What is a footage and how it happens?

What is a footage and how it happens?.

Futjob is one of the options for pleasant erotic caresses for people who want to revive their sex life. Contrary to widespread opinion, footjob is not only for fetishists. But we will figure out in more detail what a footage is and what is its features.

What is a footjob?

Footjob – an English word that means the caress of the penis with your feet. Footjob is very often an element of BDSM, that is, a sexual game based on relations with a dominant person.

In the case of a footjob, a woman acts as a domino. At the same time, the feet covering the penis of men form a shape around it, resembling an open vagina, hiding it inside.

However, Footjob can be applied without BDSM elements. Moreover, not only a woman can be active during this game – a man can also caress the clitoris and labia of his partner. Some people even introduce a thumb into the vagina and thus “penetrate” into it.

What is a footjob: how to do it?

It will be very useful to prepare for footjob in advance for footjob in advance – thanks to her a woman’s foot will be easier to move around a partner’s member.

It is also worth making sure that the legs themselves are also prepared properly – it is worth washing them and cutting them up in advance so as not to injure and not harm the sexual organ. You can also try to paint your nails, for example, red. This can excite even more.

It may seem that a footjob is not required for special efforts if lovers choose the position in which the woman lies, and the man stands above her. But still, a partner should have really strong muscles of the spine and legs. Sometimes it is better to use more “comfortable” options.

Futjoba options

Before the partners understand the essence of the matter, they can start with a prelude, during which a woman will slide her legs over the body of a partner, and the man himself will take her partner’s leg and carefully bite her. You can also do massage.

One of the possible positions that partners can occupy is the one where a woman lies on the edge of the bed, and the man stands next to her. Thanks to this lady, you do not need to raise your legs too high.

At first, she can gently caress the penis and his environment with her fingers, then grab the genitals on both sides and push them away from the base and backward.

A fairly convenient pose for a partner is the one when a woman sits on a chair, and the man lies under him. To keep your legs together, you need to control the muscles greatly, and in this position it is much easier to do.

Another type of footjob can be a position in which a man is an active side. A woman lies on the bed, on her edge, raises her legs up, and he stands nearby, grabs her legs and rhythmically moves her hand.

Footjob can have various variations. For example, in the interval between actions, a woman can simply “stroke” the intimate organs of a partner with her feet and fingers. Using only the toes during this type of affection is called toejob (“finger of the leg”).

Footjob can vary differently-this is a pleasure in which a partner can dominate a partner’s foot, wash it, make a pedicure, suck your fingers.

Your partner can wear tights, socks and even shoes, but you should be careful with hygiene and remember safety, so it is better to thoroughly wash the shoes and abandon high heels.

Footjob in pop culture

Footjob is not so popular, what other types of fetish, but sometimes it can be seen on the screen and in pornographic films, as well as well -known series. Such affection allows you to experience an orgasm with all its power and in the brightest colors.

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