What is Bukkaka?

What is Bukkaka?.

Bukkaka is splashing out. Ejaculation on the face and body of a partner is often used in group sex. So this word is translated from the Japanese language, where it was used in the field of cooking to indicate the watering process with something. However, the term has become widespread thanks to the adult films industry where Bukkaka has become a separate direction in sex.

Someone considers this a terrible perversion, someone ordinary practice. We, as usual, are not involved in discussion and condemnation, instead we will try to tell you about Bukkak a little interesting.

What is Bukkaka in sex

In Russia, Bukaki often speak, in Japan Buccacher, hieroglyphs this term is designated like this – 打っ 掛ける. Well, in the porn industry, it is customary to write buccake.

Together, all this means the form of sexual intercourse, when an ejaculation of groups of men is performed on a person or in a mouth, more often on a face or mouth, alternately or once.

It is amazing that Bukkaka became a consequence of censorship, restrictions in the legislation of Japan. When pornography fell under harsh prohibitions and the demonstration of the genitals became a prohibition, the directors of adult films found a way out.

Only the actress’s face participated in the scene to which a liquid similar to sperm spilled alternately. This format did not violate the laws and at the same time gained popularity.

Unfortunately, the consequences of the prohibition of Bukkaka not only were striking the new format of adult cinema, but also turned into great troubles.

Many men in the Land of the Rising Sun received a new type of deviations in sexual behavior, they began to sneak up for girls in the subway or park, after which they masturbated and ejacked on her body imperceptibly for the victim.

So inept attempt to limit pornography at first led to the appearance of Bukkaka, and then to many humiliated girls.

The number of Japanese women who have undergone such violence cannot be calculated, since few people contacted the police.

Over time, the inadequates managed to pacify a little, but nevertheless, the problem existed and is unlikely to disappear completely today.

Ritual Bukkaka

In the thematic resources, information sometimes appears about the so -called ritual Bukkaka, but nothing like this actually exists.

The ending of the partner’s body is used in BDSM as a way to obtain the necessary emotions. As we know in the topic, people divide themselves on the upper and lower.

The latter enjoy playing rape and humiliation, here is a ritual Bukkaka and becomes one of these tools.

This action puts a special meaning, namely coercion, violence, abuse. Naturally, all this happens with the consent of all participants, but for that, the role of role -playing games to visit in special conditions that are impossible and undesirable in ordinary life. It is difficult to imagine a ritual Bukkak in the life of an ordinary, married woman.

Bukkak in porn

It is worth noting that the end of the face, chest or in the mouth is not yet Bukkak, if we talk about adult films. It is important that the presence of many men and one woman, that is, Bukkaka is a form of group sex.

This is not to say that this category is very popular, even lovers of erotic videos, according to surveys, consider this a perversion. But it is interesting that there were no ban on a regular video in Japan, an unusual would never appear. So the word “spilling” unexpectedly migrated from cooking in porn. Such a focus.

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