What does a woman feel when they end in her

What does a woman feel when they end in her.

Many men prefer to have sex without a condom, referring to a clearer and more spectacular sensations. Moreover, to finish the girl without taking out, all representatives of the stronger sex.But what a woman feels when they end in her and whether they like it?

What does a woman feel when they end in her: physiological level

At the level of physical sensations of some unusual pleasure from creamy no. The girl on the forums was informed that the moment of ejaculation is felt in the form of a pulsation of the penis, nothing else.

It is impossible to feel the movement of sperm, therefore, by and large, girls are still in a condom or without.

The sensations are the same – twitching the penis in the form of enhanced pulsation. This is especially noticeable when a man has a thick cock.

According to surveys, girls like male dignity with clearly expressed veins. Most likely the reason is that representatives of a gentle sex like to feel pulsation and, in their opinion, the presence of veins enhances the effect.

In theory, a stream of sperm during ejaculation can be felt, but for this you need a certain size of the penis and a special pose from the series “for the deepest penetration”.

However, I repeat, the vast majority of the girls said that they do not feel anything but pulsation.

Although there were other opinions, for example, during ejaculation in a condom, only pulsation was felt, and without it some experienced sensations of warmth inside from sperm.

After sexual intercourse ends, for the most part, it flows out, depending on the pose, this may cause inconvenience, because it falls on the inside of the hips or flows into the crotch and anus area. You need to urgently run to the shower and get rid of the consequences of coatus.

If the intercourse took place in the position of standing against the wall, then unpleasant consequences are inevitable. For conception, the “girl on the back” is often used, and a pillow is placed under the hips. This does not allow sperm to leak out and thus increase the risk of conception. And the partner does not encounter problems in the form of seminal fluid on the bed and legs.

What does a woman feel when they end in her: psychological level

At the level of psychology, everything is a little different. Firstly, the girl herself perceives any sexual intercourse as an opportunity to become a mother. So her partner in the subconscious is identified as a possible father of offspring.

Some have subconscious fear. As already mentioned, the ending inside is perceived as a probable pregnancy and even if a girl on tablets, risks still remain.

For this reason, not everyone allow their partners to finish without taking out. Thoughts are spinning in my head, we have to make sure that sex did not lead to conception, but this is an extra headache and experiences.

In cases where it allows you to do this, trust maximum. She not only considers this man worthy of the continuation of the family, but also makes attempts to realize this idea in life.

Even if she drank contraceptives, nothing changes at the subconscious level. That is, the fact of ending in it is perceived as the next stage of rapprochement, this time the maximum.

If a woman loves a man with whom she entered into intimacy, then it is very important for her to give him pleasure.

According to polls, women are more upset when the partner did not finish than when it was not possible to achieve an orgasm.

Accordingly, at the time of the pulsation of the penis inside, realizing that the man finished, ecstasy and satisfaction occurs. The goal is achieved, she is happy.

Unfortunately, most men stop there and do not consider it necessary to bring to an orgasm partner.

But in a situation where she is satisfied and happy, use fingers or special sex toys to achieve squirt, is not at all difficult. You can’t forget about it, you cannot be a selfish in bed.

At the same time, a woman at a subconscious level wants a partner to finish in her. This suggests that he perceives her healthy and suitable in order to become a mother. That is, in fact, this is a kind of compliment.

The second point is the relationship between lovers. If the girl is just for sex, then he most likely will not end in her. Why are these problems? But if the representative of the stronger sex is not afraid of the consequences, then the woman regards this as a sign of true love. At the time of ejaculation, she feels moral satisfaction.

Instead of the result

Answering the question of what a woman feels when they end in her, it is important to consider several details. Physiologically, they only feel the pulsation of the penis.

In rare cases, a stream of sperm is felt, but here the pose is important in which this stream falls into the cervix, otherwise a small amount of nerve endings in the vagina will not allow it to feel anything.

The second important point is the amount of ejected seed fluid. It also depends on the health of the prostate, as it produces a secret for sperm, and on the size of the penis.

If it is large in length, then the probability of getting a stream of the cervix is high, and if the male dignity is short, then the probability is sharply reduced. But here we do not forget about the pose.

Therefore, women are guaranteed only to feel heat inside and then humidity in the perineum, because everything flows out.

At the level of psychology, satisfaction, maximum rapprochement, trust and sometimes submission. They are, as it were, a trophy in the hands of a man, he chose it out of all, finished in it, conquered, highlighted.

If we talk about orgasm, then the ejaculation itself does not contribute to this. But the set of factors, such as its joy for a partner and his efforts in further help to achieve the peak of pleasure, may be decisive. And then the girl will love this practice for real.

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