaning around. If the nozzle is large, it surrounds the clitoris, it is located inside.

The nozzle has a body cavity inside. But the main thing is that there is a membrane. She swaying, directing the flow of air to the body. Air movement occurs, at maximum modes it is very tangible. And this involves hundreds of nerve endings. As a result, an orgasm is intense and fast.

Vibration – This is another, it is felt when touching the desired point. A vibrating thing is worth ironing the erogenous zone, creating additional sensations. But if you attach the vibrator to the clitoris, do not shift it, but simply change the intensity, orgasm will also come.

So now you can start with vibration games, caress any erogenous zones in this way, and only then connect a wave stimulation. At the same time, they give a very strong response in the body. It is difficult to understand which effect is brighter, together they are magical.

The presence of two different stimulation methods expands the possibilities of applying. Now vibration can be teased as a partner, but it was difficult to use satispyer on the male body before. Now the vibration will be able to stimulate any external points.

So what kind of satispyer to buy in 2019?

Ideal models combine the maximum number of functions. Therefore, Satispyer Pro 2 Vibration and Satiffyer Pro 3 Vibration today is the best solution.

Questions about the stimulars of the satisphaier

No, wave stimulation cannot be compared with caresses of lips or tongue. This is a special effect. The swaying membrane directs air flows, and these fluctuations occur with different frequency and strength. It is not like touching with fingers, sucking and other movements. But it is very pleasant and exciting., Which satispyer to choose? Satysfire 2, 3, Pro | Reviews
In this situation, she will not be able to turn it on at maximum speeds. Sensations even in 1-2 mode will be quite intense. But you can use.

If the impact seems very strong, this is rare, but it happens, then you need to take a few simple steps. First, use a lubricant. Lubrication is suitable only on water -based. Secondly, before use, it is excited well, it changes perception.It all depends on the husband, someone is positive about sex toys, someone is negative. This is always very individual. But satisphars are not like a penis, they visually differ very much. And the impact is completely different, so it is worth discussing this with a partner.Yes, after the birth of a child, use is allowed. After 3-4 days, you can use to cause an orgasm. This activates the reduction of the walls of the uterus, will help the body recover. Doctors prohibit vaginal and anal caresses for 2-3 weeks, but the clitoris can be stimulated. The only condition is that a woman herself should want such an impact, and this does not happen to all during this period., Which satispyer to choose? Satysfire 2, 3, Pro | Reviews
, Which satispyer to choose? Satysfire 2, 3, Pro | Reviews

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