What is Kink?

What is Kink?.

Term “Kink” I went from English. This is a certain feature or sexual element that has an exciting effect. Kink can cover any sexual actions, and most often these are BDSM elements – dominance and submission, slavery and discipline, as well as sadomasosism.

Kink can include a variety of sexual actions:

– BDSM (dominance and subordination, humiliation and power);

– role-playing games;

– Fetisha (for example, Fetish of the legs);

– clothing items (latex, leather, uniform);

– bondage (with handcuffs, ropes, chains and dressings);

– accessories (it can be anything – handcuffs, lashes, latex accessories, erection rings, Wartenberg wheels, separate elements of the Petrine);

– Electrical stimulation with special sex toys with the necessary function.

Term “Kink” historically used to describe any sexual activity that deviates from the norm. Kink involves going outside the usual boundaries of intimacy, and yet it is more related to dominance than with something more common (using a vibrator or bias for double penetration). Nevertheless, Kink is an excellent way to improve relations in the pair and get close.

Where to begin?

1. Simplicity. Start with something simple, for example, a role scenario – pretend that you do not know each other, get acquainted again, and then go to the main.

2. Combination of pain and pleasure. Pain and pleasure are really able to complement each other. You can try to switch, and then go to pleasant caresses, for example, to stimulate the clitoris, then alternating pain and caress. If you are poorly familiar with pain sex practitioners, start with a slight effect, gradually increasing.

3. Restriction of freedom. Start with a set for beginners to experiment and understand what suits your couple, but do not forget about security. You can tie a partner and blindfold him, then you will get a game with various senses. When limiting freedom, do not forget to discuss the boundaries of the permissible impact and establish a stop-word with stop action.

4. Using accessories. You can wear a latex suit that emphasizes the bends of your body and arouse a partner, or try to dress like any beloved character. In addition, the use of sex toys of a certain orientation can also give a lot.

5. Reading erotic stories. If you are a beginner in such improvements of sexual life, but you really want to try, try to read erotic stories. From them you can take stories for sexual games and borrow some interesting ideas.

6. Start by what is closer to you. The list of preferences can be huge, but better start with what is interesting to you. For most people, Kink is not specific positions and scenarios, but a game with different roles and sensations. To begin with, you can set a certain time period for experiments, which you can understand, you like one or another action.

Sex positions of sex position for a kink depend on the scenario you have chosen.

1. You can lean on the table, chair, bed and other suitable furniture items, especially if the place has binding or stepping.

2. Try attachment to the chair with your feet and removing your hands behind your back. Let the partner blindfold your eyes, because Kink also implies the game of imagination and providing someone control.

3. Try the positions suitable for visual contact. This will enhance the feelings of humility and dominance, the same effect will give and kneel.


1. Before proceeding with the plan, discuss the border of the permitted with the partner and set the stop-word, and just in case and the stop jest.

2. Consider what you like and what you don’t like.

3. It will be useful to discuss injuries and health problems in order to know about prohibited places of influence and other nuances.

If you decide to try something new and unusual, first make sure that the partner also wants this. Tell him about your fantasies, and you will definitely come to a single decision.

Why kink like people?

Kink is a great way to experiment and combine various techniques, objects and preferences. This can be compared with food consumption – we love to treat ourselves with something tasty, add delicious spices to food, and we enjoy it. Just the same with sex. Kink can tell a lot about our subconscious desires, many of us erotize the complex things that happened in life, but not always. What we like can just seem interesting, exciting and funny. There may be many reasons for certain preferences, but the main thing is to learn how to listen to yourself and get the maximum pleasure from intimacy.

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