What is a sado MAZO: 12 methods of influence

Instructions for Sado-Mazo.

, What is a sado MAZO: 12 methods of influence

Intimate life goes differently. Someone likes romance, candlelight dinner and delicate words. But there are people who prefer strict relations with maximum restrictions. These are lovers of BDSM. They are crazy about ropes, latex and shock devices. We will tell you more about this.

What it is

, What is a sado MAZO: 12 methods of influence

Sado-Mazo is a sexual practice in which one partner receives pleasure from causing pain, and the other from pain. Sadist – the one who clamps the snacks of the nipples, the flychist – the one who buzz from this. Sometimes people are able to charge adrenaline from two aspects at once. They like to flog a partner and get a lap on the ass themselves. For such a position there is the term “sweatshirt” – “switch” translated from English.

Starting from the Middle Ages, the phenomenon was described by the definition of “algolagnia”. The word is composed of two Greek roots: “Algos” – pain and “lagonia” – voluptuousness.

The terms “Sadism” and “Masochism” were introduced by Richard von Kraft Ebing-German sexologist. The scientist in 1886 did this on the basis of models of the behavior of two writers:

  1. Marquis de Sad. Mentioned the scene of violence in his novel.
  2. Leopold von Zaher-Mazokh. Talked about submission.

Already in 1903, the psychoanalyst Isidor Zadger brought two terms together. So the word “sadomasochism” appeared.

The origins of attractiveness

, What is a sado MAZO: 12 methods of influence

Domination and submission – ancient instincts. Society has changed. Man flew into space, invented computers and sex toys. But the psyche was formed ten thousand years before the era of the formation of scientific progress.

The strongest was right in the tribe. The survival of every person depended on him. Therefore, a pattern of behavior was formed:

Feel a strong personality → subjugate.

For the correct performance of roles, the body receives a reward – the release of endorphins and adrenaline into the blood. Sexual excitement occurs at the same time.

It’s like the pleasure that we experience, looking at the fire. Today everyone can go to any store and buy a lighter. And in ancient times, the fire was a source of life. He drove away wild animals, helped cook food, which was easier for.

Sado-Mazo awakens animal instincts associated with the centers of pleasure in the brain. Therefore, adherents of the SM practitioner enjoy not from the very pain. They like the role of the upper or lower. A sense of helplessness and inevitability of punishment.

The result of the survey

, What is a sado MAZO: 12 methods of influence

Society condemns everything that is not directly related to vaginal sex. Moralists find a lot of pseudo-arguments to prove their innocence and inferiority of sadomasochists. But psychologists believe that arguing with nature is useless. The dark side of the personality will either prove itself or hide for the time being to deliver a powerful blow. And it is not clear who will fall under a hot hand.

Employees of the American Institute named after Kinsey conducted a survey among 2200 women and 567 men. The respondents asked two questions:

  1. You are exciting from scenes of sadomasochism?
  2. A pleasant sensations of biting your partner are delivered to you?

12 % of women and 22 % of men answered the first question. 26 % of the respondents of each gender agreed with the second statement.

It turns out that the solid part of society is not averse. What moralists will say to this? If the practice came up with 1-2 percent of people, it would be possible to write off this on a statistical error. But 12 % and 22 % talk about the popularity of Sado-Mazo.

Impact methods

, What is a sado MAZO: 12 methods of influence

In the arsenal of sadists, there are a lot of ways to hurt the masochist. It’s not about constant traction to harm. The upper simply plays out its role. And tries to diversify the approaches. There are harmless methods, and there are rather dangerous.

Examples of sadomasochism

  • Flogging. Strike on a bare body of a partner. Leather whips, plastic and rattan cane, wooden shoulder blades are used.
  • Wax. The dominant lights a candle and pours wax on the bottom in small portions. Usually drops cool while reaching the goal.
  • Clamps. First use linen clothespins, and then toys from sex shop. The impact is aimed at genitals, nipples.
  • Punches. Game piercing or simple skin games. If there is no tool at hand, ordinary sterile needles are used from the syringe.
  • Binding. This practice is called Shibari. The task of the sadist is to immobilize and fix the lower in an uncomfortable position.
  • Fisting. Objects of large diameter are introduced into the anal hole or vagina. Stretching can cause weak pain.
  • Electricity. Electrodes are connected to the genitals of the partner and periodically torture with a low voltage current.
  • Strangulation. The rope turns out on the lower neck, and the top during sex slightly squeezes it. But without fanaticism.
  • Burning. A cork cut from ginger is inserted into the anus of the “experimental”. Lubricated the skin with mucous membranes.
  • Light blows. The girl hits the guy’s eggs. This is called Ballbasting. There is a reverse option.
  • Trumpling. The upper in shoes with heels stands on the body of the lower. Or presses his penis with his foot.
  • Injections. Everything is like in a hospital. Only instead of vaccinations, in the skin, muscles or vein, harmless saline is injected.

This is far from a complete list of all methods of exposure. Sometimes the sadists come to the head of ideas that no one had previously tried to implement in practice. Take at least the option of a slave punishment: put it close to the table and force it to press the vagina to the sharp corner. For more than 10 minutes, few people stand.

There are traditional ways. They used to be used for educational purposes. For example, put a masochist knees on peas. Very unpleasant practice. Real art connoisseurs go further and try to repeat medieval torture: they use the crossbar of the triangular cross -section for genitals, collect a real detective at home.


, What is a sado MAZO: 12 methods of influence

Even harmless actions at first glance can cause serious harm. Pathological bacteria can get into abrasions from flogging, and binding – a direct path to circulatory disorders. To avoid negative consequences, you need to take care of simple rules.

Health status

Each time the BDSM session is the task of the sadist-to find out if the masochist has contraindications on the part of health:

  • Cardiovascular diseases. With problems with the heart of playing electricity and binding should be prohibited.
  • Allergy. Some burning trains will have to be abandoned. Or test millimeter doses on a small area of the skin.
  • Blood coagulation problems. Each puncture will turn into a problem. Will have to stop blood for a long time.
  • Problems with the musculoskeletal system. Rheumatism, osteochondrosis. These diagnoses are unacceptable for Shibari practice.

Do not underestimate a partner’s diseases. Nothing can be done at random. Otherwise, the exciting game will turn into an unpleasant treatment procedure and explanations with police investigators.

Stop Slovo

Although Sado-Mazo gives pleasure due to the inevitability of causing pain, there are situations when the effect is too strong. In this case, the couple should choose a stop-word for themselves. This is a password after which everything stops. Try to choose a rare phrase that is almost not used in everyday life.

You cannot punish a masochist if he uses a stop-word several times per session. This is normal to start a relationship. At first, there is little trust between partners. And the submissive has a fear that they will not hear him. Therefore, over time and with frequent communication, the level of trust will intensify. People will understand each other at a glance.

Clear mind

During sessions, one cannot take stupefying substances. Imagine the situation: the sadist drank a large dose of alcohol, tied the lower to such an extent that she could not move his finger. And in the middle of the action the upper accident accidentally fell asleep. Yes, so that it is impossible to wake up.

The lower one is in a dangerous position. She is not able to independently get out of the “trap”. Time goes on, ropes are transferred to the veins. Limbs are numb, blood circulation is disturbed. The consequences can become irreversible. Up to necrosis of some part of the body.

So that there are no such situations, you should refuse to take any alcoholic beverages and other substances, even strong sleeping pills and painkillers that can cause a disconnection from reality.


During sexual practices, all devices are covered with physiological fluids. Ordinary sweat serves as an excellent nutrient medium for the propagation of bacteria. Therefore, each time you need to disinfect the skin of a masochist, toys.

Silicone, glass and metal devices can be disinfected with boiling water. Everything that melts or contracts from temperature is better to subject to two -factor sterilization:

  • Rinse well with running water with a cleaning tool in the composition.
  • Dive into an antiseptic solution. Spraying will not help.

When the toy dries, it can be used again for practical experiments. You need to develop a habit: if you want to flog your partner or make a puncture – wipe the skin with alcohol.

These simple rules will help to avoid serious health consequences.


The sadist at hand should have a complete set of objects to get rid of a masochist from problems. Practice binding? Keep nearby sharp scissors. They will help to quickly cut the ropes that strongly pull the limb.

The recommendation may seem obvious, but when the time counts for seconds, and the lower one rolls his eyes from suffocation, delaying is dangerous.

We must remember about the insidious properties of the anus. Everything that slips outside the anal sphincters gets stuck in the rectum. To get a vibrator or another toy on your own will be unrealistic. Therefore, you should take care in advance about the ways of protection. There should be a reliable lace on the vibro-yaitsa, for which a smooth ball can be pulled out.

Do not use household items in games with anus, consisting of several elements. A simple example: put a bottle of shower gel in the anus, the lid remained inside. Have to go to the hospital. Only an experienced doctor can extract an object.

Games with suffocation and injections are of particular danger. In the first option, there is a risk of squeezing the sleepy artery. The second is able to cause complications: vein damage, input of air bubbles, allergies to the composition.

Submissive games – a pleasant and exciting activity. But only in cases where all safety rules are observed. There can be no exceptions.

We talked about what kind of gardens are. Listed all known methods of influence. Touched security issue. Readers remained to draw conclusions and adopt this exciting practice if the level of responsibility allows.

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