What should the wife do in the family? About the duties of the spouse

What should the wife do in the family? About the duties of the spouse.

For many thousands of years, people have created families. At the very beginning, the rules of conduct in the family, the duties of partners were simple and clear. On the shoulders of the man, the care of providing the family was all necessary – it was necessary to get food, clothes, and other values. The wife was obliged to wait for her husband at home, to provide comfort in the dwelling and properly dispose of what a man was able to get – to cook food, sew clothes, take care of children.

But over time, the content of the duties of a man and a woman was filled with new points. And over the past few decades, the duties of family partners have changed especially seriously. What should the wife do in the family today?

What should a wife do in a family in the modern world

Despite the fact that in the modern world, both a woman and a man can equally make money for a family, a woman has remained responsibilities, since ancient times inherent only to her.

The wife owes:

Take care of your husband. This concept includes not only cooking, washing, cleaning, but also other duties. Today, a woman should remain a reliable rear for her husband, support him in endeavors, prompt a solution to complex problems. As before, now the main weapon of a woman in the family is wisdom. You need to understand when to keep silent, and when to support both words and deed. If it is the woman who plays the role of the main mininger in the family, do not blame her husband for making little money – this will undermine his faith in himself. The best solution – to help the spouse in search of work with a higher payment – this will suit both;

Birth of children. For many years this is still the duty of a woman. This also includes caring for young children – most men do not know how to behave with a baby and prefer to shift the care of him to the woman’s shoulders, helping when it is necessary. And only a few women are ready to entrust the care of the child to their man;

Parenting. Women usually do this, although now they can involve in the process of education and men. Some men themselves are ready to take part in raising a child, but they still need female tips from time to time. There is an alternative opinion – raising children under 7 years old is the responsibility of a woman, then the man takes on this process.

Be beautiful and well -groomed. But this item will never lose its relevance. It should be pleasant to look at the wife. At the same time, it is desirable that you make beauty when your husband is not at home, or closing from him in the bathroom. Believe me, it is unpleasant for many men to see how a woman leads beauty;

Satisfying her husband is sexy. Sex is an integral part of marital life. It must be made diverse, especially since now it is much easier to do this than before, when there was no such wide choice of intimate toys;

Stay. Today, the support that they receive from their wives is important to men. If the husband asks you for advice, do not hesitate to give it.

What should a wife do in an antiquity do

When the institution of the family was only born, the position of his wife in the family was more powerless than now. Wives in ancient times should follow the following rules:

Obey your husband without objections. This is now a woman has the right to express her own opinion on any issue. Earlier, the wife was completely dependent on her husband and could even be punished for speaking when her husband did not ask her for advice;

Take care of the husband;

Give birth and raise children. Now a woman can do what she wants, and give birth only when she is ready for this. In ancient times, the birth of the heirs to the husband was perhaps the most important duty of his wife;

Be tidy, beautifully dressed, cover your hair with a handkerchief. For a married woman, to leave the house with her head uncovered was a shame;

Be a husband in bed

Is everything so strict and should everything be according to some rules?

Everything that a person should, regardless of gender, is to be happy and self -realize. There is a set of needs that must be satisfied. Try on the role of the maid and follow the capital’s capital for the total satisfaction of someone else’s ego, most likely utopia. We know about the movement of Childfri who do not want children. We know that not all women like to cook or clean. Of course, work around the house to lie down on the shoulders of spouses, especially if there are children, but to say that some tasks are purely male and some purely female are wrong.

You cannot unequivocally answer the question “what the wife in the family should do,” there are simply people who arrange each other who do not fit each other at all. If you want the wife to be a wonderful mistress, but she doesn’t succeed, you will have to find another or come to terms with this “drawback” for the sake of advantages!

Be happy and do not score your head with nonsense!

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