What strap is to buy for traditional family and same -sex steam?

What strap is to buy for traditional family and same -sex steam?.

, What strap is to buy for traditional family and same -sex steam?

Strapon is an extremely unusual sex toy or, more correctly, a magical rod. Strap -on is able to turn a passive partner into an active one, allow a man with an absent erection to satisfy his soul mate and even make lesbian games almost indistinguishable from classical intercourse.

The purchase of such a device must be approached with responsibility, choosing a strapon for the needs of the couple, otherwise the toy will either be ineffective or generally inconspicuous in any case. Let’s look at a few criteria that should be taken into account in order to choose a strapon that will satisfy the needs of a particular pair.

The size of the strapon

It is the dimensions of strapon that are a decisive factor affecting quality, pleasure and safety of use.

► for a traditional couple: a man and a woman wished to change their roles, which means that they need a device whose phallus will have a small size. This is especially true of cases when the representative of the stronger sex still did not have anal penetration;

► for girls of non -traditional sexual orientation – the best choice would be a strapon with an average phalloimitator;

► If a man has problems with an erection – Again, choose a strap -on medium size or the size that a given man has in a state of good erection – His partner is no longer used to get used to someone else’s size.

In general, in order to avoid problems with the search for suitable toy sizes, it makes sense to get a strapon with replaceable phalluses, for example, panties-strengthening for strapon. They are the main mount, and the phalliamiators are suitable there almost any.

Type of fastening strapon to the body

There are five varieties of fastening the strapon to the body of an active partner: belts, panties, mounting on a member, a member nozzle and a vaginal type.

1 – belts allow you to attach strapon on any parts of the body and can be used by lovers of any physique;

2 – Panties are more traditional and convenient, but have restrictions on the volume of partners’ hips, although there are more or less universal models. Some models are equipped with a mount for an additional stimulant for an active girl-girl, but Falos, usually removable, specify this moment when buying.

"He and she" recommends: Harness straps and panties for strapons

3 – a strap -on with a mount on a member can be used for simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration, while the strap is attached above/under the penis or dildo with the help of elastic holders;

4 – the nozzle per member is used to increase the penis of the partner and, in principle, is indirectly referred to as strapons, although many models can be used with strapon mounts (underpants or belts);

5 – Women’s, Rasmive, vaginal or vaginal -anal strap -on is only suitable for girls, since to attach the toy to the body, one end must be inserted into the vagina. Moreover, for the successful use of such a toy, you need to have good vaginal muscles, however, if you use such a strap -on constantly, then over time they themselves will acquire an increased tone – another plus for the use of this product for adults.

"He and she" recommends: Rasten strapons

, What strap is to buy for traditional family and same -sex steam?

The cost of strapon

As in the case of all other sex toys, strapon cannot cost too cheap. If this device has a price an order of magnitude lower than that of other manufacturers, then this is most likely a fake, which, firstly, is ineffective, and secondly, can be a danger to the health of both partners.

Form and appearance of strapon

  • Strap-on-realistics – from cybercum or other material resembling a real penis in sensations and texture. This is the most acceptable option if a man is an active partner;
  • The phalluses of different colors and shapes, with all kinds of bends and texture are most popular among same -sex steam or in pairs, where the woman decided to play the role of an asset, since they resemble a penis less.

Strap with vibration

Differs from ordinary vibrators by the presence of fastening suitable for a particular system. More expensive models of non -threshold type are equipped with independent motor.e. vibration comes from several independent sources.

The popularity of strapons inspires manufacturers to create more and more advanced models, using the latest materials and ergonomic forms. You can see all the latest models in the section of the novelties of strapons.

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