What is the taste of sperm. What it depends on and how to improve it

What is the taste of sperm in men?.

There is an old joke in which a biology teacher explains to the class that a man’s sperm contains 80% sugar in the form of glucose. Without thinking, one student asks “why then the taste of sperm is salty?”. So the inquisitive mind of a young, but apparently an experienced student, can focus even the most experienced teacher!)) So what kind of male sperm tastes? We will try to answer this question in this article.

What kind of sperm tastes?

Of course, the student from the joke is not far away from the truth. Often sperm has a really salt taste. Some women say that she has a sour, bitter or “metal” taste. This is due to the fact that sperm contains a lot of zinc, not “80% sugar”!)). By the way and sweet, it also happens, by the way. In fact, more than 95% sperm consists of seed fluid! Other ingredients that make up male juice are vitamins, hormones, minerals, fructose and proteins.

Read more about seed fluid in more detail and you will find out where it comes from, what functions it performs and what does it consist of.

Do you like salt food or not, it should not affect your preferences in sex. And this is completely normal. But is it possible to change the taste of sperm? The answer is yes … of course! And we will talk about this a little below.

The taste of sperm for all men is different

Not dramatically, but there are differences. Some may have more pleasant, others have more salty, bitter or even sour. Even in the same man, sperm tastes to taste depending on certain factors that we will talk about now.

What affects the taste of sperm and what it depends on

Since male ejaculation is a product of our body, its quality and condition will fully depend on the state of our body. Therefore, the following factors can be considered that can affect the taste of male sperm.

  • Individual physiological features. As you know, we are all different and liquids in our body are also different. It is like with later, some have neutral, while others have a pronounced.
  • Nutrition. Perhaps one of the most influential factors that has a maximum effect on the taste of male seed. Read more about products affecting sperm.
  • Activity of life. The more active the lifestyle, the better the metabolism, and the better the metabolism, the better health.
  • Bad habits. Alcohol and smoking usually negatively affect not only the quality of the seed, but also its taste and smell.
  • Water balance. Water balance in the body of a man also affects the properties of his seed. The more abundant drinking, the less expressive the taste.

How to change the taste of sperm and improve it

As we mentioned above, the main role is played by nutrition. The old recommendation says that eaten pineapple or drunk pineapple juice will change the taste of sperm, making it sweeter and more pleasant to taste, or at least less “disgusting”. This is true, not because pineapple is a miracle product, but because the diet can definitely change the taste properties of male ejaculate, which also explains why the sperm of the same man is different in taste if he constantly changes his diet.

If he prefers melons, then sperm will have a taste of melon, because it is sweet and watery. Greens with a high chlorophyll content also gives the seed a sweet taste. It includes celery, parsley, dust and spinach. In addition, they are very useful! The healthier the habits of your partner, the more pleasant the taste of his ejaculation. Some studies show that the taste of vegetarian sperm is better than those who prefer meat!

You can add fruit juices to your diet. Some people recommend cranberry juice, which helps to treat urinary tract infections. However, fruit juices, as a rule, is sour and too frequent use of their use can negatively affect the condition of the teeth. Therefore, in everything you need to know the measure!

Garlic, onions, asparagus, cabbage, meat, coffee, chocolate, tobacco and alcohol make sperm to taste bitterly so it is worth refusing them a day before sex.

Cocktail improving sperm taste

You can try a cocktail. This is not only tasty, but also in the best way to affect the taste of your ejaculate. Try the following recipe:

  • 1/4 fresh pineapple sliced by cubes;
  • 1 chopped banana;
  • 4 cubes of ice;
  • 1 cup of pineapple or apple juice.

Mix this all on a blender (you can add wheat sprouts or protein powder) and after a few hours make a blowjob to feel the difference! For breakfast you can cook a fruit cocktail.

Some products make sperm with more acidic or even bitter. These include meat, garlic and onion. Smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee also make sperm acidic to taste. Asparagus can make sperm bitter, and also change the smell of urine. In a similar way this also acts on women, making their smell less attractive.

These tips will help to change the taste of men’s seed if you were going to make a blowjob to your man, but do not want to do it only because of the unpleasant taste of his ejaculation. As a rule, increasing water consumption also helps to “mitigate” sperm taste.

7 tips for girls who do not like the taste of sperm

If you cannot control the diet of your partner or taking medications for them, the only way to get rid of the unpleasant taste of sperm when you make a blowjob is to veil it. And the following small tricks can help in this.

  • Flavored lubricants. They can improve all the “activity” by making a male member more slippery for your lips. There are many different tastes of aromatic lubricants. Fruit and berry tastes are especially often used to muffle the specific taste of sperm and pre -ejaculation.

    Read more about lubricants and their types in the article Types of lubricants.

  • Flavored condoms. Another option is a fragrant condom that will make a blowjob more pleasant not only on the smell, but also to taste. Using condoms can also help prevent IPPs that spread through oral sex. You can read more about this in an article about oral sex hygiene. Of course, the sensations of a man will be completely wrong, but nevertheless, we decided to consider this option too.
  • Dry or drink. You can also hold a glass of water or a fragrant drink to drink swallowed sperm and kill its taste in your mouth. After a blowjob, you can also suck a sweet lollip.
  • Mint plates. Mint plates can also “save the situation”. There is one company that produces such records that dissolve in the language and are designed specifically for oral sex. Such records can also taste strawberries, chocolate, watermelon or mango. 10 “bucks” for three plates, of course, is a little expensive, but they should try if you are aversion to the taste of sperm.
  • Sweets and food? Not so simple! Some people recommend “sequel” oral sex with products such as popcorn, whipped cream or even Eskimo. Although these ideas may seem appropriate, all these products contain sugar, which can lead to infection of your partner with candidiasis, which he can give you through vaginal sex later. Therefore, we do not recommend playing with food near the genitals!
  • Technique “Rigging the glass” – the essence of this technique is that before the man finishes the woman takes his penis as deep as possible in her mouth, so that the sperm with a man’s orgasm does not fall into her mouth, but in the throat itself – on the root of the tongue. Firstly, the language has less taste receptors there, and secondly, the seed easily and quickly swallows, practically does not leave the aftertaste in the mouth. More details about this technique were said in the article to swallow sperm during a blowjob.

    Of course, not to all girls at first will be able to take a member deep enough, as this often causes vomiting reflex. Therefore, it will be useful to master some techniques and techniques of a deep blowjob or as it is also called “throat”. You can learn more about this in the article how to make a deep blowjob.

  • Ejaculation on the body. No one says that you definitely need to swallow sperm. Your partner can cum on your stomach, face or chest. Sometimes it is even more erotic and exciting than to end your mouth. In the end, there is a reason why in porn it is known as a “money shot”!

Do not force yourself to taste or swallow sperm if you are very unpleasant for you, because you run the risk of getting a negative conditioned reflex, like that dog Pavlov. Instead, read our tips better than swallowing sperm and decide you need it or not.

Remember that most often the taste of sperm is not so bad and nothing will happen to you if it prompted a few moments in your mouth.

Oral caresses make most men feel “cool”, desired and therefore happy. Read more why men love a blowjob – 4 reasons. They like to watch a woman kneel down in front of them and takes a penis in her mouth. If you do not have a desire to swallow sperm, you can switch to vaginal sex or massage of a penis and bring a man to orgasm with your hands. There are many different alternative ways to satisfy his partner without swallowing his sperm.

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