What is the size of the member the smallest

Do you know what the smallest member size?.

, What is the size of the member the smallest

This issue is very relevant among men. Many of them are complex if nature has not awarded with overall “wealth”. Boys are born with the size of the organ 1.5 – 2 cm, the increase per year is approximately 1 cm. This stage ends by the age of 18 – 23, the phallus reaches its maximum value. By 55 – 60 years, it may differ from young age, it becomes less. Many surveys and research have been conducted on this topic both in the world and in other countries. The first information was obtained by voluntary measurement – representatives of the strong half of humanity did it on their own. It is possible that the numbers were inaccurate. Then the indicators were removed by doctors – they are more informative than the previous.

How to remove a member

, What is the size of the member the smallest
To determine the value, it is necessary to correctly remove the size of the penis. Carry out this process standing, in a state of erection. Conditions are met: the temperature of the room is comfortable, the person is calm, is in a sober state. Along the “dignity” along its entire length, a centimeter tape is applied, tightly putting on the pubis. This indicator is as true as possible. The line is not used, since the result is somewhat distorted. Also make measurements of the body girth at the site of the estimated largest diameter.

In a cylindrical form, the readings are taken three times: around the head, at the root, in the middle. Then the average number is calculated. In people with obesity, froze is made from the pubic bone, and not from the skin-fat fold. Moreover, the result is considered reliable.

Member parameters in centimeters

, What is the size of the member the smallest

The length of the penis is in a passive state:

  • less than 4.5 – tiny;
  • 4.5 – 7.0 – small;
  • 7.1 – 9.0 – average;
  • 9.1 – 11.9 – large;
  • 12 and more – giant.

In excited:

  • less than 9.0 – tiny;
  • 9.0 – 12.5 – small;
  • 12.6 – 15.5 – average;
  • 15.6 – 18.0 – large;
  • 18 and more – giant.

The girth of the penis is not directly proportional to the length – this is a scientifically proven phenomenon. The norm in an erection is considered to be a diameter of 3.1-3.6 cm, length-10-20 cm.

National features

, What is the size of the member the smallest
Values differ in different people of people and depend on the continent of residence. Studies were conducted among hundreds of thousands of people on a voluntary basis. The largest dignity was awarded dark -skinned, they lead in comparison with the rest of the nations. These are the countries of Africa, Brazil, Central America. The average penis is 17.9 cm. Among them are frequent cases and more than 20 cm.

Europeans of the stronger sex are awarded the average parameters-13-16 cm. These are residents of Germany, France, England, Finland, Norway, Spain, Italy, etc. D. Residents of China, Japan, India are lagging behind in the list of a spicy topic. Their standards are 10.89 – 10.92 – 10.24 (cm) respectively. The most lagging men in the ranking are Men Korea. The length of their phallus is on average 9.66 cm. Judging by their miniature standards, this does not affect fertility. In this they surpassed the rest. Given the above values, they are different. Not always a small “dignity” is a pathology, sometimes this is an individual feature.

Interesting Facts

, What is the size of the member the smallest
The most tiny “dignity” has a Pole Lee Jezbodovik, it is 2 cm at rest, 3 cm is the state of excitation. He is proud of him and is not shy to pose on the camera. In 2008, this fact was registered. Whether the fifty -year -old Antu Smith is followed with 2.5 cm in a passive state and up to 9 cm in active.

The giant organ is endowed with American John Falcon – his record 35 cm long and 6.5 cm diameter with “combat readiness”. Entered in the Guinness book. There is data from the longest member – 48 cm – this is a record of a resident of Mexico, his name is Roberto Cabrera.


, What is the size of the member the smallest
This is a pathological condition when the size of the penis is less than 4 cm when it is delayed. Deviation occurs in 2% of men. It is rare in the world. The diagnosis is made in childhood – by 4 years. Therefore, control over the development of the sexual system of boys is necessary. Doctors – andrologists, urologists are engaged in this problem. They examine the appearance, evaluate dimensions, conduct additional examinations (ultrasound of the scrotum, cavernous vessels, laboratory blood tests, MRI of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus), and after that they endure the final result.
The children are observed until the end of the puberty period. If necessary, and opportunities at different stages adjust changes, carry out surgical manipulations. This state leads to a violation of the psychological background of a person (clamping, depression), difficulty in sexual contact with a woman or his absence. Reproductive function suffers.

Causes of miniature values

, What is the size of the member the smallest
This includes factors:

  1. Inborn
  2. Acquired.

The first attributes:

  • Genetic – the size of the organ directly depends on the fact that the boy inherited from his father.
  • Hormonal-there is a failure of the hypothalamic-pituitary system at different levels, which leads to a decrease in testosterone levels. Changes are timely adjusted with drugs.
  • Pathology from the scrotum (Callman’s syndrome – testicles do not fall into the laid place, remain in the abdominal cavity). Surgical intervention is required.

To the second:

  • Endocrine diseases (diabetes mellitus, Itsenko-Cushing syndrome, adrenal talkers, obesity).
  • Mechanical damage (surgery, injuries, bruises).
  • Inflammatory processes of testicles (infections).
  • Age.
  • The effect of toxic substances (alcohol, drugs, work in harmful production).

The opinion of women

, What is the size of the member the smallest
Not all representatives of the beautiful half like large and giant phalluses, more often they prefer the gold standard. They do not understand the concern of men with this issue, since much depends not on the length, but on the width and the ability to control them. The nerve endings of the vagina are at the beginning, and not deep, so the diameter is important.

Visually, there are fans of giant “organs”, but in reality it brings a lot of inconvenience.


  • pain during intercourse;
  • Traumatization of vaginal tissues and cervix.

Increase penis

, What is the size of the member the smallest
Many men have average sizes, but they want to improve their dimensions. The question should be approached comprehensively: examination, analyzes, assessment of the childbearing function, endocrine system, erectile function. After that, it is already decided whether to increase your “dignity”. Plastic correction is indicated with a length of less than 4 cm, if the member is passive, less than 7 cm – if active;with traumatic damage, cavernous fibrosis, Peroni disease, micropenies.

The inferiority complex due to the size of the penis causes different tricks. They resort to drug treatment (improving the hormonal background by taking drugs, lubrication by gels, creams) or surgical intervention.

The following types of operations are used:

  • implant – the introduction of gel, silicone substances;
  • Lipofilling – the introduction of adipose tissue under the skin of the penis, due to this it becomes thicker;
  • Ligamentotomy – the dissection of the ligaments connecting the phallus and the bones of the pelvis, so the length increases.


In addition to the size of the penis, he has a value of control, the attitude to his half and the person as a whole. More often this problem comes from the head of men, and in fact the size can be average. There are among the owners of small parameters and representatives of world stars. They are not shy about saying this, and this does not prevent them from being talented people. With a “tiny feature” you can also live and enjoy.

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