Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

Point G. Where is it and how to find it.

Point G – Perhaps the most controversial and most ardently discussed topic regarding female sexuality. The topic on which scientific research goes against the frank indications of many women, the topic where answers, as a rule, are always less than questions. And so, what is the miracle point and why she won so much attention to herself? We intend to talk about this to all in this article.

What is the point g

This is a small area in the vagina of a woman, the correct stimulation of which leads to an incredibly pleasant sensations whose ending is a powerful and bright orgasm (or even multiple orgasm). Particular attention to this mysterious point began to manifest in the 1980s, when in the practice of sexologists, women more often became able to experience a jet orgasm or as it is also called-squirt.

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Why is this point called “g”?

This is primarily due to the name of its discoverer by the German gynecologist Ernst Graffenberg, who in the 1950s first declared the world about the existence of a special erogenous zone in the female vagina, as well as the liquid secreted during its stimulation. Initially, she was called the Graffenberg point, but after a while (after the death of the scientist) they came to a more simplified, shortened and easily memorable version – point G.

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

Where is the point G in women

The ji point is in the woman’s vagina, namely on the front machine, 2-5 centimeters from the entrance to it. So that it is clear what wall is the front, let’s conditionally imagine a girl lying on her back. In this position, the front wall will be the upper wall, which is immediately under the clitoris and pubis. Let’s see the location of the point G in girls in the photo below.

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

What is the point g

Many mistakenly believe that this is some small spot on the surface of the vaginal wall or, like many sources, write a “pea”. It’s not like that at all. Firstly, this is not a point at all, but the area. And secondly, it is not on the surface of the vaginal wall, but as if inside this wall. So that there is more clear what we are talking about, let’s look inside the so -called ji point in the picture below.

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

Immediately above the upper wall of the vagina, the ureter passes, the channel through which urine from the bladder goes to the hole through which the girl pisses.  So in a certain place (closer to the entrance to the vagina), the ureter is surrounded by parauretral glands or, as they are also called the skin of the skin. It is they who are the culprit of the voluptuous sensations that a woman experiences when stimulating this area. In fact, the point G is the skin of the skin, the irritation of which is carried out through the front wall of the vagina. Impact on them and causes those feelings and experiences of which many almost add legends!)

How to find a Girl’s point G in a girl

In order to find a ji point, the easiest way to use fingers, although in the end you can stimulate it with what you and your partner please. We will talk about this in more detail below, and now we will find out how to look for it. So the girl lies on her back. The man pre -exciting his partner, turns his hand with his hand to himself and brings a finger at her neatly or two as shown in the photo below.

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

Exploring the upper wall of the vagina with a fingertop pillow, you can notice a certain difference between the area of interest to us and the rest of the vaginal surface. It will be more tuberous (ribbed) and even something similar to the surface of the sky in the mouth.

7 important facts about point g

  • This is an area, not a point. Ernst Graffenberg, who opened this zone, never called it a point. The hand to distort the facts was attached by American journalists who had to give this topic a more mysterious, which means a more attractive color. Understanding these nuances becomes especially important when it comes to the technique of stimulating points G.
  • All women have it different. Yes, because all women have a different size and density of the glands of the skin. And this directly affects the sensitivity of this zone. The more these glands the more expressive sensations in contact with this area. The less the feelings are less expressive. But the size is not the only thing that distinguishes the ji point in each particular case. The individual physiological characteristics of each girl who also have their influence also play a role. It is, for example, a case of nipples. One girls are madly like their stimulation, and others are indifferent or even unpleasant.
  • Wakes up only when excited. Don’t even think to look for her before you do not excite the girl well. It was this mistake that the scientists made when they first investigated this zone. And it happened something like this. We took several hundred volunteer girls. Each individually invited to the office, seated in a gynecological chair, inserted a finger and felt the upper wall. Naturally, none of the girls could experience anything pleasant.
  • Increases when excited. As we have already noted above, point G is the essence of the skin of the skin. When a woman is excited, blood actively begins to add to the genitals. This iron increases slightly and becomes more sensitive. And with its stimulation, it begins to actively develop a secret inside itself, due to which it increases even more. By the way, this secret is the result of an inkjet orgasm and it is precisely it is often confused in the urine. As a result, if the girl is well excited, then by introducing fingers into her vagina, you can feel the obvious bulge of this area.
  • Point g orgasm differs from clitoral orgasm. This orgasm is unique and any woman once experienced him will say that he is different, that he is not like a clitoral. And this is primarily due to the fact that the glands of the skin and the clitoris are innervated by different nerves. When stimulating the clitoris, the sexual nerve is excited, and when exposed to region G – the pelvic nerve, the back of the plexus and the vagus nerve. That is why the sensations differ. The second feature is that after the orgasm of the Ji point, if you continue its stimulation, the girl can experience an orgasm again and again, which cannot be said about the clitoral.
  • The analogue of the prostate gland. If we consider where the prostate gland is located in men and compare it with the glands of the skin in women, we will find that they have a very similar nature. They consist of the same fabrics, produce in composition an almost identical secret. It was Graffenberg who first stated that Skin’s glands are a female prostate.
  • More sensitive after 30 years. There is a number of evidence that the sensitivity of point G largely depends on the estrogen level (the main female sex hormone). Most young girls under the age of 30 find a clitoral orgasm more powerful. Due to the relatively high level of estrogen, the walls of the vagina in young girls are thicker, which certainly affects the sensitivity of the nervous endings of the ji point. And as the estrogen level begins to decline (after 30-40 years), the walls of the vagina become more subtle, as a result of which the region G becomes more susceptible to stimulation. That is why many women believe that sexually they began to open only after 30 years.

Stimulation of the point G

As you understand, you can massage the point G in different ways. And now we will consider the 3 most basic ways.

Massage of point G using fingers

In order to start this massage, first of all, make sure that your hands are washed and your nails are trimmed. These are elementary hygiene and safety measures, which should be performed first of all before starting to interact with such a delicate place as a female vagina. It also does not hurt to have a lubricant at hand – excess lubrication will not hurt anyone!) As you remember, the first thing you need to excite the girl. It can be anything from kisses and ending with cunnilingus and a massage of the vagina. Do anything, the main thing is that your partner is thoroughly wet. Now you can enter a finger. We do it gently and accurately. Inside your fingers, put on the upper wall of the vagina and with the alluring movements “Come here” you work with your fingers. Watch a video stimulation of point G in women.

  • Additional clitoris stimulation. The clitoris is always an activist of all the erogenous zones of a woman, so the additional effect on it will only contribute to the faster on its orgasm. The second with a free hand, you can begin to do the clitoris massage. If you want even more fantastic sensations, then connect your tongue, combining manual stimulation of point G with cunnilingus. From this kind of affection, almost any woman will very soon receive a powerful orgasm.
  • Other affection. Do not let your second hand mess around. A woman is an incredibly tactile creature, for the excitement of which tender touches to her body are simply necessary. Stroke her, lick her, caress her breasts. Anything that will increase the degree of contact between you. Let me remind you that the entire surface of a woman’s skin is a very powerful erogenous zone, which good lovers always remember.
  • External stimulation. Some sexologists argue that in order to enhance the sensations, it makes sense to execute the point g through the stomach. To do this, you need to press a little on the stomach just above the pubis. When pressed, focus on the girl’s prompts, so as not to overdo it.

Pose to stimulate point G during sex

In order to clearly imagine whether it will be in a particular position for sex to massage point G must understand 3 main things:

  • How the vagina works;
  • Where the point G is located;
  • Which part of the vagina is stimulated in one or another position.

Understanding 3 of these things, you can easily determine in what pose this zone will be involved as much as possible, and in which minimum. In order to stimulate the ji point during sex, it is necessary to choose such an angle of penetration so that the head interacts with the front wall of the vagina as much as possible. For a more clear example, I propose to consider the missionary pose and how to strengthen the stimulation of point g in it. We look at the photo below.

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

It is necessary to raise the pelvis of women so that the member does not enter from top to bottom, as is usually the case in the classic version of the missionary posture, but from the bottom up. In this case, the penetration will not be so deep, but the interaction of the head of the penis with the ji point will be maximum. Let’s look at the photo in more detail what is about.

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

Of course, initially the missionary pose is far from the best option for massing the Gure GO, however, by its example, we wanted to demonstrate a mechanism of how almost any pose for sex can be adapted for a more active effect on the ji area.

Other poses

Since we have talked about poses to stimulate point G let’s look at a few more interesting options.

Pose “hostage”

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

This position is one of the simplest and at the same time one of the most effective. The fact is that, in principle, any pose when a man is behind, already contributes to the effect on the zone that interests us, but the closer the man is pressed by a torso with the back of the partner, the more sharp the angle of penetration of the penis into the vagina and the stronger the member head interacts with the front wallvagina.

Doggi Style pose

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

Another great pose, by the way, is also a man behind!) I do not know men who would not like Doggi Style!But as you probably noticed this option, it has a certain feature – a man is not kneeling, but on the feet so that his pelvis is above the buttocks of his partner. Such a trick again contributes to the member to enter from top to bottom. In a specific position, this allows the member to go to the pubis of a woman, that is, to the place where the point G is located.

Pose “Mergers”

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

This pose as you see is fundamentally different. Firstly, the man is no longer behind, and secondly, a woman is already rules!) And the fact that she takes the initiative has several important advantages. The first – moving the basin, she herself can send a member to where she is more pleasant.  Second – stimulation of the ji point is carried out by the outer edge of the head of the penis. This place is on a member as a small edge. For a woman, this effect is often more acute and expressive in terms of sensations. The more the girl deviates back, the greater the pressure of the penis on the front wall of the vagina.

This is not all positions, they are actually much more, so I had to bring them all into a separate article. See 22 poses to stimulate the point g.
, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

Sex toys for dots g

Today, sex shops offer a lot of toys with which you can massage the ji point. Starting from elementary phalloimitators and vibrators and ending with special stimulants of point G. All these gadgets have a special shape. If we are talking about phallic toys such as vibrators and phalloimitators, then they usually have a shape with an end slightly bent to the top. It is this form that contributes to a more expressive effect on the front wall of the vagina. Each of these toys has some kind of its own unique function: moving (rotating heads), various vibration modes, forms and surface texture, additional stimulation of the clitoris or anus, etc.D. In general, to whom whatever appears!) Every woman can choose the best option specifically for her.

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

With the help of such devices, the girl can easily find her magical point and give herself a real firework of colorful sensations and unforgettable orgasms.

All secrets of points G – advanced awakening techniques

The above was stated quite useful information in order to begin to master this magical zone. However, as practice shows, whose girls are truly revealed (awakened) not so much. Therefore, all those multiple orgasms that the point G is capable of giving and which fashion magazines love to write so much remain in the field of inaccessibility for many women. As we know all women are unique and each needs its own special approach. This also applies to the awakening of the ji point.

In order to arouse it almost any girl needs special deeper knowledge, backed up by many years of practical experience. It is for those who want to become a real lover, about whom women will remember all their lives, I want to offer an advanced course at point G.

, Where is the point g. How to find and stimulate a ji point. Photo video

You can go through this research long and not always a simple way, or you can use someone else’s perennial practical experience and become an expert of the point wait for the shortest possible time. Choose you. No matter how you decide, in any case, I wish you only good luck!

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